Checking in on Resorts World’s Bigass Video Display

Installation of Resorts World’s massive video display continues, and we’ve got an update.

During daylight hours, one can see the outline of the video screen being put into place at Resorts World.

We’d share “technical details” of the product being used, or the “specifications” of the screen, but that would involve “research,” more commonly known as “exerting effort,” and you know that’s not happening, so here’s a photo.

Resorts World video screen

Yes, we took this photo from our car. At a stop light. You’re not our mom.

After dark, the sheer enormity of the screen become evident.

The screen takes up virtually the entire side of Resorts World’s hotel tower.

Resorts World video screen

We trust it’s too soon to suggest they play Duran Duran videos on this bad boy.

Resorts World is expected to open in the summer of 2021, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store with this mammoth screen.

13 thoughts on “Checking in on Resorts World’s Bigass Video Display

  1. Andrew

    Wow,that’s something. Let me guess : they did not plan that up in first place until Wynn came out with the lawsuit.

  2. happy hour 101

    Scott–understood that “research” must always be avoided–just like Yacht Rock and Hobby Lobby. But—any idea how the video display affects views from the rooms?

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      It looks like they’re leaving holes for the windows in the display, but haven’t asked and can’t really get close enough to be sure. Great question, though. Circa managed to avoid this problem by only doing its screen where elevator shafts are!


    I was staying in a Fountain View room at Cosmo last week and that screen was fully visible from where I was. It’s going to be hugenormous. I’m sure they’ve thought of it but I have no clue how that won’t affect the poor saps who get stuck in those rooms.


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