Classic Keno Lounge to Close at Four Queens Casino

The keno lounge at Four Queens isn’t fancy, but it’s a fixture of downtown, and it’s going away.

The last day for the Four Queens keno lounge is May 31, 2021.

The closure was confirmed by lounge staff.

It’s weird how you can miss something you never did there.

The lounge’s manager says they’re working on getting the keno team into other positions at Four Queens or its sister casino, Binion’s.

Keno lounges are increasingly rare in Las Vegas, as they don’t make a lot of money and take up valuable floor space better used by offerings that generate more revenue, typically slot machines.

Labor costs in keno rooms aren’t insignificant, either.

The keno lounge manager says Four Queens has something in the works for the space, just off the main casino floor near the security desk, but wouldn’t share the plans just yet.

In Vegas, even the things that never change change.

For many, memories of keno rooms are some of the fondest. Back in the day, keno “runners” would collect wagers in restaurants, but now we’re not aware of any Las Vegas casino
that has them.

Keno rooms face some of the same challenges as poker rooms, many of which have also gone away. The pandemic made the situation even worse. About a third of all Las Vegas poker rooms have closed permanently in the last year.

Poker even went away at Binion’s, the original home of the World Series of Poker, although it’s expected to return.

While keno doesn’t make a lot of money for casinos, they’re an old-school amenity and players will have to seek out other options.

Downtown, there are keno rooms at The D, Fremont and Plaza.

If you thought we were going to skip this opportunity, you don’t know this blog at all.

It’s worth mentioning the decline in keno rooms isn’t all sad. Live keno has the worst odds in a casino, with a house edge approaching a whopping 30 percent. By comparison, the house edge in roulette is about five percent.

In a way, the closure of a keno room is saving novice gamblers from themselves.

Still, keno has always sort of suited the Four Queens brand, a place for value-seeking visitors to kill some time while taking advantage of comped drinks.

Thanks to Patrick Q. for passing along this tip about the closure of the keno room at Four Queens.

When we hear what’s in store for the keno lounge space at Four Queens, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, dibs on that epic stained glass sign or at least some vintage balls. Which, we should add, would make a great band name.

8 thoughts on “Classic Keno Lounge to Close at Four Queens Casino

  1. Chris

    Before the pandemic, Jerry’s Nugget had Keno and Keno runners. We eat at the coffee shop every time we come to town.

  2. Michael James

    In the Before Times (like, since 2019) they had table runners at Red Rock and Palace Station for keno. Would be a shame if they are all gone now… I mean, especially for the true degenerates who can’t stop gambling for 25 minutes for a meal (like me)

  3. Michael Alexakis

    Poker rooms are going to come back, as the tourists come back, even Resorts World is opening one up. If a company can not make money on a dedicated drop out of each dealt poker hand they are just bad at business. And if they claim they need the space for slot machines they are obviously grifting the customer base, the Gambling Control Board should take a hard look at slot payouts, and control them. Something needs to happen or all table games will eventually be eroded away for clownish cartoon slot games that your own eyes can not follow… If you are OK with this trend, that is fine that you have that opinion, things are looking great for your casino future enjoyment. If not, resist, tell management that you do not approve of the recent trending, and that you will walk away. I won’t go to one of my go-to favorites anymore, Green Valley Ranch, because they yanked out the poker room, I will go to others that still have my favorite game, I also dabble in craps and video poker. Same with Binion’s, after dinner my family and friends for years went to Binion’s every time to play craps, we won’t go till they bring back poker… If enough of us make our voices heard it might make a difference, or not…

    1. mattbob

      I’d be very surprised if poker rooms return. They were dying out slowly even before the pandemic. Take your example of Binion’s. Several years ago it felt like half the floor space was poker tables. Then after the poker boom crested, they built a beautiful poker room that sat empty most of the time. So they filled that room with stadium gaming and exiled poker to a few tables at the end of the table games pit. I don’t remember ever seeing anybody playing there.

      I love playing poker in Vegas, and I hope your prediction comes true. But I don’t see it happening.

      1. Mike Alexakis

        Certainly it won’t ever be like it was a dozen years ago, but it’s making a small comeback here in Los Angeles, there are a lot of no limit players. I hope Resorts World ends up being a money maker for them, and it employs a lot of people. Last time I was in Las Vegas the Golden Nugget poker room was busy,


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