Coed Adult Show “53X” to Close at Paris Las Vegas

It’s a tough time to be a Las Vegas show. The coed adult show, “53X,” will close at Paris Las Vegas on Nov. 20, 2016.

“53X” joins a brutally long list of Las Vegas shows that have closed in 2016.

The good news is the closing of “53X” provides an excellent excuse to look at a photo of super hot people, several of whom could probably benefit from the eating of a sandwich.

53X at Paris closed

Even dramatic cost-cutting measures like not providing male performers with shirts couldn’t save “53X.”

It’s important to try and ferret out a reason “53x” closed, of course. (Props to Johnny Kats at the Las Vegas Review-Journal for the scoop.)

Could it be the kind of show? A topless revue, “Cherry Boom Boom” recently closed at Tropicana.

Was it the fact “53X” tried to appeal to both men and women? A coed strip club, Olympic Garden, and its show “Men of Olympic Garden,” recently closed downtown.

Perhaps it was the location of the show? “Jersey Boys” recently closed at Paris Las Vegas as well.

Could it be people aren’t thrilled about a show with numbers in the title? “One Epic Night” was dead on arrival at Plaza.

Could it be the name of the show itself? “53X” was inspired by how the word “SEX” appeared on early pager displays. “Spoofical” had a weird name, and that one closed at Planet Hollywood.

Oh, what are we doing? Those fanciful reasons aren’t it. There’s something all closed Las Vegas shows have in common: They don’t sell enough tickets. We probably should’ve just skipped to that part.

The world of Las Vegas shows has experienced a purge in 2016, so perhaps the bleeding will stop in 2017. Maybe Las Vegas shows will find some equilibrium, some balance and stability.

Which would be incredibly boring, but it could happen.

3 thoughts on “Coed Adult Show “53X” to Close at Paris Las Vegas

  1. Rj Aznir

    I called them and they told me they were not meant to be “gay friendly”. Guys could go, but the show was meant only for women. I passed.

    1. Sam Novak

      They definitely missed the boat on that one. Even Zumanity, which has been running for over 13 years, includes plenty of same-sex elements and sequences. I mentioned this in my review. All of their press and tv appearances promised “Something for everyone”, yet they didn’t deliver on that premise. The cast and dancing were top-notch, but in this era of Absinthe-level envelope-pushing, 53X was guilty of playing it safe with a production that advertised itself as being cutting-edge.

  2. ScottH

    They had a Drag queen as MC, “Shannel” and yet they were not catering to a gay audience? Please, this town needs to bring more gay friendly venues…Even DrAG acts, Frank Marino im looking at you, are Stale and filled with 80 year olds.


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