Christina Aguilera’s Las Vegas Residency Is a Lock

Christina Aguilera will start a Las Vegas residency on May 31, 2019 at Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood.

The official announcement of the residency was made Jan. 29, 2019, but that’s not when fans knew it was happening.

Christina Aguilera

We like this version of Christina Aguilera more than the flashy one.

One of the more interesting aspects of Aguilera’s residency announcement is the fact vigilant fans caught a post on the singer’s Web site listing her 16 performance dates prior to the official announcement.

The schedule was swiftly removed from the site, but the Internet never forgets and the word was already out in a big way.

Christina Aguilera

Don’t worry, Web intern. Hopefully, you find a gig working for someone relevant next time.

Christina Aguilera’s Las Vegas residency follows on the heels of successful residencies at Planet Hollywood by her fellow pop princesses: Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani.

A planned residency by Britney Spears at Park MGM resort was recently canceled due to family issues.

Fans even caught wind of the show’s artwork.

Christina Aguilera

You go, fans.

Here are her 2019 show dates for Planet Hollywood.

  • May 31
  • June 1, 5, 7, 8, 13, 15, 16
  • Sep. 20, 21, 24, 27, 28
  • Oct. 2, 4, 5

While we’re sure the folks at Caesars Entertainment, owners of Planet Hollywood, and some in the media (“You promised us an exclusive, Xtina!”) are pulling their hair out about somebody on Aguilera’s team jumping the gun, buzz is buzz and the gaff generated as much or more publicity than the actual announcement.

Social media goofs are an ongoing headache for performers. Obsessive fans never miss a thing. Just ask Celine Dion.

Aguilera’s Vegas residency is further evidence, as if we needed more, A-list entertainers no longer see Sin City as a place where careers go to die. For those who do it right, there’s big money to be made in Las Vegas.

Time will tell if Christina Aguilera gets it right.

Our suggestions: 1) Price it right. 2) Make it good (as few backing tracks as possible, please). 3) Don’t overstay your welcome.

8 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Las Vegas Residency Is a Lock

  1. Wild Wild West Steve

    Does Xtina have the same mystique as Brittney? I don’t know, I really don’t.

    Xtina has kept her name out there in recent years, without a lot of hit music making, thanks to her seemingly former stint on The Voice. She’s regarded as a legit singer, it seems, so she has those things going for her. Many of her songs, what I know of her catalog, aren’t particularly timeless classics. They’re forgettable pop fluff. But that didn’t seem to hurt Brittney, who made a nice chunk of change at PHo.

    I’m not sure Xtina has the same staying power as a strip performer as Brittney… not that that’s a bad thing. But she’s big enough to put asses in the theater seats 16 times, no doubt, so you go girl!

    I get that performers young (Cardi B, whatever that is) and old (Garth Brooks) realize that Vegas is a place where you can book multiple dates and fill a room multiple times, based upon the high volume of tourist traffic 363 days per year. But every time a performer cashes in by playing more than one night in Vegas, do we really have to make a big fucking production out of it and call it a residency? I wouldn’t be surprised if Xtina fills in dates between her 16 gigs, but she has them spread out over three months as it stands. It’s not a residency at this point, it’s a cash grab.

    1. alex

      “The Xperience is going to be my most ambitious show yet,” the singer said in a press release. “Getting to perform in this adult playground we call Las Vegas is inspiring me to bring forth all of my talents in a mind-blowing theatrical experience — song, dance, visuals and uninterrupted high energy.”

      Assuming all of that is true, of course they are going to call it a big [expletive] production. Simply because that’s what it is.

      And whether you agree as to the definition or not, multiple performances of the same show spread out over months (with the possibility of an extension) is the very definition of an artist in residency at a performing venue.

      1. Skeptical Steve

        The definition needs to be rewritten. What if it’s only spread over four weeks? Then it’s not?

        It’s marketing hype 101.

  2. Meatsauce

    That picture of plain Christina is weird. Looks nothing like the stripper-like singer I’m use to seeing. Plain Chrissy looks surprisingly young for a woman in her late 30s. I like when she looks like she’s going to dance in the VIP lounge. She’s a smoke show!

  3. Aaronius

    The issue with Christina Aguilera’s residency is less about the talent (she can sing the hell out of just about anything,) but rather the level of casual interest in her show. XTina fans will gobble up the tickets, no doubt, but Aguilera has a less robust bench of popular hits than Britney or JLo or Gladys Knight or…

    Think of it this way: while I don’t dislike Britney Spears, I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to see her shows…but, if I were in Vegas and the price was right, I’d be comfortable going to one of her shows, since I’d know quite a few of her hits (Baby…One More Time, Toxic, Womanizer, Stronger, Ooops, I Did It Again, Boys, Work B***h, Gimme More, If You Seek Amy.) With that bench of hits, I’m sure to get through half of her show humming along with familiarity.

    With Christina, I think there are many less ‘casual hits’ in her roster (Genie in a Bottle, Dirrty, Beautiful, Ain’t No Other Man, Moves Like Jagger,) and so more of the show will be populated with songs that perhaps I don’t know or remember.

    Now, Christina might use the Vegas Residency to electrify her career (lightning doesn’t strike unless you stand in the rain and all of that,) but she’s probably going to have to win over folks who only know like three of her songs via that electrifying performance, yes?


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