Circa Resort & Casino: Name, Details Revealed for New Downtown Resort

It’s been a long time coming, but now we know the name of the new casino resort coming to downtown in 2020: Circa Resort & Casino.

The owners of Circa, Derek and Greg Stevens, revealed the name and details of the resort at their Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. The Stevens also own The D and Golden Gate casinos.

Here’s a good look at Circa, and it’s about time!

Circa Las Vegas

Boom as the kids say. Not very many of them say that, but some.

Not going to lie, we got warm feelings in our special places when we first saw that rendering, and it’s just the beginning.

Ready to experience some warmth?

Circa Las Vegas

Circa will be the tallest building in downtown Las Vegas. “Circa” comes from the Latin, “circum,” so you might say it will be circum-sized.

The new resort, expected to cost in the neighborhood of $1 billion ($1.156 billion to be exact, according to our awesome sources), will sit on the former site of the Las Vegas Club, Mermaids casino and the Glitter Gulch strip club.

Circa casino is touted as the first ground-up resort development since 1980. That was the Sundance, which later became Fitzgerald’s and then The D.

The name Circa is meant to “celebrate the timeless spirit of the city while leading the charge for a bold new era with game-changing guest offerings.”

Here’s a slick video about this new Vegas offering.

According to the official news release, Circa “will mix the glamour of vintage Vegas with modern luxuries and cutting-edge technology, honoring the golden age of the city. Guests can expect top-notch entertainment while enjoying honest, attentive and friendly service.”

Shockingly, we actually love the name and we hate everything.

Circa Las Vegas

We’re just going to keep sharing renderings until you make us stop.

The only moment of pause we had when we first heard the name (after which we were sworn to secrecy, and it’s been weeks of agony ever since) is it sounded a little like “Circus Circus,” but the feeling quickly passed. We suspect the chances of confusion between these two casinos will be slim to none.

Now, we’re more interested in diving into what in the hell the Stevens and their team of geniuses have been up to. (Disclaimer: We are friends with many of the aforementioned geniuses, and we also work at Fremont Street Experience downtown, however, our opinions are our own.)

From the renderings, it appears they’ve been up to a lot.

Circa Las Vegas

Here’s the entrance on Fremont Street where Mermaids used to be. Please stop whining about missing the fried Oreos, they were gross. We know because we had the last one ever sold.

Circa will have 777 rooms, “a range of eclectic restaurants” (to be announced later), the longest outdoor bar on Fremont Street, a spa (we got to break that one on our podcast in Feb. 2016) and, understatement of the year, a pool.

In our 2016 interview with Derek Stevens, he described downtown as “underpooled,” and it’s clear Circa will seek to remedy that.

The hotel will feature a huge, multi-tiered pool amphitheater, which isn’t something we knew existed until pretty much right now.

There will be six pools and a huge video screen, as well as the anticipated beverages, food, beverages, private cabanas, beverages and DJs. But most beverages. The pool complex will accommodate 4,000 people.

Circa Las Vegas

They’re going to need a really big remote.

But wait, there’s more.

If you know anything about Derek Stevens and his crew, you know they love the sportsball (and the puckball also, especially since the Vegas Golden Knights came to town).

It’s not surprising, then, that Circa will have a multi-level, stadium-style sportsbook. Since it’s Las Vegas, you know it will also have “the biggest screen in sportsbook history.”

Circa Las Vegas sportsbook

Not your everyday man cave.

The Stevens recently announced a partnership with sports gaming media organization Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN) to bring an in-house broadcast studio to Circa.

While we’re not a sports person, we’re going to just roll with the punches on this one. Which, it should be noted, is a sports metaphor.

We also snagged this sweet rendering of the casino bar at Circa.

Circa Las Vegas

Longbar at The D is shaking in its boots right about now.

Check out this shot of the Circa Las Vegas casino. It will have two levels, rare in Las Vegas, although The D has a two-floor casino as well.

We suspect a good number of our hard-earned dollars will be devoted to beating the pants off the Stevens brothers. They’ll be fine.

Circa Las Vegas

Dibs on Wheel of Fortune, wherever it might end up.

The D and Golden Gate recently combined their loyalty clubs, and The One card will work at Circa when it opens as well.

As if that’s not enough sensory overload, you should get a load of the parking garage.

The parking garage will be named, wait for it, Garage Mahal. Told you there are geniuses involved. When we shared that scoop back in July 2018, complete with a misspelling, people thought we were kidding. Rude.

