Checking In On the World’s Most Famous Slot Machine, Lion’s Share at MGM Grand

Whenever we’re at MGM Grand, we can’t resist stopping by to see the world’s most famous slot machine, the Lion’s Share.

The Lion’s Share slot has a storied history, and is the last of its kind. Because of gaming regulations, MGM can’t remove the machine until its progressive jackpot, currently at $2,343,524.12, is won by some lucky player.

Lion's Share slot machine

Every payout on this machine is a hand-pay, even if it’s just a dollar. Quirky good fun and not at all annoying!

The lucky winner not only gets a couple million, but also gets to keep the Lion’s Share machine itself.

Yes, we donated yet another $20 to this painfully tight machine. Partially because the Lion’s Share is sort of a celebrity, but also because whoever wins this jackpot will immediately become a part of Las Vegas lore.

Becoming lore for $20 would be quite the Las Vegas bargain, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Checking In On the World’s Most Famous Slot Machine, Lion’s Share at MGM Grand

  1. Steven Brown

    Now the thing about the winner getting the machine is that they may live in a state where private ownership of slot machines is either limited to those of a certain age or older or are banned completely. Here in Georgia, machines that were made before 1950 are legal to own and in other states the machine has to be anywhere from 20-40 years old.


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