Checking In on the Downtown Las Vegas Archway

YESCO is making quick work of the downtown Las Vegas welcome archway. We snagged some progress pics on Aug. 19, 2020.

Downtown Las Vegas arch

We could not be a bigger fan of new and shiny things.

By the time you read this, the arches will have connected, but we figured it was worth sharing these for posterity.

Downtown Las Vegas arch

You don’t even realize how inside Vegas we get you.

The archway is at the foot of The Strat. That’s the tall casino with the thrill rides at the top.

Guests drive through the legs of the new archway to enter the porte cochere (a fancy term for “entryway”) of The Strat.

Here’s the view from valet.

Downtown Las Vegas arch

Look at all the “between the legs” jokes we’re not making. The word you’re looking for is “maturity.”

The completion date for the welcome archway is Aug. 28, 2020. YESCO doesn’t mess around.

If you’re ever asked why YESCO is capitalized, reply, “None of your business.”

If you’re every asked why YESCO is capitalized as part of a bar bet, answer, “It’s an initialism. YESCO stands for Young Electric Sign Company.”

YESCO is the same company that renovated Vegas Vickie for her return to Circa Las Vegas, so they’re permanently on our good side.

Vegas arch

The technical term is “boop.”

There’s a lot involved with this seemingly straightforward archway. We got all up in its business to illustrate.

Vegas arch

We would share details of the technical aspects of the archway, but that would involve “effort” and we all know that’s not happening.

The downtown welcome archway is about 80 feet tall. Or 82 feet in heels.

All told, the arch will cost about $6.5 million. Which is a total bargain if you consider the St. Louis Arch cost $13 million back in 1963. That’s about $110 million in today dollars.

Here’s another look at what the finished product will look like.

Las Vegas arch

Passing under an arch is good luck, irrespective of the fact we may have just made that up.

We’re about a week away from the completion of this new downtown photo op, so check back to see the finished product.

2 thoughts on “Checking In on the Downtown Las Vegas Archway

  1. Hunter

    Who paid for this? I don’t remember.

    It looks cool. It’s unnecessary, but that’s much of Vegas. Unnecessary is fun to look at, no doubt. Not sure why this was the best idea to excite the masses, but whatever.

    Great pics of this project. Fun to see.

    You need more podcast episodes. Then again, you’re not talking about your dog farting, so perhaps less is more.

    Where do I send a karma donation?

  2. St. Stratosphere

    Surprising to learn the Stratosphere is nearly twice as tall as the St. Louis Arch. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that.


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