“Circus 1903” is Coming to Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas has found a replacement for the now-closed “Jersey Boys,” and it’s going to be an absolute circus.

“Circus 1903,” a family-friendly, circus-inspired production (with no live animals) opens July 25, 2017.

Circus 1903

“Circus 1903” is all the best parts of a circus, without the protestable parts.

The show features aspects of a traditional circus, including variety acts, but “puts a fresh, innovative and more humane spin on them.”

Here’s a look.

Expect fire-breathers, knife-throwers, jugglers, acrobats, aerialists and the like.

Bonus points if they can skip the clowns. They haven’t been funny since, oh, 1903.

Circus 1903

Oh, and there will definitely be bendy women. In Las Vegas, it’s the law.

Think “Absinthe” without the raunch.

A highlight of “Circus 1903” is puppetry from Significant Object, the team behind the Broadway show, “War Horse.”

The puppeteers bring realistic elephants to the stage instead of actual animals. We are personally a big fan of this.

The show currently traveling the country runs about two hours, but expect that to be shortened at Paris. Because Las Vegas.

The show’s official Web site says it will run through Dec. 31, 2017, but you can bet if it does well it’ll be around beyond that date.

“Circus 1903” would seem to be a great fit for Las Vegas. It’s visual, like a Cirque show, there’s not a lot of dialogue or story to follow (important for international visitors), and variety acts allow the ability to swap out acts to keep the show fresh over time.

And what’s not to love about a baby elephant? We’re ready to “step right up”!

We look forward to our first look at “Circus 1903” when it opens at Paris Las Vegas, and thanks to John Katsilometes for giving us just enough clues to solve a long-standing Las Vegas show mystery.

15 thoughts on ““Circus 1903” is Coming to Paris Las Vegas

  1. RustyHammer

    I get people don’t like animals being put on display at a circus, but skip the fake animals if you’re not going to offer the real thing. Seems silly.

    1. Jefe


      Puppeteers are highly talented folks and you need elephants if you’re doing a show based on the “golden age” of circus.

      1. RustyHammer

        Then get animals. It’s not a crime to have animals. Animals need not be beaten in order to perform in a circus. Talented puppeteering: No thanks.

        1. Photoncounter

          Agree. Most people who play with puppets seem, well, odd. I’ll pass on this one unless they have real elephants, tigers and psycho monkeys!

    2. Manybar Goatfish

      My friend, they’re elephants, not strippers. Also, it seems a little disingenuous for someone with a casserole obsession to point the “silly” finger elsewhere, doesn’t it?

      1. RustyHammer

        In Vegas anything can happen. And I didn’t bring up casserole, you did. Obsession? Nice try, Potsy.

    3. Alex

      I’m guessing you didn’t see “War Horse” (the play, not the movie). The puppetry was absolutely amazing. The fact that this is done by the same people makes it instantly appealing to me.

      1. RustyHammer

        People who enjoy puppets are more than welcome to enjoy puppets. I don’t get it, but Jehovah bless you.

        How did you like that penis puppetry show, Alex?

        1. Manybar Goatfish

          Are you sure Jehovah appreciates your doling out blessings in his name? I keep getting mental images of a cringing Jehovah.


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