Cavalcade of Las Vegas Shows Return to the Stage

A sure sign Las Vegas is healing, a number of temporarily closed shows are again hoisting their curtains to the great relief of performers, techs and many others who rely on these productions to pay the bills.

Yes, curtains are hoisted. That’s the technical term for it. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard stage hands shout, “Hoist the curtain, matey!” Look, it’s in a blog, so it has to be true.

For starters, “Absinthe” reopens March 17, 2021 at Caesars Palace. Two other productions from the same production company, “Opium” and “Atomic Saloon,” are still on hold.

Absinthe balancing act

Reopening shows is a balancing act, but we’re ready to awe again.

Live entertainment has been hard hit by capacity limitations. For several months, audience sizes have been limited to 50 people due to the COVID-19 crisis. This made profitability pretty much impossible, so shows decided to go dark.

Another deal breaker for many shows was a 25-foot “moat” required between performers and audience members. Don’t get us started.

Now, capacity limits are increasing, so shows are reopening, especially after March 15 when the next phase of loosening restrictions kicks in.

Several shows have already relaunched. Carrot Top and “Fantasy,” a pair of must-see shows, are already welcoming guests at Luxor.

Carrot Top

You can bet Carrot Top has some pent-up funny.

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at MGM Grand reopened Feb. 15, 2021.

“Thunder From Down Under” at Excalibur reopened Feb. 15 as well.

“Piff the Magic Dragon” and “X Burlesque” are open at Flamingo.


Piff is thrilled to be back. Yes, this is Piff’s thrilled face.

“X Country” and “Tape Face” are tickling their respective fancies at Harrah’s.

As for what’s coming up, let’s go!

“Australian Bee Gees” are back March 15, 2021 at Excalibur. Just trust us and see this one.

Australian Bee Gees

The “Australian Bee Gees” are expert spirit-lifters.

“MJ Live” at The Strat is back March 18, 2021.

David Copperfield returns March 21, 2021 at MGM Grand.

Terry Fator’s limited engagement happens at New York-New York next month as well.

A number of shows in the V Theater are expected to return in early March, including “V, The Ultimate Variety Show,” Nathan Burton Comedy Magic and the beloved Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater (photo below).

Gregory Popovich

Dogs into it. Cats over it. Things are definitely getting back to normal.

Scheduling and capacities are still tricky with these shows, so plan ahead and reserve your tickets in advance.

All are adhering to the mask and social distancing mandates, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Nevada’s COVID-19 case counts have fallen dramatically in recent weeks, and it’s going to be a great summer in Las Vegas.

Live entertainment provides jobs for thousands of people, and it’s great to see the world of Las Vegas entertainment springing back to life.

The world is ready to let loose again, and Las Vegas is just the place to do it.

2 thoughts on “Cavalcade of Las Vegas Shows Return to the Stage

  1. Randy Diamond

    Thank goodness Las Vegas Shows are returning. All of these shows are small business type shows. I use small business as a complement ! They are shows that directly speak to the audience, pay the entertainers and make money for locals. That is what the Las Vegas I know and love is about. Absinthe was too much fun and after this year of lock down BS we need “TOO MUCH FUN”. Can’t wait to see the other shows open. These entertainers are our friends and part of the spirit of Las Vegas. Opening is going way too slow for all the tradespeople that are employed by these shows, conventions and venues. We gave the government a year to work this out .. poorly … now we need to take our Las Vegas back. As the Government tries to tell us .. follow the Science…Ok the Science of Entertainment … OPEN THIS THING UP !

  2. Michael Alexakis

    A 10% positivity rate for the entire state of Nevada may seem great if it was 20% recently, but it’s not all that great if you factor in that Clark County is the most crowded county, it’s likely higher in the greater Las Vegas area… I am all for shows opening up with reasonable precautions, but this notion that “Maskless March” is a thing that might happen is faulty. Casino workers need to get vaccinated, they are frontline, the sooner they get to roll up their sleeves the better for all of us that are missing Las Vegas badly. I plan on planning my trip to Las Vegas after my brother and I both get vaccinated and wait out the few weeks it takes to get full protection. Here in California, a much more densely populated state, our statewide positivity rate is 3%, so Nevada needs to carefully get that number down, it’s an achievement that is possible. Things are looking much better, it’s no time to get crazy and pretend it’s all fine and dandy…


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