Circa Garage Mahal

The Taj Mahal was named for an emperor’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal, making this the most useless caption in the history of ever.

Why tout a parking garage? Or give it a name? It’s because it’s fun. Remember when Las Vegas casinos did nutty stuff just for entertainment value? Well, there you go.

Garage Mahal promises to be state-of-the-art, designed specifically with rideshare in mind.

Circa Las Vegas

Nobody ever thinks to give props to the graphic artist who does these renderings, but we owe them a cocktail.

It will have 1,200 spaces and will be across Main Street between the Plaza and Main Street Station. It will be connected to the main hotel by a bridge. We took a photo of the space awhile back, to help get your bearings.

What’s left to say, other than please dive into the renderings and if you don’t feel things you might be a cyborg.

One final note: Vegas fans will be pleased to know the Stevens have confirmed news we’ve shared previously. The iconic Vegas Vickie statue will be making her way back to Fremont Street as part of the Circa Las Vegas resort.

Vegas Vickie is the counterpart of Vegas Vic, and she once sat above the Glitter Gulch strip club. Read more.

Vegas Vickie will be refurbished and will be a key design feature of Circa’s hotel lobby. Vickie’s coming back, Vegas Vic, so better clean up your act. (Looking at you, Pioneer gift shop.)

Learn more by visiting the official Web site for Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas.

Update (1/15/19): You heard it here first! The address for Circa Las Vegas will be 8 Fremont Street. Lucky number!

Circa Las Vegas

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41 thoughts on “Circa Resort & Casino: Name, Details Revealed for New Downtown Resort


    Whelp, I’ve never been downtown and really never had any plans to go, but when this place opens – I’m in. It looks completely ridiculous in a great way and frankly as a strip dweller DT needed something like this to lure us up there. Looking forward to it.

    1. TJC

      The Garage Mahal was the nickname given to the NASCAR race shop that housed Dale Earnhardt Inc in Mooresville, NC, opening in 1999. It is more opulent than any race shop before or since. Unfortunately, no more race cars are built there, but a lot of great history remains for the public to see.

      So, while it’s cool that the Circa garage is called Garage Mahal, it’s not an original idea.

  2. Ron Chee

    im a DTLV junkie.. been going since 2000. Seen all the changes. I honestly never thought i’d see this day with how bad DT looked at one point. I will miss the “old” downtown but the “old” downtown closes and becomes a ghost town. Onward and upward. I think the stevens bros will do this justice and i’m excited. I only hope they keep decent games in the casino and recognize its the players that bring the crowds in downtown.

  3. Wayne

    Wow, what a really exciting addition to Downtown. I really do hope that they do not have the music so loud, that you can’t even relax, just like in the D (downstairs) and the Goldengate at night. I do like music on the casino floor, but crazy loud does actually make me play less. I am sure a lot of people can agree with this fair comment.

    1. omari thomas

      The music is defintely to loud and I play craps and I like to concentrate on the dices not the loud music but downtown needs this is resort a game changer thanks derek stevens and your brothers that will be very good for downtown cant wait till the casino open playa

    1. Bogan

      I don’t see that happening. If we ever see Du-pars downtown again, it will be at the Cal, Fremont, or Main Street since Boyd now owns the name.

    2. Scott Roeben Post author

      Sorry, that won’t be happening. The tax evading owner burned lots of bridges, and left Golden Gate holding the bag. The only reason it still exists at Suncoast is reportedly Boyd had invested money in building out the space, so they traded use of the name.

  4. Ima Powit

    Circa Circa Dot Dot.
    Thanks for all these rendered shots.

    Circa Circa Square Square.
    We all can’t wait until it’s there.

  5. Andy

    Absolutely thrilled and looking foward to it. The weird name has already gone in my mind,this place will kick @ss to some Strip properties for sure.

  6. Funkhouser

    Wow, Scott what a butt kissing article to Derek this is, no objectivity whatsoever. Cmon you couldn’t throw in at least one critique?! Gotta keep the paycheck coming I guess.

