Confirmed at Last: The Strat to Build Dizzying New Observation Deck

It’s been more than two years since we first shared rumors The Strat (formerly Stratosphere) would get a thrilling new attraction, and now it’s come to pass.

Stratosphere Gaming LLC has filed for permits to build “a new observation deck for the Stratosphere,” one we believe will boast some of the same qualities as the wildly popular Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Here’s an exclusive first look at plans for this new attraction at The Strat.

Stratosphere skywalk

The observation deck will be clear. “Aiee,” as the kids say.

Back in 2016, we slapped together an amateurish rendering of what we felt the new observation deck would look like.

Come to find out, we weren’t that far off!

Strat glass walkway

We are a blog, not a renderer. Clearly.

The new observation deck will protrude over the edge of The Strat, much as its existing thrill rides do, Insanity and X-Scream.

A third ride, the Big Shot goes straight up. Skyjump (with a controlled free fall) goes straight down.

Skyjump sign

We feel woozy just sharing this photo.

The permit mentions “glass platforms and connection to supports,” “glass exterior walls and barrier walls” and “cable ties and actual connections to plates/supports.”

That leads us to conclude something will definitely be dangling at The Strat.

This image from the plans shows the platform will be supported by cables.

Strat skywalk attraction

Is it weird our palms are sweating just looking at a blueprint?

The observation deck permit has already had an Architectural Review (approved) and Case & Public Planning (whatever that might be, also approved).

The permit mentions installation of the new Strat observation deck will require the use of a crane.

The Strat casino

We just realized “Start” is an anagram for “Strat.” Most useless photo caption, ever.

A comment in the permit states, “Planning does not require a formal administrative review as the proposed observation deck does not change the overall intensity of the Stratosphere or its primary use.”

They’re kidding, right? That must have some legal meaning we don’t quite understand, because if they think an observation deck that extends over the edge of The Strat doesn’t “change the overall intensity of the Stratosphere,” they done lost they minds. As the kids say.

While we’re not a heights person, the new “skywalk” at The Strat has the potential to make a huge splash, benefiting the resort (in the middle of a huge rebrand to The Strat Hotel, Casino and Skypod), downtown (where we work in digital marketing as our day job, by the way, opinions are our own) and Las Vegas overall (the new attraction is likely to make headlines worldwide).

The existing thrill rides at The Strat are a huge moneymaker, and this new “Skypod Walk” (spitballing here, no name has been announced) will absolutely raise the bar. By about 870 feet, actually.

Like we weren’t going to update this to include the resort’s new name. See more casino chips we’d like to see.

Adrenaline junkies are sure to consider a transparent walkway hundreds of feet in the air a Las Vegas must-do, like the coasters at New York-New York and Circus Circus, Vegas Indoor Skydiving, the Richard Petty Driving Experience and downtown’s SlotZilla zipline.

While we won’t necessarily walk the new glass platform slated for The Strat, because we are a giant baby, we will certainly have to check it out as we feverishly cling to a wall as far away from the ledge as possible.

From what we can tell from the architectural drawings, the new see-through observation platform will extend from the Strat’s “skypod” on the side closest to Las Vegas Boulevard, above the hotel’s porte-cochere area.

The design of the new observation deck was done by a company that operates out of Las Vegas and California, Sparo Design.

It’s unknown when the new “skywalk” observation deck (or whatever it’s eventually called) at The Strat will begin construction, or when it will open.

When it does, expect a line. People be kray.

29 thoughts on “Confirmed at Last: The Strat to Build Dizzying New Observation Deck

  1. Henrik

    Definitely a lot of great things coming to The STRAT. Was there in November and i truly like the Casino and they always take good care of me!

    Talked to a bartender that was happy to get a owner that want to put some effort to do something new. Much better than the corporate bastards he did not like to much 🙂

    Go STRAT! Go!

    1. William Wingo

      That’s the same new owner who now owns two of our long-time favorite places in Laughlin. Let’s hope similar improvements are in store down there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed….

