Construction of Downtown Welcome Display Gets Underway

The City of Las Vegas recently announced it would devote resources to a new gateway arch and welcome display, and elements of the latter are already being put into place.

Downtown Las Vegas welcome

Be nice to Denny’s. We didn’t see anywhere else to park for this photo op.

The welcome display, featuring dice, chips and a roulette wheel, sit at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Main Street, about a block from the Stratosphere casino.

Downtown welcome Stratosphere

The new display is a stone’s throw away from the Strat. Please don’t throw stones. This neighborhood has enough problems with projectiles.

According to renderings, the site will also sport two showgirls. Posts for the showgirls have also been put into place.

Here’s a look at the rendering.

Downtown Las Vegas welcome sign

We definitely didn’t notice the dice pip position has changed since this rendering was released. Because that would be weird.

The City of Las Vegas plays a big part in the display, which is only a little awkward because the City pretty much abandoned the logo in March 2017, presumably because it was too darned full of itself.

The logo cost $20,000 to develop.

Downtown Las Vegas welcome display

On a roulette wheel, those yellow triangles are called canoes.

Also in the works is a gateway arch. The City has been a bit vague about where the arch will end up, but it’s assumed it will stretch across Las Vegas Blvd. at Sahara Ave.

An alternative location for the arch could be at South 4th Street and Las Vegas Blvd., where a “Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas” sign was obliterated by a drunk driver.

No timeline for completion of the welcome area or gateway arch has been announced.

It’s also possible a timeline has been announced and we just ignored it. We’re defiant like that.

12 thoughts on “Construction of Downtown Welcome Display Gets Underway

  1. JT

    Welcome to fabulous Denny’s! Seems like the city of Las Vegas just spent tons of money to make the perfect Denny’s photo op or the best Denny’s parking lot in the world. But seriously, is that Denny’s sign going to move/be covered?

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      The one closest to the showgirls has been removed. The billboard is in an absolutely awful position.

      1. MrSnarkyPants

        I walked over there a few times for breakfast while staying at the Strat. If you catch them at the right hour of the overnight, the drunks can be entertaining.

        1. William Wingo

          I believe Drew Carey was a waiter at that Denny’s during his “down-and-out in Las Vegas” period. He said it was an interesting experience working at Denny’s in a town with so many inexpensive (then) all-you-can-eat buffets.

    1. Coop

      They are finally finishing the third tower. The St Regis tower construction was halted due to economic downturn. Bye Bye fancy drop cloth.

  2. Paul

    I can understand the welcome to LV sign at the other end of the strip, but is this really where LV starts at this end? Freemont Street is located…??


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