“Circus 1903” Rumored to Be Closing at Paris

The curtain is about to fall on a memorable show at Paris Las Vegas. We’re hearing the final performance of “Circus 1903” will be Jan. 7, 2018.

Circus 1903

Don’t be sad, guys. Do what we do. Get hammered.

“Circus 1903” had all the makings of a successful Las Vegas show.

Interchangeable (but quality) variety acts, check.

Visual spectacle, check.

No real plot to follow (visitors often don’t speak English, hence the popularity of Cirque shows in Vegas), check.

No annoying clowns, check.

There was even a unique twist: Life-size elephant puppets from the folks behind “War Horse” on Broadway.

Circus 1903

Time to pack your trunk, Queenie.

Despite our glowing review, it appears time is running out for “Paris 1903.”

The show opened at Paris Las Vegas on July 25, 2017.

As we’ve said before, successful shows don’t close on the Las Vegas Strip, so it’s likely ticket sales for “Circus 1903” couldn’t keep up with the costs of such a lavish production with dozens of cast and crew members.

Circus 1903

The cost of tights alone must have been through the roof. And those were just for the men.

There’s no word on what might replace “Circus 1903.” The theater had been vacant since the departure of “Jersey Boys” in Sep. 2016.

“Circus 1903” is overflowing with great talent, so we hope the show finds a new life elsewhere.

Expect an official announcement of the show’s closure soon.

3 thoughts on ““Circus 1903” Rumored to Be Closing at Paris

  1. Photoncounter

    Are you implying that clowns are OK but annoying ones aren’t? I’m confused. Sorry to see a good show go.

  2. AccessVegas

    The fact that shows have millennials in their marketing departments, who are trying to figure out how to best advertise to those who still go to shows (read: people over 40) is hurting a lot of shows efforts to move tickets.

    We recently had a potential show advertiser who was a whole lot more interested in our lack of an active Instagram than the fact that we have nearly 60k organic Vegas-lovers on our email list.

    Ya… “old” people, who still use email. And, who still go to shows!


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