Cosmopolitan’s Two Kick-Ass New Offerings: Clique Lounge, Race & Sports Book

Already one of the most popular and appealing resorts in Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan continues to unveil new offerings. Most recently, Cosmo opened Clique Bar & Lounge, followed by a new Race & Sports Book.

We’ve got all the scoop, as well as so many photos the world may soon experience a pixel shortage.

Clique Bar & Lounge Las Vegas

Clique Lounge is mere feet from the Cosmo’s new high limit slot parlor. We call them parlors to make them sound fancier.

Clique Bar & Lounge was created in partnership with Clique Hospitality in the space formerly occupied by Cosmo’s Book & Stage.

The lounge’s interior is understated by Las Vegas standards, managing to feel upscale without being ostentatious, exuding a vibe welcoming even to those who may not love the more pretentious aspects of Sin City’s nightlife scene.

Cosmo Clique lounge

We’re getting to the cocktails. You should really try and keep that drinking problem  of yours in check.

Clique (pronounced “click,” not “kleek,” by the way) is a lot about the exceptional cocktails and serious mixology, a claim made by most, if not all, Las Vegas lounges and bars.

Clique fulfills its promise, making it a stand-out in a town famous for its innovations in the realm of libations.

Clique Vegas

These are the Don Sandia shooters. Edible shot glasses for the win.

Bargain-hunters may feel a bit of sticker shock at Clique, but $18 specialty cocktails are quickly becoming the norm on the Las Vegas Strip.

Ultimately, that’s not the price of a cocktail so much as the price of an experience, and Clique delivers one guests are unlikely to soon forget.

Clique Cosmopolitan

Bonus points for adorability.

Some of the more remarkable cocktails at Clique are prepared tableside by expert bartenders. Sorry, mixologists. It doesn’t matter what you call them. They facilitate the happy.

Clique mixologists

Mixologists Justin and Anthony may very well have degrees in chemical engineering.

Each cocktail presentation is more dramatic than the last. The tableside cocktails break down into three groups: Barrel Smoked ($30), Table Infused ($25) and Caramelized ($25).

One of the more entertaining presentations is for the Bow Street Banana, which includes capturing smoke in your glass. It’s hard to explain. Just go with it.

Clique mixology

You thought we were making this up?

Please note there are some rules around these tableside cocktails, including the possibility there may be a one drink minimum for each person in your party. At $25 to $30 a pop, that can add up.

Clique mixology

We’re pretty sure they can’t put “Barrel Smoked” on the menu unless there are actual barrels involved.

Here’s the full menu for Clique Bar & Lounge.

A delicious diversion at Clique is the other menu, the food, or “Table Snacks.” Food is served from 5:00 p.m. to midnight.

Recommended are the Pizza Pockets ($14) and Mini Sliders ($18), the perfect complement to your drink of choice.

Clique Pizza Pockets

One of our few quibbles with Clique involves not being able to dip a square Pizza Pocket into a round sauce cup. Related: We needed an excuse to use the word “quibbles.”

You won’t want to leave Clique without having the heavenly Deep Fried Oreos ($9) with vanilla anglaise sauce.

Clique deep fried Oreos

Tried to limit ourselves to a dozen of these. Failed.

The staff at Clique is as memorable as the beverages and food.

The bartenders all appear to be models, and that also goes for the cocktail waitresses. The team at Clique seems to be able to balance good genes with a high degree of menu knowledge and ability to hold a conversation.

Clique waitress uniform

Hey, we had to share the cocktail server uniform. The things we do for you.

Here are more photos from Clique Bar & Lounge at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

Clique Lounge at Cosmopolitan

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[img src=]72350
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[img src=]54710
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[img src=]45110
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But wait, there’s more! It’s Vegas, after all.

Also new at Cosmopolitan is a sparkly new Race & Sports Book. Even if you’re not all that into races or sports (we aren’t), we suspect you’ll find this new venue enticing (we did).

