Commissary Restaurant at Downtown Grand Closes, Converts to eSports Lounge

The long-struggling Commissary After Dark restaurant at the Downtown Grand resort has closed.

The space is still being used, however. The restaurant’s tables and chairs have been removed, and now the space has been reconfigured as the Downtown Underground eSports Lounge.


Out with the underperforming restaurant, in with the millennials playing first person shooters.

The eSports lounge could once be found in the former high limit slot room in the casino at Downtown Grand.

Moving the eSports lounge across the street makes some sense given the fact eSports tends to draw a younger crowd, but only those 21 and older can be in a casino. The move to the former Commissary space means another, even younger, crop of video game competitors and enthusiasts can join in the fun.

The Downtown Underground eSports Lounge hosts events and tournaments Fridays and Saturdays, 4:00 p.m. to midnight.

Downtown Underground eSports

For better or worse, everybody in Vegas is jumping on the eSports bandwagon, but Downtown Grand was way ahead of the pack.

You can stay abreast of all things eSports at Downtown Grand on the official Facebook page of the Downtown Underground eSports Lounge.

Downtown Grand had big plans for Commissary After Dark when it opened, including using the space as a nightlife venue. In recent months, the restaurant had been reduced to serving coffee and snacks for a few hours each morning.

There are tons of great dining options in the immediate vicinity of the closed Commissary, including Freedom Beat inside Downtown Grand, the reliably excellent Triple George Grill and the incomparable, must-try Pizza Rock.

Who knows if eSports is going to be a thing for Las Vegas casinos. If it is, though, now it has a new place to be it. A thing, that is. Please try and keep up.

11 thoughts on “Commissary Restaurant at Downtown Grand Closes, Converts to eSports Lounge

    1. RustyHammer

      Damn straight, skippy! When the hell are people going to wake up and start meeting the demands of the consumer? I celebrate the closing of such narrow-minded restaurants like Commissary. I tap dance on its grave.

      1. Photoncounter

        It that little plastic orange bottle in your medicine cabinet. Small yellow pills that nice Doctor in the white coat prescribed for you. Take two with water, lay down for a while. You’ll be OK…..

  1. Wally Marshall

    The Grand just doesn’t seem to have a clue what they are doing, other than throwing money at things that don’t work. Just my opinion.

    1. EnuffBull

      It’s a shame because DG has done an exceptional job and everything right about refurbishing an old hotel (except for the shower half door/screen thingees).

      They just can’t seem to get the casino going, a well-reviewed food service, missed marketing and tie-ins, etc. Closing the Mob Bar and renaming the Art Bar loses any brand recognition they initially tried to build. Some of their promotions are head-scratching stuff and others just needed more time and promotion to take off. They need to have their presence advertised heavily on Fremont to get the traffic from there.

      Keep the tie-in to Pizza Rock (have a deep dish casserole deal!), Mob Museum and Triple George and add a few more block parties!

      I hope to get there this summer as the base of operations and try out the Citrus Pool Deck (former Picnic).

      1. Mike L

        I think at this point, assuming they are still bleeding cash (which I can’t see how they WOULDN’T be), they need to dump Seth Schorr and Fifth Street Gaming. Time to hit the reset button.

      2. RustyHammer

        Yeah, until those fuckers at Pizza Rock start serving casserole, I will scoff at their futile attempts to make a buck. I hate wannabe restaurants.

  2. Adam

    I was (am?) a fan of the Commissary. We once held a fantasy football draft there and it was an s-ton of fun, with the bar there. Of course, part of the fun was that seemingly nobody else was there, save a few folks sitting around the bar.

    I’m still somewhat confident some of those places like the DTG and the Californian are going to start seeing some runoff from Fremont street. For starters, if I was the DTG I’d convert that office next to the parking structure on Third Street into something lively so it starts to pull people down that corridor. Because even though it’s safe, that walk down third from the D/4Q/Fremont looks kind of dodgy. If there was some life, people could get pulled that way.

    Of course, it would help if they had better table games. I guess gaming revenue is down, but I love going to the Cal because they have nicely-priced games and I retreat there when the Golden Gate gets too packed.

    But I fear I’ve ventured off my point. Sorry the Commissary (under it’s former glory) had to go.


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