Demolition is Underway on Diablo’s Cantina at Monte Carlo

It seems like ages since we first shared Diablo’s Cantina would close at Monte Carlo.

Nearly a year after our initial story, the popular restaurant and bar is being demolished. It closed Nov. 7, 2017.

Diablo's Cantina

Whenever a bar closes in Las Vegas, a showgirl loses her pasties. Which, upon reflection, may not be a bad thing.

Diablo’s Cantina is one of many venues closing at Monte Carlo as the Strip resort transitions into Park MGM.

We’ve got a look at all the changes at Monte Carlo. Sorry, Park MGM. That’s going to take some getting used to.

Here’s another look at the current state of Diablo’s Cantina.

Diablo's Cantina

Ah, if this rubble could talk.

For a decade (it officially opened in Oct. 2007), Diablo’s Cantina thrived with an innovative strategy: Have attractive women serve liquor.

Now, it’s thought the boisterous atmosphere of Diablo’s Cantina could clash with the more upscale Park MGM customer. That customer doesn’t exactly exist yet, but MGM Resorts hopes it will once the resort’s renovations are complete.

Why, look, Diablo’s Cantina has a new drive-through window.

Diablo's Cantina

You say “demolition fetish” like it’s a bad thing.

While we were checking out the Diablo’s Cantina demolition, we got a peek at other changes being made to the exterior of the resort.

Monte Carlo

Down with the Monte Carlo signs, up with the room rates.

The Monte Carlo sign is undergoing work, too.

Monte Carlo

Don’t get too sassy, you’re next.

In 2018, Monte Carlo is expected to be unrecognizable. Work continues on the hotel’s facade.

Monte Carlo

Today’s job we don’t want. That’s 32 floors up.

Thanks to Twitter follower Xhaust for letting us know work has begun on demolishing Diablo’s Cantina.

Diablo’s Cantina was a beloved party spot for many Vegas visitors, and many will miss the sexy devil statue that has kept watch over the venue for years.

At one time, we heard Diablo’s Cantina might move next door to The Park, but there’s been no such chatter for some time.

13 thoughts on “Demolition is Underway on Diablo’s Cantina at Monte Carlo

  1. Photoncounter

    Gee, I wonder where MGM gets all their construction money? Parking fees, slots tighter than a bull’s ass in fly season, 6:5 blackjack and predatory Casino Hosts? Or do they have a magic money tree? Either way Monte Carlo needed renovations. Luxor needs it worse. Peeling wallpaper, stained carpets, stinky rooms. Those are the better comments on TripAdvisor.

  2. Mako10

    With all the construction (now theyre taking down the exterior too?) wouldnt it have been smarter to just tear the whole thing down? In the end, the room layouts (ceiling height, windows, bathroom layout and size) are from another era and no matter what cosmetic changes you do, the outdated bones of the place remain.

    1. Mike L

      I doubt it. Think of all the lost revenue from gambling, rooms, shows, f&b, etc. during the demolition and construction. Right now, they are doing the rooms little by little and they can rent out all rooms except those under construction at that time, in addition to having the casino operational.

      1. William Wingo

        That was the mistake with Stardust/Echelon. Even as run-down as it was, they would have had some continuing income; but the city was in “implosion” mode. Maybe the same with Las Vegas Club–we’ll see.

        1. Mike L

          Very good point with the Las Vegas Club. I’m really surprised Derek didn’t push harder to save – at the very least – the “new” tower.

          1. Adam

            It was time for the Vegas Club to go. Derek did a great job refurbishing The D and Golden Gate. You can’t fault him for wanting to create his own footprint in Downtown instead of building around somebody else’s vision.


    Too bad for the management and employees of Diablo’s. It wasn’t my cup of tea but the place was almost always jumping, and it’s clear it was run well and had to be profitable. Vegas is one of the few places where a 10-year-old, successful business can be closed just due to the endless remaking of the strip rather than through any fault of the place itself.

    In other, completely opposite news…Double Barrel across the courtyard continues to operate. For some reason.

  4. TheRobin

    I have been staying at the Monte Carlo for 15 years. It was the perfect “Goldilocks” hotel. Great location, wave pool, lazy river, affordable restaurants, and affordable room rates… now it just has a great location. This is a perfect embodiment of why I only go to Vegas less than once a year now as opposed to 4-5x a few years back. It’s just not very “fun” anymore… It’s all so upscale and sterile. Bummer…

  5. Adam

    I also don’t understand why every bar has to look the freaking same. This is annoying. I can’t wait for themes to come back.


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