    Okay so the name I’m kinda meh on, not sure why the marketing folks picked one so close to Circus Circus, Le Cirque, or even cirque du soleil. Bad choice in my opinion, but hey I’m not a Vegas marketing guru. C+

    Now the interiors and the pool look gorgeous! I think this place will give the GN a run for its money and push the other resorts to raise their design. A home run on the interior design aesthetics. Good Job interior design team and Derek Stevens! A++

    Now lets talk about the exterior. It’s definitively distinctive and looks like nothing else downtown, having said that its a pretty fugly design IMHO. My immediate reaction was did the Maloof brothers gave Derrick one of their rejected ideas for the Palms Fantasy tower. Aesthetically it doesn’t blend at all with the environment or project what I envision as that old school downtown vibe. C-

    IMHO opinion it looks like a design one of the major hotel chains like Hyatt would would use. I think something more glass and straight lines would have blended better to the DT environment. Neon embellishments could have contributed to a Old Vegas Feel. The ground floor entrance and parking garage mahal project a old school Vegas design feel. Why did the design firm fail to bring that to the rest of the building exterior. Granted these are still renderings and we won’t know what it will look like till completion. I give it a B- on design. I’ll probably love it when I am inside but hate looking at the building from a distance.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Appreciate your thoughts, but opinions are my own. I actually am a Vegas marketing guru, and I liked the name as soon as I heard it. I specifically mentioned the concern it sounds close to Circus Circus. I like the design a lot, and I think they’re swinging for the fences with amenities. In regard to keeping the paycheck coming, Derek’s a friend, but doesn’t pay me, SlotZilla does. “)

      1. Funkhouser

        Okay, fair enough but as any long time reader of your blog might observe, your personal opinions always seem to reflect positively on anything downtown operators do (especially Derek). While you show no reservation in offering a critique or criticism of strip operators or resorts.

        Much like your personal pizza opinions, your writing is sometimes unfairly biased. But hey you deserve props for your personal taste in alcohol, women, Vegas celebrities, and for having appeared on Love Connection. Surprised you haven’t yet parlayed your relationship success into the next hot Vegas reality television show. I picture an imitation of My Fair Brady with your lady playing a more penny pibets like version of herself. Keep on Truckin….

        1. Scott Roeben Post author

          I understand. I like downtown more, especially what Derek is doing, so it follows I’d have more positive things to say. I share both positive and negative, often based upon my whim and mood. That’s part of the fun for me. I am 100% bias. Some people find the opinions of value, others don’t. The people who find them of value are just better people. Hope that helps.

    2. cwallace

      @Funkhouser – Try gathering up several hundred million dollars and come up with something that you think is better. We’ll wait.

  7. DuLac55

    I couldn’t disagree more with Funkhouser’s opinion of the outside. The top part and right side of the building give it a very distinctive feel of the old “drive-in style” properties from the early days of Las Vegas. The horizontal stripes on just the right half of the building give me the feel of the old Stardust tower exterior, and then the left 1/3 of the building give it a very modern feel. To me, this accomplished exactly what they stated “Circa will mix the glamour of vintage Vegas with modern luxuries and cutting edge technology, honoring the golden age of the city.”

    I am mixed on the name, but mostly positive. I actually think the name is perfect in terms of what it means…circa means “approximately, about, or around” which is what the property is going for. They are not putting a specific year of the throwback but you can see someone saying that it looks a bit like the properties from “circa the 1950s or 60s”… The Desert Inn archway, The Mint, etc. In isolation I love the name. HOWEVER, I have to admit that when I saw it the first thing I thought of was the old “Circo” restaurant at the Bellagio. Luckily that is closed. I don’t really see any confusion at all with Circus Circus, but can see confusion if idiots start referring to the hotel as “Circ” for short, which clearly is confusing with “Cirque” of Cirque du Soleil.

    All this said, despite me preferring to stay on the strip and visit downtown on my trips, I find this project about 100x more exciting that the Resorts World project on the boulevard. I mean, talk about confusion…they are being sued by Wynn Resorts for their copycat design.

    Circa is new, fresh and interesting. I am excited and looking forward to staying there for the NCAA tournament in 2021!

    1. Funkhouser

      I get where you are coming from with the swooping lines and that nod to mod. I was thinking this hotel design was closer to late 60’s early 70’s. But looking at it you can see a whole bunch of the design elements were lifted straight off the Motor City Casino Hotel. I think that one has a nicer exterior if you are going for the look. Go look at some photos of it at night and you will see what I mean. I was hoping for something more straight lines, blended with downtown, but with glass. Some mid century embellishments or full embrace of design style that made the Mint and other iconic downtown hotels. The exterior on Cira just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it will grow on me, but I think they fell short on the exterior design.

