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Circus Circus Las Vegas Has a Red Light District

What will those crafty Las Vegas casino wizards think of next?

Circus Circus has a special promotion in its Party Pit (motto: “We test the limits of the term ‘party,’ daily”), where when red lights start flashing, blackjacks pay double.

Roxanne doesn’t have to turn these on. The casino floor managers take care of it.

The lights go off at random times throughout the afternoon and evening, up until 11:00 p.m. To get double on blackjacks, you have to make a $10 minimum bet.

It’s official: Flashing is permitted in the casino at Circus Circus. You heard it here first.

The benefit to gamblers isn’t bad, although the chance of getting a blackjack during a particular window is somewhat small. Apparently, at one time, the lights went off at regular intervals, but advantage players showed up and bet big just for the duration of the promotion, then left, so the lights go off at random times now.

The flashing red lights give the Party Pit a certain flair, and probably keep some players around longer waiting for the next red light special. Which it the ultimate goal of any casino, of course.

Even if this form-over-substance promotion might not blow your skirt up, there’s still a lot to love about Circus Circus Las Vegas.