Demolition of Riviera Las Vegas Begins

Demolition of the Riviera has begun in earnest at the shuttered Las Vegas hotel-casino.

While specific dates for implosions of the Riviera’s two hotel towers have yet to be announced, it’s likely they’ll come down in June and August 2016.

In the meantime, about a dozen other low-rise buildings on the site will be demolished in a less dramatic fashion, with wrecking balls, excavators and bulldozers.

That process has already under way. Here’s a look at the hotel’s former convention center.

Riviera demolition

Work crews take giant bites out of Riviera’s convention center.

The Riviera closed May 4, 2015. The intended purpose of the site is to expand the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Riviera demolition

Demolition crews were working on a weekend, so we figure the schedule must be ambitious.

While we were snapping pics of the destruction, we captured some video, too. We tried adding some upbeat music, but it’s still a little sad.

Demolition of the Riviera is expected to cost $44 million by the time the work is completed.

Although some of the hotel’s signs are being saved, in a few months the Riviera will be an empty lot. The site’s first post-demolition use, in early 2017, is expected to be as an outdoor exhibit space for the Con-Expo/ConAgg construction equipment trade show. We’re atingle with anticipation.

Riviera demolition

Can we just skip to the part where stuff gets blowed up?

The demolition of the Riviera is bittersweet for many Las Vegas fans. While it became run-down in recent years, for many it was one of the last remaining classic Las Vegas casinos, complete with lots of gorgeous neon.

Riviera demolition implosion

Riviera opened April 20, 1955. This photo was taken on April 23, 2016. Worst 61st birthday party, ever.

We’ll keep an eye on the old girl in the weeks to come.

19 thoughts on “Demolition of Riviera Las Vegas Begins

  1. mid-low_class_worker

    People who worked there at Riviera for 20+ 30+ years lost their jobs just like that . So this is called American style ” JUSTIC and HUMAN RIGHT ” ??

    1. Rooster

      The world was a much better place before we decided we were all going to spend out walk through life desperately searching for our reason to be offended….

      1. narsfweasels

        Boo! I still have a postcard of it on my desk to remind me though.

        One interesting thing: I booked my Vegas vacation last year (for July) in January… and the Riviera was still taking reservations – did they not know?

  2. Ed Collins

    “The Riviera closed May 4, 2016. The intended purpose of the site is to expand the Las Vegas Convention Center.”

    Actually, the Riviera closed May 4, 2015!

    Editor on vacation?

  3. Bouldersteve

    More drone video?. Sad to see it go but I hope they have some dynomite left over and they can go next door and use it on the Fountainblu. Tired of look at that rotting corpse.

  4. Wally Marshall

    I guess the guy in henderson who tried to stop it lost in his efforts. Has anyone seen HOOTERS new swimming pool? OMG, it takes up the entire parking lot, OMG is all i can say. Would like to see some photos of it and if anyone is even using it.

    1. Luis Atehortua Jr.

      I tried to sign up with, and I have difficulties signing up myself to sign the savetherivieralv petition! Please help!

  5. Jessalynn Strauss

    Have you heard any more specifics for the implosion dates? The last I heard was “sometime in June” and as I’m going to be in LV June 6-10, I’m hoping it’ll be during that time. Heck, I’d even stay a few days later to say goodbye to the Riv and to catch the “big boom.”


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