Checking In On the Dollar-Suck That Is the Lion’s Share Slot Machine at MGM Grand

If you don’t know about the Lion’s Share slot machine at MGM Grand, you should probably skip this blog post. You don’t want to get sucked into its “Vortex of Allure,” which, we should note, would make a great band name.

The Lion’s Share slot machine has reached near-legendary status over the years. The machine was one of 50 such machines rolled out when the MGM Grand opened in 1993. Now, it’s the last of its kind.

The Lion’s Share is a progressive slot machine, and due to gaming regulations, the MGM Grand can’t remove it from the casino until it pays the big jackpot, currently clocking in at $2,334,838.64, give or take.

Lion's Share slot machine

You will be ours someday, Lion’s Share. Oh, yes, you will be ours.

The Lion’s Share slot machine sits just outside the high limit slot area at MGM Grand, and is rarely vacant.

This blog has personally invested several hundred bucks in trying to snag not only the progressive jackpot, but also Vegas immortality.

Beyond its storied history, the Lion’s Share machine is unique in that the winner will get the jackpot and the slot machine itself.

The Lion’s Share has become a bit of an annoyance for the casino. When it breaks, custom parts have to be fabricated from scratch. Also, there’s no ticket-in/ticket-out, so every time customers cash out, they have to be paid by hand. Every time, no matter the amount.

Of course, the hand-pay thing isn’t too big a deal because this machine is excruciatingly tight!

Still, few who know the story of the Lion’s Share slot can pass by without making a little investment. Good luck with that.

13 thoughts on “Checking In On the Dollar-Suck That Is the Lion’s Share Slot Machine at MGM Grand

  1. AccessVegas

    Ya… I think all of the suckers — fed by podcast/blog reports on the game — that just step foot into the property… make whatever they spend on hand-pays and custom parts a drop in the bucket.

    Jim Murren (probably) thanks you.

  2. Robert

    I have been tracking (and playing) this machine since 2004 when the progressive was ‘only’ at $2,018,701.22 (5/30/04). During my most recent visit (12/29/13) the jackpot amount had reached $2,338,239.17. I’ve probably ‘invested’ about $6,000 of my own money (i.e., not counting winnings played back in) in the past 10 years (approx. 33 visits), and I’ve yet to even hit the secondary jackpot of $10,000.00 Lion’s symbol “in any position”] –though I have two friends that have done so. Nonetheless, I disagree that the machine is “excruciatingly tight” because my overall experience is that it provides about one (1) hour of play for each $100.00 inserted. It does get a lot of play as seen by how quickly the progressive jackpot grows from month to month. From 11/11/13 to 12/29/13, for example, the progressive grew over $7,000.00 ($7,131.00 to be exact): $2,3331,151.75 -to- $2,338,282.91. I’ll be back in Vegas chasing that ever elusive jackpot again next week.

    1. Dunkel

      I was there back in March 2013, and after reading about the lore that is
      Lion’s Share, I told my best friend (Sandeep) that we had to find and
      play the machine, just to give it a whirl. We tracked it down on 3/22
      around 8:45pm and it was open! We each put $20 in and agreed to split whatever we got
      if we finished up. After 5-10min we were down to around $5-10 left, but
      had a couple decent hits and got it up to $110! After a total of an
      hour of playing, we got it down to $80 and decided to cash out,
      effectively doubling our money 🙂 I remember taking a few pictures of it, so I looked them up just now, and the machine’s jackpot was $2,301,022.58 when we were finishing up. I’ll be back there in a couple months, and with a couple extra people, I think if it’s open we’ll all put in $20 in again and see what happens. Maybe it’ll be the perfect 30th birthday present (since that’s when I’ll be there!)

  3. carmen

    i’ll be there end of march trying my luck with a big fat $20. guessing the machine is rigged so i’m probably just funding MGM. but oh well, at least i can say i played it

      1. carmen

        me and my $40 didn’t hit! but i did watch an older woman sit there for 2.5 hours and when her $100 was done, she put in another.. and another… and then another. $400 total went down to 30 credits and i felt my turn was getting closer. then she hit 777 and won $600… kept playing until she got it down to $400 and FINALLY cashed out. luckily for the line of people behind me, my turn lasted all of 30 seconds, i didn’t even hit once. it was fun sitting with all of the people in line though, the couple in front of us let us go ahead of them because after almost 3 hours, we only had 20min before we had to head to the airport – very nice people and it was great meeting all of them.

        $2,358,932.06 on 3/21/14


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