“Dancing Queen” Mercifully Closes at Planet Hollywood on Dec. 30

“Dancing Queen,” a disco-driven show at Planet Hollywood which has flown well below the Las Vegas entertainment radar during its run, for good reason, will close Dec. 30, 2103.

The show featured 20 singers and dancers and described itself as an “all-singing, all-dancing spectacular.”

Dancing Queen

Even we couldn’t make this up.

Unfortunately, ticket sales were adversely affected by a phenomenon known as “audiences occasionally having standards.”

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  • Steve

    OK, from the left. Looks like goose, duck, goose, and so on.

  • Man, WTF. The @ssholes at Town Square just gave vouchers to this sh*t for their promotion where one spends 250$ and they would give you show tickets. What a bunch of scumbags. 1* : staff is rude.

    • vitalvegas

      D’oh. Maybe the info. hasn’t trickled down yet.