Circa Resort Opens in Downtown Las Vegas

It’s the best thing to happen to Las Vegas since thongs. Circa Las Vegas has opened downtown, and it’s straight-up glorious.

We already shared a metric hell-ton of preview photos, so check those out.

Vegas Vickie is back

Vegas Vickie’s back on Fremont and her hubby, Vegas Vic, is happier than a masochist in a cactus patch.

Circa provided all the hoopla befitting a Las Vegas casino opening celebration, and made sure to hit all the right notes, including a clever twist on a longtime Vegas tradition: The first craps roll.

Rather than inviting one Vegas heavy-hitter to roll the dice first, Circa’s owner Derek Stevens invited a gaggle of them.

Here are the folks around the Circa craps table for the first official dice roll: Ryan Growney, G.M. of South Point; Jonathan Jossel, CEO of Plaza; Scott Sibella, Pres. of Resorts World; Andy Abboud, V.P. at Las Vegas Sands; Chris Latil, Sr. V.P. of Golden Nugget; Terry Caudill, owner of Binion’s and Four Queens; Mike Nolan, G.M. of El Cortez; and Brendan Gaughan, grandson of Jackie Gaughan.

Vegas VIPs

We’re definitely not the one who’s going to point out nobody from Boyd was there. That would be awkward.

Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel snagged the honor after a draw of cards (he got an ace), and the first roll at Circa was a six. That tidbit will win you a bar bet someday.

Circa dice roll

That’s some Vegas immortality right there.

After months of anticipation, guests finally got their first in-person look at the newest casino in Las Vegas.

Circa features what’s billed as the world’s largest sportsbook, the “country’s largest destination pool experience,” a bevy of new restaurants and lounges and Nevada’s longest bar, Mega Bar.

Here’s a quick look inside Circa.

The centerpiece of Circa is a refurbished Vegas Vickie. She looks amazing, after a three-year absence from Fremont Street, and her leg is kicking again.

Also getting some buzz is the return of the 99-cent shrimp cocktail, once so beloved at Golden Gate. Circa owners Derek and Greg Stevens also own Golden Gate (as well as The D), so it was a natural to serve up the popular treat at Circa.

There are some caveats. The 99-cent shrimp cocktail is only available from 3-5 a.m. at Saginaw’s. To get the 99-cent price, you have to purchase a meal at the restaurants.

Outside those hours, the shrimp cocktail is $11. Hey, casinos don’t subsidize restaurants anymore, so not really surprising. Anyway, it’s there for nostalgia lovers.

Circa shrimp cocktail

Die-hard Vegas fans won’t want to miss this throwback drunchies shrimpfest.

The prices overall at Circa’s restaurants provide a bit of sticker shock to downtown regulars. We trust those will be adjusted based upon demand.

In the meantime, we predict Plaza’s Pop-Up Pizza stand is going to be overwhelmed.

You know we were excited for Circa to open because we wore a tux. No, not a tuxedo T-shirt, an actual tux.

A highlight of our evening was being “tiered out.” Circa’s One loyalty club just introduced tiers, and we’re a Maverick, as if you didn’t already know that.

Here’s more about the new One loyalty club tier system.

Circa Las Vegas tiers

We didn’t need a loyalty club to confirm our Maverick status, but we’ll take it. Free parking!

It’s worth noting two of the tiers get free self-parking. Circa does not validate as The D and Golden Gate do.

Parking in Garage Mahal is $4 an hour, with a $15 daily max. (Note: Parking is $5 at Plaza next door.)

There’s one tier that hasn’t been announced yet. It’s invite only, so fancy.

Garage Mahal Circa

We love the floor numbers at Garage Mahal.

Yes, we got closer. Do you know this blog at all?

Garage Mahal

The cars in the floor number sign are vacuum-sealed for freshness.

Overall, the opening of Circa was pretty much flawless, and it was great to see the enthusiasm for this new destination in downtown Las Vegas.

Downtown needed Circa, Vegas needed Circa, we all needed Circa.

Circa uniform

Circa’s dancing dealer uniforms look amazing. Yes, we had a chaperone.

Amidst so much bad news, Circa is a ray of hope. Derek and Greg Stevens have really done it right and this shiny new adult playground surpasses all expectations.

While it hasn’t been publicly announced, our sources say Circa cost $1.156 billion, and it shows.

Circa cage

You’re not supposed to photograph a casino cage. We don’t live by society’s rules.

If you’ve got a few spare minutes, hear some exclusive scoop about how Circa became a reality from the resort’s owner, Derek Stevens.

Circa’s elevated experience, and prices, are a bridge between downtown and The Strip. There’s nothing gritty or seedy here. Circa is Strip-style gorgeous with a downtown vibe. It’s the best of both worlds.

From the jaw-dropping video screens in the sportsbook and pool complex to the dancing dealers and free pours, Circa isn’t just the dream of the Stevens brothers, it’s the dream of everyone who loves casinos and downtown.

Circa sportsbook

Circa squeezes a lifetime of sports into every visit.

Circa is a dream made real, and you’re going to absolutely love it.

