Circa Resort Construction is Halfway to Completion

Circa Las Vegas has made impressive progress during its first year of construction, and we’ve got a look at the current state of the new hotel-casino downtown.

The $1.2 billion Circa is expected to open in December 2020. The project broke ground on February 19, 2019.

Circa Las Vegas construction

Downtown’s about to get some new shiny.

Here’s an amazing fun fact about Circa: Since Oct. 3, 2019, Circa has been adding a floor per week.

The 44-story, 500-foot-tall Circa will eventually have 777 rooms, but will open with closer to 500 rooms, plus 71 suites. The final mix of rooms and suites will be based upon demand.

Among the new resort’s features will be what’s billed as the “world’s largest sports book.” Gird your loins, Westgate.

Here’s a look at the space where the sports book will reside when it slides into home. Or something.

Circa sports book

They’ll probably spruce it up a bit before opening day.

The three-level Circa sports book, expected to cost about $20 million, will have a 78 million pixel high-definition screen.

Here’s a rendering of the finished product for comparison purposes, reversed angle from the perspective above.

Circa Las Vegas

Consider it spruced.

The jewel of Circa will be its rooftop pool complex, with six pools open 365 days a year. It’s projected the pools will be able to serve about 4,000 people a day.

The video screen at the pool will have 14 million pixels.

Here’s the owner of Circa, Derek Stevens, showing off his baby. Stevens and his brother Greg also own The D and Golden Gate.

Circa Las Vegas Derek Stevens

We were the first to quote Derek Stevens as saying, “Downtown is under-pooled.” He’s determined to remedy that.

Here’s the rendering of what the pool deck will look like when it’s completed.

Circa Las Vegas

Good luck escaping the sports at Circa.

It was a blast being among the first to walk around the future Circa casino, where we fully anticipate making regular donations.

Circa will have 1,350 slot machines and 49 table games.

Here’s a “before” shot of Circa’s casino!

Circa Las Vegas casino

Savsies on Wheel of Fortune.

During our tour, we spotted an area we’re pretty sure will be the home of Vegas Vickie upon her much-anticipated return to Fremont Street. She is set to be a featured part of Circa’s


The Circa lobby will have a moon roof.

From what we can tell, the Vegas Vickie sign is so tall (40 feet), she’ll actually extend beyond the ceiling of the casino, protruding through an opening in the ceiling.

We couldn’t help but create this weak and entirely speculative image of where Vegas Vickie might go at Circa.

Vegas Vickie Circa

When we asked a friend at Circa which way Vickie’s leg will go, the reply was, “We don’t know.” If they don’t know, we sure as hell don’t.

Our mole got some sweets shots of Vegas Vickie during her renovation at Yesco Signs. She’s got a fresh coat of paint!

Vegas Vickie renovation

If you love classic Vegas signs, this photo gives a whole new meaning to “halfway to completion.”

Across the street from Circa is another key element of the project, deemed Garage Mahal.

The nine-story Garage Mahal structure will hold about 1,200 vehicles, but the big selling point is it’s the first parking garage in Las Vegas to be built around catering to rideshare services like Lyft and Uber.

Garage Mahal

In Persian, “Mahal” means mansion or palace. Because writing photo captions is hard.

More fun facts: More than 10.75 million pounds of rebar (emphasis on “bar,” because Vegas) have been installed at Circa to-date, as well as 12.2 million pounds of structural steel (emphasis on “pounds,” because you know how we are).

Circa is set to announce more about its bars and five restaurants in the next couple of months. Let’s just say the mix of cuisines will augment the already popular options at The D. Hint: Think “east,” both “coast” and “far.”

We haven’t heard much about non-sports entertainment at Circa, although a stage production called “Circa du Soleil” would have been absolute gold, marketingwise.

How is Circa coming along so quickly? Credit has to go to the stellar efforts of Steelman Partners (architecture and design), McCarthy Building Companies (general contractor) and Tre Builders (construction manager).

