Checking In on Progress at Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World is looking more and more like a proper Las Vegas resort, so we stopped by to check out the progress.


Resorts World

We like to think “boom” makes things more dramatic. Play along.

In case that wasn’t dramatic enough, take a look at our photo from August 2016.

Resorts World 2016

Modesty precludes us from reminding you how “essential” we are, probably.

Resorts World, owned by Malaysia-based Genting Group, is a new casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip slated to open in summer 2021. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that timeline has been slowed by the COVID-19 shutdown.

It’s really important Las Vegas have something to look forward to right now.

The hotel tower was topped off in August 2019, and construction now extends nearly to Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s mostly shopping, but who cares? Exciting!

Resorts World

The Resorts World hotel tower was built on the bones of Echelon Place, probably farther from the sidewalk than the current owners would’ve preferred. We play the hand we’re dealt.

Resorts World is 59 stories tall and will have about 3,400 rooms. The resort is expected to cost about $4.3 billion.

Resorts World was originally going to have an Asian theme, but that was nixed, along with any hopes of live pandas.

Here’s a look at the most recent rendering of Resorts World Las Vegas.

Resorts World Vegas

Resorts World has already started testing the lights on its west tower.

Look closely, and you can see how some of the features in the renderings are being brought to life.

Resorts World Las Vegas casino

Just take our money. We’re ready to party.

Dropping the Asian theme was one of many changes at Resorts World since the project was first announced back in 1865.

Here’s a look at one of the original renderings, where Resorts World was going to have seven hotel towers. The only constant in Vegas is change.

Resorts World Vegas

The original vision for Resorts World was a tad extra.

Resorts World recently released new renderings of some of its interiors, including for bars and some of its meeting areas.

Asian theme out, whimsy in.

What a wild ride it’s been for Resorts World, with multiple delays (most intentional) and numerous staffing changes.

The latest buzz (ours, to be specific) is Resorts World is shaping up to make a splash when it opens in 2021, and we love us some Las Vegas newness.

Word is the resort is sparing no expense in its design and construction, and we’ve also heard a serious investment is being made in wrangling world-class entertainment.

A number of potential headliners have been in the mix, including the first lady of residencies, Celine Dion. We’re actually the only one that’s floated that rumor, but Resorts World hasn’t denied it, so we’ll take it.

Resorts World

Dem views, tho.

Check out our vast and poorly-focused photo gallery for more of the latest from Resorts World. It many have taken a pandemic for us to fully appreciate the splendor of Resorts World, but we’re a bigtime cheerleader at the moment.

Absolutely nothing can compare to that new casino smell.

Update (5/28/20): Resorts World is installing and testing its video screen.

Resorts World video screen

Resorts World is apparently using Windows 95. We kid. It’s going to be awesome.

16 thoughts on “Checking In on Progress at Resorts World Las Vegas


    Thank You for the update of this Glorious New Addition of the most Glorious City in the World.

  2. Dave Parada

    Anxious to see the finished product. FWIW, what exactly did they plan for 7 towers? City Center Pt. 2?

  3. chad rodick

    1865 lol but sure seemed like it. now i just wish The drew would be open so that side of the strip isn’t dead.

  4. Mike T.

    Nothing happens quickly…. except the construction of Circa.

    Let’s hope that the RW opening spawns overdue redevelopment of the north end of the strip. Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.

  5. Andrew

    The era of megaresorts is doomed,unless they will add some new concepts into them. As a visionary, Wynn envisioned a lagoon for the Wynn hotel,understanding that tomorrow’s consumers will have to be attracted by both wow factors and a more “nature at peace” ideas. It will be more and more difficult to convince people to pack themselves into those fancied boxes…

  6. Tony

    The only thing I see that is misleading in the renderings is the customers. They are dressed so nice! No tank tops, shorts, flip flops…..If only that could be true.

  7. Mike Alexakis

    The Desert Inn and the Silver Slipper used to make the north end of the Strip the place to be… What is missing is character, high end resorts in the modern era seem like a dime a dozen. At the Desert Inn you could play craps for a five dollar minimum and stand next to a player who has tens of thousands of dollars on the table, they did not segregate by bankroll…


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