    1. Sahara Steve

      I missed that. Yeah, that’s brilliant. Come to the “Strat” and look out the window from our news observation desk. Now that’s something nobody is marketing.

    1. Robin

      Shaun—unless you can see the Vegas cityscape from the CN tower observation deck (you totally can’t, it’s in Toronto) then who cares if CN has one or not? Just because it’s been done before in another city doesn’t mean it’s not right for Vegas. I don’t understand the logic

      1. William Wingo

        I can’t resist retelling a joke from my Cleveland, Ohio days: while I was in Cleveland, there was some kind of contest in the newspaper. First prize was a week in Toronto, all expenses paid.
        Second prize was two weeks in Toronto.
        Third prize was three weeks in Toronto.
        OTOH, I did once spend a couple of days in Toronto, and had a very nice time. Saw Kaye Ballard in “The Full Monty” at the famous Elgin Theater; “Defending the Caveman” at the equally famous Pantages Theater; a special exhibit from the Russian Hermitage museum (IIRC) was in town at one of the art museums; went up the CN tower; and The Canadians had pretty good strip clubs back then, though I understand they have declined somewhat since. A good time was had by all, but three weeks would have been pushing it.
        But seriously, folks, best wishes to the Strat on its rebranding and refurbishing; and also to the other Golden properties in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

        1. Dennis

          Seems like some Vegas lovers are A$$ orifices when it comes to bashing other cities. Seems like loving Vegas is not enough. One must hate other cities of “belong”. Sad world.

          1. Sensitive Steve

            Get over yourself Dennis. This all started because some enlightened genius noted that something like this exists in Toronto, as if that’s a reason not to add a similar attraction to a city that attracts far more visitors annually, a city that appeals to far more of us annually than Toronto does.

            The fact that Shaun thinks it’s unexciting simply because Toronto has something like it does indeed make it a sad world.

          2. Inferior Steve

            And who hates Toronto? I saw a joke about Toronto, and suggestions that the fact an observation deck exists in Toronto doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done at the Strat. How is that hatred?

            Inferiority complex much, Dennis?

            Lots of great Canadian jokes to be made, just as I’m sure Canada laughs at America plenty…probably now more than ever.

            What do you call 500 Canadians on the bottom of a lake?

            A good start.

            That’s an old lawyer joke, by the way.

            Poor a little extra maple syrup on the back bacon and try to enjoy life a little, eh?

  2. BC

    I’m in Columbus, OH but I watch channel 13 online sometimes. This morning they reported on the story and credited Vital Vegas. Pretty cool.

  3. Tony Lawrence

    An Observation walk is BRILLIANT!!! Go STRAT!!!..Make sure the surface at the ground in painted RED..Cover up the blood

  4. ChrisP

    What the hell r u guys on vacation? It’s been at least 14 days since a new tidbit. Your masses are enquiring…the public want more! Give up the new goods! Side note: Scott, love ur content and what do!

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Thank you! I highly recommend following on Twitter as it’s updated much more frequently than I can possibly do on the blog itself. I added a feed with the Tweets, but I know it’s not full-fledged stories. Just all about the limited number of hours in the day. Trying to do better. “)

  5. AZChris

    “Planning does not require a formal administrative review as the proposed observation deck does not change the overall intensity of the Stratosphere or its primary use.”

    As a 21-year city planner in a nearby desert city (Phoenix), I can confirm that those are not legal terms, but planner speak. Let me translate:
    “Planning” = city planning department or planning division of development/permitting department
    “formal administrative review” = providing lots of comments in red ink on plans about how the proposed structure will satisfy the latest building or development trends
    “does not change the overall intensity” = it’s not adding any more dwelling units or significant commercial space that would allow tons more people in the building and need a more detailed review for safety
    “Primary use” = it’s not changing the current use as a casino and entertainment venue.

    Hope that helps 🙂


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