Circa Resort Unveils Restaurant Line-Up

Circa Las Vegas opens in Dec. 2020, but the new downtown resort has already announced its five restaurant offerings.

Circa’s restaurant line-up includes a deli, a steakhouse, a burger and wings joint, an Asian spot and a BBQ truck.

Here’s a quick overview of the restaurants coming to Circa Las Vegas:

  • Saginaw’s Delicatessen from Detroit
  • Barry’s Downtown Prime, a classic steakhouse
  • Victory Burger & Wings Co. from the crew behind The D’s American Coney Island
  • 8 East, an Asian restaurant from the genius behind downtown’s Le Thai
  • Project BBQ, the first permanent food truck on Fremont Street

Let’s get into the renderings, already! Here’s more about the restaurants at Circa resort.

Saginaw’s Delicatessen

Saginaw’s Delicatessen comes from well-known Michigan restaurateur Paul Saginaw.

Circa deli

Saginaw is an Indian word meaning “land of the Sauks.” Look, not ever photo caption can rock your world.

Saginaw is best known for his Zingerman’s Deli, an Ann Arbor institution he opened with partner Ari Weinzweig, acclaimed as being among the world’s best sandwich joints.

Saginaw's Circa

“Delicatessen” comes from the Latin, meaning “alluring, delightful, dainty,” much like us. Dainty, that is.

Downtown fanatics might recognize the Zingerman’s name from the coffee stand at the D Las Vegas, currently undergoing an expansion.

Fun fact: We played craps with Paul Saginaw one time. He’s a hoot.

Barry’s Downtown Prime

You can’t open at Las Vegas casino without a steakhouse. It’s the law. Take a gander at Barry’s.

Barry's Downtown steakhouse

Do people still take ganders? Well, they should.

Barry’s Downtown Prime has a solid pedigree before it even opens, as the chef will be Barry Dakake, the force behind N9NE at Palms which closed in Sep. 2017.

For the record, Barry Dakake’s name is pronounced “day-cake.” It’s not like he hasn’t heard jokes about that before, so please grow up like we probably have.

Barry's Downtown Circa

Bold move to name a place “Barry’s.” First, not the flashiest. Second, what if they fire the chef? Bright side: At least the name doesn’t have a number in it.

Dakake’s partner, Yassine Lyoubi, who served as general manager for N9NE Steakhouse and Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres at Sahara (formerly SLS).

Barry's Downtown steakhouse Circa

Boom. Now we know where Vegas Vickie will be at Circa. Fun fact: Her leg’s going to move again!

There aren’t a lot of sure things in Las Vegas, but Barry’s Downtown Prime is bound to be one of them.

Victory Burger & Wings Co.

Victory Burger & Wings will overlook Circa’s sportsbook, being touted as the world’s largest.

Circa’s going to be sports-friendly, so it needed a sports bar. Victory covers all the bases.

Victory Burger and Wings

We predict you’ll be seeing us a lot, Victory Burger & Wings.

Victory Burger & Wings comes from the folks behind the popular American Coney Island at The D, Chris Sotiropoulos and Grace Keros.

The menu will include specialty burgers, wings and appetizers.

Oh, and beer, lots of beer. (Bonus points if you read that in the voice of Keanu Reeves.)

Victory burger Circa

Why do we feel like our pleas for a “No Sports” section is going to go unanswered?

8 East

We’ll say this as delicately as we can: Any restaurant from the folks behind Fremont East’s Le Thai restaurant is going to kick ass.

8 East restaurant

Please let us know if saying an Asian restaurant is going to “kick ass” is racist, thanks.

8 East was inspired by metropolitan Asian food markets and will feature pan-Asian cuisine. The menu will span Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai dishes.

We’re going to breeze by the part in the news release where it says 8 East will have “communal dining.” Hey, no restaurant is perfect.

8 East Asian Circa

Time to brush up on your chopsticks. Also racist, probably.

An Asian restaurant will fill a niche not currently available at Circa’s sister casinos, Golden Gate and The D. 8 East is likely to be a big hit with a lot of downtown regulars, as an inordinate number hail from Hawaii.

