Cromwell Targets October for Reopening

While most of Caesars Entertainment’s resorts in Las Vegas have reopened, Cromwell has remained a mystery.

Today, an internal Caesars Entertainment communication shared the working date for reopening Cromwell is Oct. 3, 2020.


Formerly, Barbary Coast. Never forget.

According to our sources, all Cromwell reservations prior to Oct. 3 will be shuffled to Caesars Palace, just across the street.

The news is interesting given rumors Cromwell is one of the Las Vegas casinos up for sale by new Caesars Entertainment as part of its merger with Eldorado Resorts.

The internal communication also included references to Planet Hollywood, Rio and Linq (currently, its casino is open but the hotel is closed). The memo suggested working dates for these casinos at August 5, 2020, but those dates appear highly unlikely to stick at this point.

On the bright side, Caesars Entertainment did manage to open Bally’s Las Vegas on July 23. Soft demand, especially midweek, made that scenario a risky move, but the classic resort opened, anyway.

Bally's casino chip

We kid because we love. Not you, Grand Bazaar Shops. We love Bally’s.

As with all casino reopening information, there are caveats galore with the Cromwell news.

The landscape continues to shift in Las Vegas due to the COVID-19 crisis, but we’ll take all the good news we can get.

Cromwell is a player-friendly destination, and Vegas isn’t quite the same without all the WTF of Drai’s nightclub and Giada’s popular restaurant, among other offerings.

Cromwell will reportedly be the site for season two of “Love Island,” whatever that might actually be. Pre-production has presumably already started at Cromwell.


Thanks to our tipsters, without whom we would just be writing 69 jokes all day, and nobody wants that.

15 thoughts on “Cromwell Targets October for Reopening

  1. Mike Alexakis

    My idea of a “player-friendly casino has five dollar craps, the Barbary Coast certainly did, and Bill’s Gambling Hall did as well during the day. The entire strip tries to shake down players with at least ten dollar craps, I want my cash behind the line, where you get the very best odds of any casino game. Even downtown on a Friday or Saturday night goes to ten, I imagine Circa will have very high table limits considering the amount they want for a room. Last year on my birthday in March the Excalibur at six in the morning wanted ten minimum, but I asked nicely and the pit boss let me play for five. I risk a hundred dollar bill every time I buy in to a craps game, if a casino is so snooty they dont want my hundred, I save it for Silverton, Red Rock, M, or Green Valley…

  2. Brandon Outfall

    Opening Bally’s simply dumps more unfillable rooms into the already flooded pool. Without visitors from Asia, Europe or middle America, those who do fill some of the rooms consist primarily of California flotsam blowing their unemployment windfall, making the gaming areas atrociously unpleasant, both indoors and out.

    It’s Summerlin or Henderson for me now, and I see little in the way of trends that suggest that changing anytime soon.

  3. Chuck

    Why bother reopening at this point? Now CES will be online only in 2021. Sadly Vegas isn’t coming back anytime soon. It was so obvious – they reopened too soon and then initially “encouraged” masks but didn’t require them. All the idiots running around during reopening weekend like nothing had changed ruined it for everyone else. Just as predicted. See you in 2022.

    1. BST

      Yes, at reopening masks definitely should of been mandatory- I had just assumed they were until I saw photos of all the people without them. 🙁

  4. Chris R

    Y’all can bicker and point fingers and bloviate all you want. I’ll be there in November and will enjoy the Cromwell for solid drinks, strip 3/2 blackjack. Really…what more do you need?

    1. Adam

      Well I hope you enjoy your trip and also hope at least some of the bars and restaurants are open again by then. I have a trip planned for February for my 35th birthday but if things havent gotten much better by then I might have to postpone it. Ether way i hope you have a good time.

  5. Wango Tango

    Good luck to the Cromwell. They’ll probably book plenty of weekend rooms. Weeknights? I’m skeptical.

    No CES in 2021…. at this point I’m guessing live entertainment isn’t coming back until some spring of 2021, at best. Perhaps we’ll see socially distanced showrooms. That would be a good sign, but I’m not optimistic.

    Early projections that this would have a long-term impact, meaning years of impact, are looking like the smart money at this point.

    1. Brandon Outfall

      Good analysis. While heartened by today’s decision to reopen bars in three sparsely populated counties (indicating they’re at least revisiting the status often), the accepted epidemiological numbers in Clark County are bleak with no reason to believe that they will improve in the near future.

      Southwest Airlines substantially dropped their fares to Las Vegas into Autumn at least; the Budget franchise and others are no longer available at the McCarran rental facility 24/7. I suspect the trend of re-openings will reverse as Palazzo already has done.

      I’m booked for Beatty and Summerlin in late October, and the planning pathway is becoming more of a minefield each day. Nevada closed the bars during my last trip. At this point I couldn’t rule out another shutdown either before or during my next visit. It’s very disconcerting.


    I get not opening more high-end rooms right now, but seems odd to me on the Cromwell that they wouldn’t at least open the casino. It’s compact, overhead would seem to be low and the place is usually pretty busy. That’s such a prime corner of real estate and traffic to keep closed for 3 more months, seems to me.

    It’s so odd to walk past it and not be able to drop in. But El Dorado must know something I don’t, or at least be looking at numbers I’m not.

  7. Vegas Todd

    The Cromwell…. Nice bathrooms.
    But it ain’t Barbary Coast for gambling.
    Or Bill’s for that matter.

  8. Anita J Stott

    Giada’s at the Cromwell, one of my favorite spots. Have it booked for 3 on Sept 25, my birthday. I’ve heard nothing from them that it is cancelled. Be nice to know for sure; Booking somewhere else it would seem.
    Disappointed !


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