Oh, and the construction folks, of course. The total number of construction workers on Circa and Garage Mahal is about 600. Note: Safety vests are hawt. Are we right, ladies?


Oh, like we were going to write this entire story without a single use of the word “erection”? Do you know this blog at all?

Disclosure: We work in digital marketing at Fremont Street Experience as our day job, and The D and Golden Gate are member casinos of that organization. Our opinions are our own.

Update (1/7/20): The first windows have been put into place at Circa.

Circa windows

No panes, no gain.

Enjoy a few more photos of Circa’s construction, several of which are accidentally in focus.

Update (1/14/20): On Jan. 14, 2020, the pedestrian bridge between Circa and Garage Mahal appeared overnight, literally.


Overnight Bridge would be a decent band name.

20 thoughts on “Circa Resort Construction is Halfway to Completion

  1. Boulder Steve

    Nice..Its been a long time since downtown got a new built from scratch hotel casino. As much as I liked the Vegas club it had become a run down eyesore…its time was over

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Mermaids should never be forgiven for never cleaning their beer lines. It was disgusting and needed to go.

  2. Anthony Curley

    Can’t the hard working teamsters do triple shifts I finish my vacation and return home on the 17th October so Will probably miss the opening. There’s always next trip slot machine god’s willing

  3. Vegas Insight

    It looks like it will be a great casino/hotel, and the pool will be awesome. The price tag associated with this resort, from room rate to beverages at the pool, will likely discourage me from ever staying there. You don’t build new to cater to the Orleans crowd, be it on the strip or downtown.

    But I’m planning to win the lottery this year, so perhaps I’ll book a room for early 2021.

    Great photos, as usual, Scott. Thanks!


      Speaking as a member of the “Orleans crowd,” I’ll stick with Boyd–as long as their players’ club doesn’t go any further downhill. Downtown and the Strip have very little appeal these days. Our Vegas activities now center on several “off-strip” properties, including Orleans, and I’m prepared to drop them too if it comes to that.
      Once Circa opens, I’ll check the fee structures carefully; but I don’t expect anything to change.

  4. Michael Troy Moore 4 Mayor

    Yet, it all started construction without FAA approval that limit Downtown buildings in Las Vegas to a height of 200 feet!

    The plans for Circa are 469 feet tall.

    The FAA is still waiting for the Manila Envelope with the $$$ in it from Derek?

    1. Uncle Sam

      How tall is the Strat? I know, there’s a north LV airport…. it seems unlikely a downtown district would be so limited due to a small regional airport nearby. I can think of a major city or two with an airfield near the downtown, and it ain’t that problematic to have both skyscrapers and airplanes co-exist. 200 feet doesn’t make much sense to me, but then again, neither do many govt. regulations.

  5. Rob

    Thanks for the constant updates, Scott. Circa is going to be amazing. Derek Stevens does amazing work, and his casino’s are on the top of my Vegas list. Can’t wait to stay there in December!

  6. Andre Mosley

    Just another attempt to ignore the fact that there are homeless people in our city. This building is proof that the city of las vegas will not build afforable housing. Oh i forgot housing is for the privileged.

  7. Melissa D Harris

    I hope you open another mermaid’s bar, what would be really nice is if someone ooened a 420 friendly area for all the tourist smokers! With all ehat rooftop outdoor space you would think a plan for that would be on the list! A byow socal lounge that doesn’t serve alcohol, Most (not all) stoners aren’t real big drinkers so if someone “Leased” out time at the social room wouldnt that be legal? Kinda like home for a couple hours… good place for a munchie bar too!. Lol

  8. BobPDX

    I check in to your blog every couple of months to see what’s happening in my favorite town, thanks for the update on Circa. Looks like they’re doing a great job, and I’m sure that the giant pool/screen deck will draw crowds. Looking forward to booking a stay once they’re open, I usually stay on the strip but will definitely switch it up in 2021.


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