  8. omari thomas

    All I have to say to all those other casinos downtown you’ll better step your game up and design because this resort circa is going to give all you other casinos downtown a run for there money seriously

  9. Jude

    Step up their design? Sorry, but as much as I like the Circa and think it is goods let’s be honest… the neon and look of the Four Queens, Golden Gate, Binion’s, and Fremont are 1000x better than Circa.

  10. Phil

    I’m thinking that huge TV by the pool probably will have to go out at certain time. Anything beyond 10pm and you’ll have early to bed types complaining it’s too bright.

  11. mikethebike

    I am sure the resort will be much better than the name, but that wouldn’t take much! Can’t wait to visit and maybe a better name will emerge by the time it opens.

  12. catway

    I’m glad they’re incorporating the old school with the new in their design. Like others have said, the name just brings too many other places in Vegas to mind.
    There’s definitely a pool shortage downtown, but the rendering of the 6 pools with a huge video screen, reminds me of a parking lot. I would think they could give a little ambiance to one of the pool areas, with some privacy and character, a place to chill.
    Regardless, this will be a major bonus to the downtown area and sorely needed.

  13. VegasMomma

    to me it looks like the building would be in Ac or the strip, looks little bit like the showboat casino in Atlantic city. the name sounds more like a nightclub then a casino to me. the sports book and the huge screen by the pool look pretty cool. wonder if they would let me play video games on either lol

  14. William Wingo

    “Garage Mahal” introduces a whole new dimension of tacky.

    And I wonder if they’ll charge parking and resort fees…probably. That would explain why there are no people in the pictures.

  15. Jeff in OKC

    I think this is going to be a wonderful place. I’m guessing the exterior will be covered by modern lighting technology that will make it flash and change colors and run patterns and “stuff” that will make it seem better than the old casinos neon and FSE canopy combined.

    Regarding the comment about the big screen overlooking the pool having to shut down at night-looks to me like the screen will be brightest on the 3 lower floors, and any side bleed off will be aimed at Main Street Station and Downtown Grand, both of which are a block away.

  16. EnuffBull

    Gorgeous. Progressive. Urban. Melding old with new. Exactly what downtown needs. (As much as I admire everything designed, why does the outside tower and swimming pool remind me of a laptop computer?)

    Sort of what Downtown Grand over-promised and under-delivered. (But still my favorite DT hotel.) Golden Nugget resort just shuddered wondering what they will need to upgrade to stay DT champion.

    Thanks for this report, Scott! Still envious of your job!

  17. Acehole

    Looks good and will be great for downtown. Squinting at the exterior views, I see some nostalgic undertones – a slim Zippo lighter crossed with an older Sony Walkman, with the addition of a beveled/lark’s tongue chamfer to symbolize some newness (and probably just tall enough for a zip line from the Strat). Apple and Samsung may offer some Wynnesque legal input on the curved edges. Looking forward to low-limit craps and 3-2 BJ, good VP, and having a beverage on the Buskers Brew Pub and Café deck overlooking the FSE. I hope construction, opening, and operations go well, and that it opens before the El Rancho and Stardust replacements. Cheers

  18. Adam

    Whenever you hear of a new resort being built, I imagine most ardent Vegas fans have their own design in mind of what they would love to do as a resort. So it’s hard for somebody else’s vision to match up. With that being said, the Stevens brothers exceeded my expectations with Circa.

  19. Bill

    I still don’t know about the name, maybe it will grow on me. I love the garage name though; Vegas needs more of that, whenever Vegas takes itself too seriously it becomes dull. Biggest question: will the rooms be more sound-proof? I love downtown and on my last visit I think I found the best gambling place in town: El Cortez. But, my biggest complaint is the Fremont Street noise at night; I know, you aren’t supposed to sleep in Vegas, but you can at least nap! I am also a little concerned about “eclectic” restaurants. Not really a big deal since downtown is easy to get a round and go somewhere else to eat. And as long as the food is good and offers some more variety on Fremont, I’ll be happy. But eclectic sounds more strip-ish; let’s double-down on Downtown and what makes it great instead of stripping it of its uniqueness. Overall this looks awesome. Great addition to Downtown! (And great to see the D brothers deciding to stay local and not Wynning themselves out of Downtown).

    1. mark kimsel

      i hate the strip,i have not been in any casinos on the strip in 5 years,and that was for the Beatles Love show,so before that and since then it adds up to about 7 years away from the strip


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