Circa Announces Opening Dates, First Adults-Only Casino Resort in Vegas History

There’s been a flurry of great news around Circa Las Vegas, so let’s dive in! We’ve got exclusive video, the most in-depth interview ever given by the casino’s owner, Derek Stevens, and more.

Not to make it about us, of course.

First up, Circa has announced its opening dates. Yep, there will be two dates.

The first five floors of Circa Las Vegas open Oct. 28, 2020, months ahead of schedule. The hotel opens Dec. 28, 2020.

Circa Las Vegas

Circa Las Vegas has officially been topped off.

On Oct. 28, the resort’s casino will open, as will its sports book (touted as the biggest in the world), a number of bars and the massive pool complex.

Four restaurants will open on Oct. 28, but 8 East won’t because, as Derek Stevens says, “There will be a crane going through the center of the restaurant.” Learn more about the restaurants at Circa.

As mentioned, Circa’s hotel opens Dec. 28. Reservations will be taken starting June 24, 2020.

Derek Stevens believes this is the first time in Vegas history a resort has been given an exemption so a casino can open separately from a hotel. Current regulations require a casino resort must have 200 rooms to open.

We sat down for an exclusive chat with Derek Stevens to get all the inside scoop about Circa, and there’s a lot.


Derek Stevens likes casinos so much, he made one from scratch.

Kick back and enjoy all the spilled tea, or whatever the kids are calling it now.

Are you not entertained?

Next up in our cavalcade of Circa news: The resort has announced it will be for adults only.

That’s right, Circa will be for ages 21 and older.

No Kids Quest. No strollers. No kids in the pool. No kids at all, 24/7. Ever.

This is seriously the best news in the history of Las Vegas.

Speaking of history, it’s believed this is the first time a Las Vegas casino resort has been restricted to 21-plus, ever.

Circa rendering

Circa rolled out a bunch of new renderings. Check the photo gallery for more. Sup, Vegas Vickie?

As if all this great news weren’t enough to fill your gullet, there’s more.

On June 19, 2020, Circa Las Vegas had a topping off ceremony. During the ceremony, the last beam ever placed at Circa was hoisted into place.

Circa Las Vegas final beam

Circa owner Derek Stevens was so happy to see this lifted into place. In fact, he was beaming.

We had the awesome privilege of being able to strap a GoPro to the beam, so we captured this momentous occasion for posterity.

It’s epic.

If you watched until the end, you may have noticed the steel worker putting the final beam into place.

Check out the dude’s tattoo! You’ll try to think of something more Vegas than a guy with a Las Vegas sign tattoo securing the final beam on the newest Las Vegas casino, but you will fail.

Circa topped off

Even our haters are, like, “This puts the ‘vital’ in Vital Vegas.”

Prior to the beam being lifted, Derek Stevens and his executive team signed it, along with a number of the construction workers.

Since we’re doing things for posterity, we need to mention what Derek Stevens wrote on the beam. It wasn’t publicized, but we know people.

Stevens wrote the names and initials of his wife Nicole, his parents and brother, Greg Stevens (co-owner of The D and Golden Gate), his three children (Whitney, Sammy and Sera) and the initials of the company’s first employee in Vegas, Wayne Peters.

Derek Stevens

No pressure, Derek.

There are so many stories to be told about Circa.

There’s the story about the ventilation system being used for the first time in any Las Vegas casino: The air flow will be floor to ceiling, a true game-changer.

There’s the story about how COVID-19 actually helped speed up construction because the project didn’t have to be as concerned with noise affecting neighboring hotels (they were closed).

There’s the story about how at one point, elevators at the Circa construction site went from being able to carry 20 people to only being able to carry two per trip.

There’s the story about how important it was to finish and open Circa in 2020 (hint: tax incentives).

There’s the story about why Circa will have a massive video screen facing away from The Strip, rather than toward it. (It’s all about eyeballs on the freeway.)


This video screen will be seen by one trillion people. Note: We were drinking, so we may have rounded up.

Circa is the first new casino resort in downtown Las Vegas in 40 years, and we look forward to sharing more stories from Circa Las Vegas.

Here are more photos because we know how you are.

26 thoughts on “Circa Announces Opening Dates, First Adults-Only Casino Resort in Vegas History

    1. DeDude

      21 means you have any fake IDs claiming you’re 21 or older. Doesn’t have to be a good fake. Any ID will do, even if you made it out of crayons and drew your face.

  1. Capt Kangaroo

    “Stevens wrote the names and initials of his wife Nicole, his parents and brother, Greg Stevens (co-owner of The D and Golden Gate), his three children (Whitney, Sammy and Sera) and the initials of the company’s first employee in Vegas, Wayne Peters.”

    Would’ve made a better story if he’d got caught using a cheat sheet.

  2. Maureen Robinson

    Been in Vegas since 1973 and so excited with this casino opening! I truly love the fact it is for 21 and older. I remember when children weren’t in Vegas and loved it! Looking forward to experiencing this!

  3. Mike Alexakis

    This looks like a beautiful new casino/resort, of course I will check it out when I go to Las Vegas, but I am a bit puzzled by the “attraction” of no kids being allowed on the grounds, kids do not annoy or take away anything from me, on the casino floor they check any young persons I.D. serially… I used to sneak and play when I was a teenager, my dad took me to the craps table when I was 16 and I won $150, in the good ole days it was exponentially easier for an under 21 year old to enjoy casino gambling. Depending on how strict Circa decides to be, it could end up awkward for families with 19 or 20 year old kids coming to Las Vegas from far away lands… And I certainly would not want to be the guy that has to explain to a 19 year old Marine that we appreciate your service to the country but go find another place to buy a milkshake…

    1. James K

      Valid point. Maybe it should be altered to 18 and over. I think they just want to eliminate bratty teenagers and crying kids from restaurants and pools.

  4. William Wingo

    Love how in the first picture Circa absolutely dwarfs the next-door Binion’s/Mint tower–which is empty, by the way….

  5. Mike Alexakis

    I just read that Bellagio tried to be 21 and over when they opened, and it ended up failing… Time will tell if its good for business to have age police making sure grumpy old people get to have a refuge…

  6. James K

    All casino owners/operators should be like Derrick Stevens. I bet there are no bean counters on his staff.

  7. Greenboy

    I look forward to visiting this place when I visit vegas in February I might even try and get a room there for my downtown portion of the trip.

  8. Larry Kalpakoff

    I was excited until I looked at the room rates today. It will be hard to justify when the Golden Nugget is so budget priced.

  9. BST

    Maybe I was looking at the wrong thing? But I saw bunk beds. yet no kids allowed ?
    Just funny to me that’s all 🙂
    The rates on the the hand NOT funny !

      1. BST

        Oh yes , maybe the Miilenials , wasn’t thinking . But still it kind of looks ridiculous I think. And after reading below Alex saying charge is 419.00 mid week , WTH LOL well good luck to them .

    1. alex

      According to their website, they are twin bunk beds. What adult wants to sleep in 1) a bunk bed, or 2) a twin bed?

      And they are charging $419/night for a room with 4 twin bunk beds! (That’s for the middle of the week in February. It’s $619/night during the CES show.)

      That seems rather insane, to me.

  10. Adam

    Have you seen the prices for the Cosmo? They will have plenty of customers ready to go.

    And honestly. I have two kids at home. We have Disney passes for them. This is for me and momma. Maybe a guy’s trip. So this great.

    As a side note, Derek doesn’t make the drinking age. It should be 18. But that’s the rules. Don’t blame them.


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