Cosmopolitan Race & Sports Book

It’s sort of the way you’d want your den to be if you had a couple million bucks sitting around.

Cosmo’s new Race & Sports book has a lot to love, including comfy chairs, an epic hell-ton of TV screens, and even some Millennial-friendly games like tabletop shuffleboard and pool.

Cosmo sports book

The aforementioned comfiness.

Social spaces with non-revenue-generating games are a thing in Las Vegas at the moment, so cut them some slack.

Cosmopolitan Race & Sports Book

A little race, a little sports, a little blackjack, a little foosball. What’s not to love?

Near the Race & Sports book is a collection of table games, the kind that actually make casinos money.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Cosmo’s nailing it.

The new Race & Sports Book is just inside the Cosmo’s Las Vegas Boulevard entrance, near Chandelier Bar. Which we swear we’re not just mentioning so we have an excuse to share this photo we took.

Cosmopolitan Chandelier Bar

Don’t just sit there, pin something.

There’s still some construction going on in the adjoining Lucky Cat space. That’ll be a small Starbucks in time.

Cosmopolitan’s Race & Sports Book has its own specialty cocktails and food items, several of which can be seen in the photo below, because we’re all about giving you the tools you need to get the most from your Las Vegas sojourn. The legal ones, anyway.

Cosmo Sports Book menu

The Race & Sports Book cocktail menu references six sports and a legally non-binding agreement.

The Race & Sports Book at Cosmopolitan has a little something for everyone, and it’s well worth a stop.

Cosmo sports book

Choose your source of adrenaline.

Both Clique Bar & Lounge and the Race & Sports Book are wins in our opinion. Along with the casino’s renewed focus on gamblers, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas remains one of our favorite places to drink, play and people-watch. Let us know what you think.

Cosmopolitan Race & Sports Book

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[img src=]84770
[img src=]79920
[img src=]76320
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[img src=]69540
[img src=]67000
[img src=]64350
[img src=]61700
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14 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan’s Two Kick-Ass New Offerings: Clique Lounge, Race & Sports Book


    The best (resort) keeps getting better.

    I was worried when the Cosmo was sold to Blackstone that they would start to cut corners and diminish the “extra mile-ness” that the place exudes. Seems like it’s just the opposite.

    It’s still a jaw-dropper for me every time I walk in there on a weekend night, and I can’t wait to check out all the new awesome when I get back into town next week.

    One thing…I can’t really conceptualize WHERE the sports book is, did it replace the old “party pit” area?

    1. George Dixon

      it’s literally in the casino on level 1 – and Cosmo is copying Aria a bit in these recent moves (the bar is such an Alibi knock off); but frankly the whole resort is starting to look a little worn and dated IMO. Meanwhile Aria is progressing to a whole other level… JMO

      1. FYMYAWF

        I like Aria too and am usually an MGM resorts guy but for some reason I don’t get the same welcoming vibe there. The customer service at Cosmo in my opinion is on another level. I’ve had a hospitality manager literally go to ANOTHER RESORT to find a bottle of a liquor I was missing one night, then came back and bought me my first shot of it.

        At Aria I’ve felt on several occasions that if you’re not wearing Prada (I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy) you’re not going to get much more than a nod and grudging service from the bar staff.

        Maybe it’s just been luck of the draw, and I’m actually staying at Aria for 4 nights in May so they’ll have a chance to win me over, but I always feel like I’m at “home” in Cosmo.

    1. Sue

      LOL I was thinking the same thing! I’d be willing to do a taste test though. I bet that vanilla dipping sauce is awesome, maybe that’s what makes it worth $8 more…that and the atmosphere.

  2. Radi8grl

    Cosmo is becoming one of the most interesting resorts on the strip, IMO. I always have a great time there and always love my room!

    1. greentealatte

      I have to agree. There is no other resort, and this is one my favorite things, where you park your car and then take elevator straight to the action. I was almost in tears when I experienced this.


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