Project BBQ

This downtown fixture is finally going to find a permanent home. It’s moved around often to accommodate the ever-changing construction footprint of Circa, and before that the Las Vegas Club demolition site.

Project BBQ will be Fremont Street’s only permanent food truck and its first Carolina BBQ joint. The truck will be moving west from its current position, toward Plaza and near the Main Street stage at Fremont Street Experience. Prime real estate.

Our pal Chef Rex Bernales keeps it simple and satisfying, offering pulled brisket, pork and chicken, among other BBQ favorites.

Project BBQ Fremont

This isn’t the first time someone’s pork has been pulled downtown, if you get our drift.

The mix of restaurants at Circa seems to have a decent amount of variety, both in terms of cuisine and price points.

Worth noting: Some have asked where Golden Gate’s famed shrimp cocktail will resurface a Circa. Owner Derek Stevens says they haven’t decided yet. Stay tuned.

Given how quickly Circa is being built, these new restaurants will be here before you know it, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth in.

Disclosure: Our day job is in digital marketing at Fremont Street Experience, and The D and Golden Gate are casino partners of that organization. Our opinions are our own, especially the poorly spelled ones. We sometimes drink when we blog, in case that weren’t obvious.

18 thoughts on “Circa Resort Unveils Restaurant Line-Up

  1. Adam

    You know what I don’t see? I don’t see any obvious outlet for the GG shrimp cocktail. Oh sure, they could sell them at the deli, but if it’s true to Sagniaw Deli, they probably wouldn’t handle that product. And the Victory Burger and Wings joint probably doesn’t want the fuss of people trying to relieve the glory days of the old shrimp cocktail.

    It makes me sad that with all this new construction, there couldn’t be any place for the shrimp cocktail. Sure, get it in Fremont East on a deal that felt like it was meant to hold us over, except it won’t, really. No offense againt 7th & Carson, but this is horrible news if true.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      It’s been reported the shrimp cocktail will be served in the deli, but Derek Stevens said he hasn’t decided where it will go yet.

  2. Yeardley E. Nuff

    5.5 dining establishments doesn’t seem like enough. For comparison, The D has 3.5 places.

    But since this blog post didn’t mention anything about a pool cafe, coffee shops, pizza joints, dessert bars, food courts, etc., maybe Circa’s number grows.

    (I’m not faulting Scott. It just doesn’t feel like Circa released its full list.)

    1. Lookie Loo

      You would think that some sort of grab and go fare or fast food would be in the mix.

      You spend billions on a high buck resort, you’re gonna have a steak house. Not enough places to get a steak in Vegas as it is.

      You expect a variety of high buck, fancy joints for dining. You don’t build new to cater to the low rollers.

      Do you not offer any sort of fast food option? There’s a McD’s at the D, but how do you not find a way to bring In/Out to downtown, since everybody else seems to think their chain can make it.

      No buffet? Probably a smart business choice.

      But yeah, you gotta have some sort of no frills dining on the property, don’t you?

    2. Scott Roeben Post author

      I hear you. At the end of the release, they said, “Additional details will be announced in the coming months.” I feel like that was more details about the five they announced, and those are it.

  3. Linda

    I am excited to see this place coming together. I wish them all the luck and I will definitely be visiting them next year ??

  4. Mike

    Wish they could work out something again with dupars that was at the Golden gate.loved dupars when it was there, good food,good prices,good ol school vibe.also had the shrimp cocktail.i will cross my fingers and hope.

  5. EnuffBull

    “Disclosure: Our day job is in digital marketing at Fremont Street Experience, and The D and Golden Gate are casino partners of that organization. Our opinions are our own, especially the poorly spelled ones. We sometimes drink when we blog, in case that weren’t obvious.”

    May I once again admit how jealous I am of you and your cohorts’ day jobs, Scott?

    I can’t wait for Circa. Appreciate this update and all Downtown/Fremont updates.

    “Downtown’s the place I ought to be,
    so I’m loading up the truck and movin’ to El Vee!
    Las Vegas, that is!
    Swimmin’ pools. Lots of bars.”


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