Celebrity Chef Michael Symon On His Way to Palms

There’s been a flurry of activity at Palms in recent weeks, mainly involving restaurants and other venues closing as Red Rock Resorts (Station Casinos) moves into its new digs.

News about what’s in store for Palms is light, but now we’re hearing the resort has inked a deal with celebrity chef Michael Symon for a new restaurant.

Michael Symon

The Greek and Sicilian chef Michael Symon is set to make a splash at Palms soon.

The James Beard-winning chef is a fixture on the Food Network, appearing on “Iron Chef America,” “Food Feuds,” “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and others. Symon is also a regular on the Daytime Emmy Award-winning “The Chew” on ABC.

Beyond his TV fame, Symon has had a string of successes in downtown Cleveland. The one in Ohio. Please try and keep up.

His restaurants include Lola, Lolita, Mabel’s BBQ and The B Spot.

He recently opened Angeline, an Italian restaurant at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

While we haven’t heard which cuisine Symon will focus on at Palms, we’re crossing our fingers his concept will be what’s next for Nove Italiano. Vegas could use some great BBQ, too, so we’d be fine with that.

Symon has described his cooking as “meat-centric.”


The Palms’ new owners, Red Rock Resorts (Station Casinos) are shaking things up!

It’s also possible Michael Symon’s new restaurant could move into the space of the former N9NE Steakhouse.

This rumor hasn’t been confirmed, but if it’s in a news release, it’s too late!

Learn more about Michael Symon on his Web site, and expect an official announcement from the Palms soon.

Update (11/7/17): Our story has been officially confirmed. The new Michael Symon restaurant at Palms will be a barbecue restaurant.

8 thoughts on “Celebrity Chef Michael Symon On His Way to Palms

  1. Manybar Goatfish

    It’d be a little easier to get excited about new Celebrity Restaurants if cutting in front of the line like a Celebrity Blogger was part of the program. That would be an awesome perk to have! Good thing we have Scott to tell us about the dining experience at such places, or we’d have to spend a half a day trying to get a biscuit and a sip of water.

    1. Manybar Goatfish

      LOL. Can you imagine the tongue-lashing you’d face for playing less than perfect strategy at a blackjack table where Judge Judy also happened to be playing? I’d never play blackjack again!

  2. VegasSlushy

    I couldn’t care less about celebrity chefs… if you’re a “celebrity” chef, I’m probably not going to be dining at your restaurant. I can’t afford to feed your ego, or myself at celebrity chef menu prices.

    I’m also not a regular at the Palms. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just not on my radar.

    That said, I’m impressed by the idea that the Palms (Station/Red Rock) isn’t letting the property slide into mediocrity. It’s too nice to be a budget alternative, but I didn’t expect it to be this aggressive in attempting to regain the luster it once had.


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