18 thoughts on “Circa Resort Opens in Downtown Las Vegas

  1. Jack Tarasar

    Someone posted a pic of a Reuben at Saginaws. Only a couple of slithers of corned beef and barely there sauerkraut and nowhere to be found Swiss cheese. I don’t know the price, but if Circa is going to charge Tourist prices then at least give them a decent sandwich, better than a gas station sandwich. People will pay for the FIRST sub standard meal, but NEVER come back again.

    1. Bob

      Without a pic the anecdotal comment is worthless. Why bash on a new entity that will surely have some growing pains.

  2. Mike Alexakis

    Thank you for the comprehensive Circa coverage, I am rooting for them to do well, which is something I have never done before in Las Vegas, usually when they open up mega resorts its not during a very crappy year. My feeling is the neighborhood will bring down the food prices a bit, it would suck if Circa ended up boosting the prices at downtown eateries. I think I will end up walking around Circa, my wife will certainly have a cocktail, but my Las Vegas is 25 cent video poker with at least decent pay scales, five dollar craps, live poker, and eating establishments that don’t shake me upside down… Old and cheap is not the demographic Circa is after…

  3. Tom I

    While Circa is getting rave reviews from Vital Vegas, (are you angling for a job?) I sense a con job. It’s supposed to be all about history and nostalgia but the prices suggest it’s nothing but a Strip style ripoff feasting on tourists. The old Vegas I remember treated gamblers fairly with moderately priced food and drink and a decent gamble. I see none of that here, just a big, shiny new toy. The newness will wear off and what remains? After all, both The D and Golden Gate are but a shell of their former glory.

  4. MARK

    The F&B price points are WAY to high…!!! This will not be sustainable…people go DT for the value…not strip prices…!! Derick has a 1B nut to crack…charging for everything will not make the payment…!!

  5. Boulder Steve

    Let’s see if Circa brings up the neighborhood or the neighborhood brings down Circa as for as prices go. Time will tell

  6. William Wingo

    Let’s see… to get the nostalgia shrimp cocktail for ninety-nine cents, you have to go between three and five in the morning, AND get a meal along with it. Outside those hours, or stand-alone, it’s eleven dollars–plus tax, tip, and parking either way. And they don’t validate. Got it.
    Using the lemon wedge for comparison, the glass is is about the same size as the old Golden Gate version, and the shrimp themselves look a little bigger. Eleven dollars. But hey, nostalgia doesn’t come cheap.
    And the Blackjack pays 3-2 (at that table, at least) but the betting limits sign is not visible. And is that an eight-deck shoe? I guess dealertainers don’t come cheap either.
    I have to agree with the previous posts: most people will go there to check it out–once. Myself, I think I’ll pass.

  7. L wilson

    Went on opening day found it to be ordinary, nothing special, I will stick with the Wynns, where all is kept classy!

  8. JeffinOKC

    I will be excited to check out Circa next time we are in Las Vegas. If the prices are out of my range I will simply visit a neighboring property. I think Las Vegas been a better value than today, when inflation is adjusted for. Worst case we drive to another place in the valley. But, Ellis Island, Arizona Charlie’s, downtown Henderson, etc. continue to offer outstanding values.

  9. Mike Alexakis

    The guy at the craps table still has no mask, he is still a likely casino bigwig, an invited VIP, and he still is setting a poor example of compliance with public safety rules… If you dont want to identify him, and or you want to delete all mentions of it, that is your call as well. My opinion is that the truth is the truth, no amount of whitewashing or attempting to look the other way furthers tourism in Las Vegas. Just wear masks while inside casinos, its simple and its considerate to others in a time when we badly need consideration as a country…

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      I deleted previous comments about this because they involved name-calling. Mask-shaming is lame, and he may have been drinking. Masks are mandatory and enforcement is strict.

      1. BST

        I do respect your opinion that mask-shaming is lame because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
        Surely you realize there are also many people that feel disregarding mandatory rules especially when due to a pandemic is equally as lame.
        Maybe people over react sometimes because it is a stressful time for most of us . You’re right name calling is wrong .Not making excuses just saying . Good to know you’re saying enforcement is strict .
        I fully expected you to delete “name calling” posts . It shouldn’t be any other way ! Y Enjoy Circa:) I hope to drop in one day and see it .

      2. Mike Alexakis

        Yes, I name called the well dressed gentleman who had no mask on… I was unaware that Nevada casinos allow you to have no mask on if you are drinking, that is a pretty big loophole, I personally would not use the word strict in describing rules like that. The virus situation is unpleasant on a massive scale for Las Vegas casinos, its threading the needle, there will always be unhappy people no matter what they do or try.

    2. Dio

      Keep spreading the leftist FEAR PORN Bucky! Don’t worry about some miscellaneous choads in a picture 3000 miles away. Nuff said!

  10. John

    The food establishments are not part of Derek’s empire. He is the landlord and they are tenants. Derek wisely kept all the alcohol venues for himself. Not easy to run a restaurant without the profit from booze. Sadly most of these restaurants will not survive since downtown has so many cheaper places.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      That’s a great point on the liquor sales element, hadn’t thought about that. This puts an undue pressure on the food prices, which in this case, aren’t appealing for the reason you mentioned. The Cal, Plaza, Binion’s and Golden Nugget have prices to which downtown visitors have become accustomed. I hope price adjustments can be made so people don’t have to seek out alternatives elsewhere.


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