Checking In On Ellis Island Casino’s Front Yard

It’s been a few months since Ellis Island broke ground on its new Front Yard, a two-story dining, bar and entertainment venue.

The project is a pretty big deal for the diminutive, family-owned casino, so we figured it was time to see how the $10 million project is going.

Ellis Island Front Yard

Things are definitely happening here, we’re just not sure what.

We should probably provide some context.

The Front Yard will run along Koval Lane (east of the Las Vegas Strip, at Flamingo), and the venue will have a capacity of 300 people. It will have a casual atmosphere, with bar games and activities, as well as live entertainment.

It will also have beer and lots of it. Ellis Island is known for its on-site brewery, making it a beer-lover’s paradise when it comes to coldness, freshness and sheer inexpensiveness. A typical glass of beer, or whatever they’re served in, will run you upwards of $1.50, and no, that’s not a typo.

Anyway, here’s a scale model of the Front Yard being built at Ellis Island.

Ellis Island Front Yard

Similar to many Las Vegas strippers, Ellis Island is about to expand its frontage through extensive construction.

The Front Yard will have a full cocktail and wine menu as well as food. If the BBQ served at Ellis Island is any indication, the food will be plentiful and cheap, just the way we like our eats. And boobs. But mostly that first thing.

While there doesn’t seem to have been much obvious progress made on the Front Yard, we assume there’s been some because the venue is supposed to debut in April 2018.

That’s according to one of our favorite casino people in Las Vegas, Christina Ellis, Director of Marketing at Ellis Island. She recently did a Q&A with the Las Vegas Sun, so check that out.

Ellis Island Front Yard

That thing in the middle is a brick wall. Or part of one. Three more and it’ll be a thing!

It’s only because we know Christina (we interviewed her on our podcast) that we can tease her about the fact their contractor is apparently Sloth & Sons Construction, LLC.

We kid!

Ellis Island is one of our favorite hangs on The Strip, an unpretentious good time that’s heavy on gambling, liquor and great values.

Ellis Island Front Yard

The missing “D” in “Island” is clear evidence things are, in fact, happening at the Front Yard.

We’re looking forward to seeing further progress at the Front Yard, and can’t wait to have our first Captain and diet in the new venue at Ellis Island.

Hey, just because they’re known for something doesn’t mean we have to try it. Ellis Island’s also known for karaoke. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

6 thoughts on “Checking In On Ellis Island Casino’s Front Yard

  1. VegasSlushy

    Is this project on schedule? I don’t pay attention to such details, but I thought it was going to be done by now.

  2. Manybar Goatfish

    When we take into account that Scott has never had a beer in his entire life, it’s not surprising that he doesn’t know the difference between a brick wall and a block wall.

  3. Ed

    Stayed here once when all other hotels reasonable priced hotels where sold out. Hotel was like a youth camp. Low life people with lots of beer near the pool. The room was ok though and the food and beer was good and cheap.

  4. Photoncounter

    If you are drinking for effect and are on a budget, $1.50 beer and good food at EI make it the best option near the strip. The low lifes are just noise. Walking there from a strip hotel isn’t the issue, staggering back is – lots of opportunistic ratchets wander around the area so call four wheeled transportation.

    Looking forward to stopping by when it’s all done.

  5. Bouldersteve

    This project along with the newly remodeled rooms make Ellis Island a good alternative to the pricey strip.

  6. C Rosenthal

    Went there last trip to Vegas. Restaurant was reasonably-priced & service was excellent (food was good quality too)! Casino was okay, but fun! Might go back this trip (this week). With so many of the strip locations becoming so pricey, Ellis Island is refreshing! Worth taking an Uber to get there! Hopefully the construction will be done soon! “Place for locals!!!!”


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