Behold the Biggest Circa Las Vegas Resort Preview Photo Gallery in the World

Circa Las Vegas, the first new downtown casino resort for decades, opens Oct. 28, 2020.

As usual, we couldn’t wait, so we’ve put together the biggest pre-opening photo gallery of Circa in existence.

Vickie Circa

Nearly done, but Vegas Vickie’s already a knock-out.

During our recent visits, we got the witness the resort putting the final touches on Circa (which is why you’ll see some ladders, exposed wires and plastic-covered tables in the pics).

We can’t thank Circa enough for letting us get an early look at this amazing new Las Vegas destination.

The bottom line: We loved every inch of the place. If you get our drift.


This isn’t even her best side.

We were literally breathless seeing Circa’s massive sportsbook for the first time, and we are not even a sports person.

Rumor has it the manufacturers of Circa’s sportsbook screen, upon seeing it for the first time, were equally stunned. And they made the thing!

Circa sportsbook

Come get your swoon on, sports fans.

Circa’s restaurants were cranking out delicious food during an employee play date as bartenders and dancing dealers were put through their paces.

Thanks to Circa owner Derek Stevens, we were given the honor of being the first to share Circa’s chips (photo below).

The reveal of the chips was topped by Stevens’ “secret” project, the creation of casino plaques. He was giddy to share these beauties he describes as “highly desirable.”

Circa's casino chips plaques

One of each of Circa’s chips and plaques, please.

There was some truly unique and remarkable moments at the Circa play date, as Derek Stevens actually got to gamble at his own casino, a no-no for owners when actual money is being wagered.

Stevens tried his hand at video poker, roulette and craps.

Derek Stevens slot machine

Top casino tip: You don’t have to be a casino owner to get freebies. Always use your players card.

Fun fact: Stevens and his wife Nicole won $183,000 in pretend money at dice thanks to his wise choice to find a “virgin” shooter, his executive assistant, Yivi.

Circa is as beautiful as the renderings, and Circa has pretty much delivered on the hype, much of it ours. Yes, we’ve been a Circa cheerleader. That’s because beyond loving what we’ve seen and consumed so far, it’s objectively awesome. Circa is also the good news Las Vegas could use right now.

Mega Bar

Let’s just say Circa isn’t “under-barred.”

The only asterisk is Circa’s much-touted “adults-only” status isn’t technically accurate. A contractual loophole means kids will be allowed into the resort’s steakhouse, Barry’s. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

The centerpiece of Circa features the long-awaited return of Vegas Vickie, an iconic Las Vegas neon sign which sat above the former Glitter Gulch strip club.

She is absolutely glorious, and Circa is making the most of this newly-refurbished blast from the past.

We are confident enough in our masculinity to admit seeing Vickie lit up for the first time was one of several times we started opening weeping during our initial visits to Circa. Ditto our first Captain Morgan and diet.

Circa cocktail

Seal broken.

There’s far too much ground to cover in one blog post, so we’ll set you on your visual journey through Circa via our photo gallery.

There, you’ll get an inside peek at Circa’s special places (hello, high limit slot salon), its restaurants and menus, its artwork and its casino floors.

Circa screens

Want behind-the-scenes? You’ve got it. This is the hidden area where technicians can replace modules in the sportsbook’s video screen without the use of cranes.

We’ve made no effort to hide the fact we’re smitten. We love what Circa co-owners Derek and Greg Stevens (more from the latter on our next podcast episode) have done downtown and Circa is the crown jewel.

Big socially-distanced hugs to Circa for letting us share these work-in-progress, unretouched, plastic-wrapped, home stretch blemishes-and-all images.

Circa casino

Nothing beats that new felt smell!

Circa has already exceeded expectations and it hasn’t even opened yet! Say “hello” to our new home away from home, Circa Las Vegas.

Related: We get the question about how much Circa Las Vegas cost often. Since we’re the only one with the answer, here it is: While it’s never been officially announced or confirmed, our information is Circa resort cost $1.156 billion to build.

21 thoughts on “Behold the Biggest Circa Las Vegas Resort Preview Photo Gallery in the World

  1. AndyB


    We canceled next week (was planning on attending SEMA, then vacation, but… Too rapid growth of Covid in NV.)

    I’ve been to Vegas enough to not be truly sad about one more trip. But, I really and excited for Circa. I love that real growth is happening on Freemont. I love gambling there, and can’t wait to stay there at a place that doesn’t have the word Nugget in it’s title…

    Might be my home away from CP/Mirage.

  2. Mark

    Looks great, Scott, but send Stevens a message for me: You want me to gamble there, give me some 99+% video poker. And I’ll bring my friends, too.


    Don’t think I’ll be able to make it up there from the strip on my Thanksgiving trip but definitely going to do a day here on the Xmas trip. It’ll be the first time I’ve set foot in a downtown resort. This place looks too spectacular to miss.

  4. Sandy A

    Another great article, Scott. Looks amazing. Staying in Canada for a while, but can’t wait to see Circa, after this teaser.

  5. Ken Nard

    This place really has captured the elegance as well as the extravagance of Vegas. We have made trips to Vegas for the past 23 years together (wife and I) and I have been coming out for 38 years. We always stay at cedars or Flamingo because they are both in the middle of the strip and we have come to know a lot of the dealers, pit bosses, and of course the bartenders. I really can’t wait to see and stay at
    This casino I really hope they match the status of players from other programs. That would be key ! Good luck to owners and staff God Bless

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      You are correct, I am not. I’d love to work there, though. I love the culture of the company. I’m doing my blog full-time now, and pride myself on not being beholden to any Las Vegas casino. That leaves me free to praise or talk shit, whichever fits the circumstance.

  6. Mike Alexakis

    Wow your Instamatic camera held up nicely, but you failed to give a shout out to those hard workers at your local Fotomat, sitting there in those cramped booths so we can get glimpses of Vegas Vicki…

  7. Rutlemaniac

    Looks awesome! It’ll be a while before I can get there but it will be the 1st time I’ve stayed downtown.

    Kinda makes the Sahara seem…tired…soon to be…retired.

  8. Wendy Whiting

    Thank you so much for this!! We go about 4 times a year so it’s been very cool watching the progress every time we are there. These photos are amazing!! Wish I could catch a flight this afternoon! I’ll have to wait another 29 days… I love your posts. Thanks again

  9. Kasper

    Great pictures, thank you for posting.
    The Lego figure – is that part of a statue gallery I heard about? Can you tell more, or link to details?
    Following Las Vegas and your posts and podcasts with great interest from Denmark. Hope to be able to visit again in the near future.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Yes, there aren’t a lot of pieces on display, but the ones that are there are impressive. People can provide a photo and they’ll make a life-size Lego version. The cost I heard was $18,000, but trust it’s less for pets and the like.


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