Cheetah’s Strip Club, of “Showgirls” Fame, Officially Done

Cheetah’s Las Vegas strip club is officially done, confirmed by the removal of signage on the club’s exterior on Aug. 19, 2020.

Cheetah's Las Vegas closed

Cheetah’s has been stripped of its neon.

Cheetah’s is best known for being the strip club where the so-bad-it’s-still-bad classic, “Showgirls,” was filmed.

Yep, this is the place where Elizabeth Berkley licked a stripper pole, a practice frowned upon even prior to the pandemic.

Cheetah's strip club closed

The year 2020 has not been lap dance-friendly.

Big thanks to our eagle-eyed Twitter follower Alyssa A. for letting us know the signage was being removed from Cheetah’s.

We got there just in time to snap some photos of the dismantling remnants.

Vegas Cheetah's closed

Open 24 hours, not so much.

Cheetah’s was long past its heyday, so it’s no surprise the establishment would close or get a rebrand.

Cheetah's closed

Yes, we snagged a piece of neon tubing. It’s famous.

While Vegas strip clubs are currently closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s expected Cheetah’s will become The Library Gentlemen’s Club when such venues are permitted to open again.

Cheetah's Library Vegas

When it’s the Library, we’ll have to check it out. If library puns are even a thing anymore.

While we can’t recall ever visiting Cheetah’s, we’ve heard quite a bit about the strip club’s colorful history.

At one time, Cheetah’s was owned by Michael Galardi. Galardi was involved in a political corruption scandal featuring a federal investigation dubbed “Operation G-String.”

Cheetah's closed Vegas

Sadly, our car is only so big.

We trust the long tradition of lap dances and no sex in the Champagne Room (named G-Spot at Cheetah’s, by the way) will continue as Cheetah’s is presumably overhauled to become the Library Gentlemen’s Club.

Cheetah's closed

Those lips have been a Vegas fixture since 1991.

If you are interested in more reading about Las Vegas strip club culture, please feel free to feast your eyes on our useful collection of Las Vegas Strip club slang or things we didn’t know about strippers.

Cheetah's Vegas strip club

Trust us, Las Vegas topless clubs are going to bounce back!

It was bittersweet seeing all the discarded neon following the removal of the Cheetah’s signage.

Cheetah’s will always hold a special place in the hearts of “Showgirls” fans. Yes, both of them.

13 thoughts on “Cheetah’s Strip Club, of “Showgirls” Fame, Officially Done

  1. Mike Alexakis

    Showgirls was a classic film, you dont need to qualify that statement in any way, yes its bad, and really good. Showgirls made the fabulous Stardust Hotel immortal, it lives on in that film, the Stardust was a classic like The Dunes and The Sands were. To this day I think the producers of Showgirls paid off the movie ratings people to get that NC-17 rating, the nudity and sex in the film was not anything crazy, when it ended up as NC-17 it intrigued young men to go see it. The Vegas show scenes reminded me of Enter The Night, starring Vladimir, The Man Who Flies (with a kielbasa in his trousers my wife always pointed out). Vladimir was in original Cirque shows that toured, I met him and Guy the founder of Cirque in my old job. I honestly did not know Cheetah’s was a real place, I am a Cheapo that would never budget a dime of my sacred Vegas gambling money for that kind of entertainment…

  2. Dean

    Are the letters still outside the building just waiting to be picked up as garbage? I’d love to snag a souvenir of this Vegas classic!

  3. Zeus

    Couldn’t care less about the future of this place. Is the OG, Olympic Gardens, still holding onto its license for a possible rebirth?

      1. Dan Wood Rather

        If OG had been closed due to the pandemic, I would have determined who closed it and taken her or his advice on investments, world health or anything else she or he wanted to advise me on. Considering OG closed on Oct. 23, 2016, it would have been hella impressive had they closed it in preparation for COVID-19. Amazing, actually.

        But thanks, KEV, for breaking news on the status of OG to Zeus. I’m sure Zeus had no clue about the weird monthly operation that was happening in 2017 when he asked about OG still holding onto its license.

  4. Jason

    Clearly the author of this article lacks any taste if they cannot recognize that Showgirls is a masterpiece and cult classic.

  5. SinCityKev

    Eliades Family that owns the O.G. & Boston Pizza next door are half owners/creators of Sapphire.
    I opened the place back in 2002, I saw all the Business Licensing documents!

  6. Clickity Clack

    Is this the same chain of clubs called The Library from Southern California? I’ve been to the Orange County locations, both are amazing. Hoping it’s the same, do you know?

  7. Sean

    Loved going to Cheetah’s. This was the last of the really great clubs in Vegas. I have been going there for over 20 years. A lot of great stories.


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