Checking in On Downtown’s New Gateway Arch

We haven’t shared an update on downtown’s new welcome arch in, oh, several minutes, so let’s do that.

Downtown’s $6.5 million gateway arch is nearing completion. You can tell by the funny look on its face.

Downtown archway

Vegas loves it some giant parabolas. For the newcomers, that was a boob joke.

The arch has been delayed a bit (it was supposed to be done in Sep. 2020), and now we know why.

There are a metric hell-ton of bulbs to install!

The thousands of bulbs are likely to give downtown some eye-catching bling, but holy crap, somebody at YESCO’s going to get carpal tunnel.

Downtown archway

So. Much. Screwing.

YESCO, of course, is the legendary Las Vegas sign company tasked with building the arch.

We get the feeling YESCO didn’t discourage the City of Las Vegas from using the aforementioned metric hell-ton of bulbs, as they’re the ones who will be maintaining the sign.


Why do you always have to make things awkward? And by “you,” we mean “we.”

On the bright side, literally, bulbs add a flair LEDs just can’t replicate. (Just as LEDs can’t outshine the visual appeal of neon.)

Downtown archway

We tried counting all the bulbs, got to four trillion and quit to drink at Strat’s View Lounge.

The archway sits at the foot of The Strat on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Actually, drivers must go through the legs of the archway to get into The Strat’s porte cochere.

The arch should be completed in mid-to-late November 2020, because, beyond the bulb installation, there’s still quite a bit of electrical work to be done, per the City of Las Vegas.

Downtown archway

Our favorite part of any Las Vegas sign? Googie stars!

We’re still trying to get a sense of where people might want to stand for a photo op with the new archway.

It’s not a stellar part of town, but doesn’t feel dangerous. Because the northern side of the sign will be in the shade during daylight hours, you’ll want to park at The Strat and walk to just south of the sign for your photos.

Downtown Vegas arch

As with most things in Vegas, this will look much sexier after dark.

Here’s a closer look at the dangling part.

Vegas archway

The sign features the City’s abandoned logo. Also, pretty sure we’re using the word “abandoned” wrong.

You can also stroll a bit north to another welcome display featuring larger-than-life chips, dice and showgirls.

Fun fact: Showgirls don’t like being referred to as “larger-than-life.”

Downtown gateway display

We’d have bet against it, but this photo op has actually become a thing.

You know we’ll be there when the downtown archway is lit. We’re pretty much guaranteed to be the same, if you get our drift.

8 thoughts on “Checking in On Downtown’s New Gateway Arch

  1. MrBuzzkill

    The best place to take a pic is from the cross walk at Bob Stupak, where city engineers conveniently provided a place where you can safely take a selfie in the middle of LV Blvd. Unfortunately, I don’t think most tourists will notice that opportunity without a sign or something suggesting it.

    The analog look of the lighting is my favorite part. I love video walls, but everyone here has 1 or 6. Becomes tiresome. The bulbs are a pleasant relief.

  2. BST

    Thank you for the update . My cousin in Vegas never keeps me informed 🙁
    I hope it will be completed by my next visit in November 🙂


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