Changes Continue at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, This Time at Chandelier Lounge

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas recently unveiled an expansion of its Bond Lounge, and it appears the snazzy Strip hotel has more surprises in store with fresh construction on the lower level of the Chandelier Lounge.

Cosmo construction


Within just the last couple of days, several construction walls have sprung up.

Chandelier Lounge

We think of them less as construction walls, more as wrapping paper, with surprises inside.

Of course, we’re never content to just look at construction walls, so we made sure to take a peek over the walls at the work being done.

The lower level of Chandelier Lounge appears to be in the throes of a serious dismantling.

Chandelier Bar

Chandelier Lounge has gone to pieces.

It appears some Las Vegas newness is on the horizon!

We’ll keep an eye on the construction, but trust the Cosmopolitan won’t disappoint. Because when a hotel can provide a view like the one below, to us, it can do no wrong.

Cosmopolitan view

This is why we want to kiss Las Vegas on the mouth.

6 thoughts on “Changes Continue at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, This Time at Chandelier Lounge

  1. Lewmoore

    I heard some staff talking about this over the weekend. I believe what they were saying was that it had been closed to “add gaming” and that it would be 24 hours on that level. But, wasn’t it 24 hours before? I don’t get much sleep when at Cosmo…and I don’t recall seeing the main level closed.

    1. Steven Brown

      During the morning hours, they have a bar that’s right at floor level that was open and the “1” level was roped off.

      Not sure if I like the idea of Chandelier getting bartop machines.

      1. Lewmoore

        I agree, I like that Chandelier (and Vesper for that matter) are pure lounges. I spend a great deal of time at Book & Stage so would use the other two as a place to just hang and chat with friends rather than being distracted by the VP. I’d imagine that the drink menu at that level of Chandelier will not be quite as elaborate as the higher ones.

        1. vitalvegas

          Thanks for your thoughts. Always excited to see what Cosmo has in store. They hit a home run with the expanded Bond lounge and table game area.


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