Cat’s Meow Karaoke Club Opens at Neonopolis and It Could Be a Thing

There’s something we need to communicate right up front: We are not a karaoke person.

That said, we’re pretty sure the new Cat’s Meow karaoke club at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas is going to make a killing.

Karaoke is a Japanese word meaning “Yeah, you did that in public.”

While Cat’s Meow is new to Las Vegas, it’s anything but new. The original location in New Orleans has been going strong for 30 years.

Cat's Meow

Pick a song and throw caution to the wind. You’re in Vegas. We specialize in caution-throwing.

We popped into Cat’s Meow Las Vegas about three minutes after it opened, and there were already signs this new venue is going to be a winner, despite what has traditionally been a challenging location.

Neonopolis has struggled for years to find the right mix of tenants, but Cat’s Meow seems a perfect fit, both for the shopping complex and Fremont Street.

Cat's Meow Neonopolis

Cat’s Meow sits atop the International Eatery. It’s fairly important you don’t eat here.

Cat’s Meow is expected to overcome one of the challenges of being in Neonopolis (access) with a shiny new escalator.

Management says the escalator has been approved and will be installed in August. It will deliver guests from Fremont Street directly to the venue’s front door. This is sure to be a godsend for another nightlife business on the second floor, The Nerd, as well.

Cat's Meow

Who cares about an escalator? Cat’s Meow, that’s who. It’s a trek without one.

Cat’s Meow comes from the owners of the Deja Vu strip club chain, so they know a little about crowd-pleasing entertainment.

Among the many attributes of Cat’s Meow: Two bars.

Cat's Meow

Cat’s Meow is determined to give your photoreceptors a workout.

A lot of time, money and thought has gone into the interior design of Cat’s Meow, including the restroom, with its unisex washroom area.

Cat's Meow karaoke Las Vegas

Destination restroom right here.

The furniture is plentiful and quirky.

Cat's Meow Las Vegas

Built for cool, not comfort.

Cat’s Meow is massive, and the karaoke club takes up only a portion of the available space.

Rumors abound a second development phase of the space is in the works, and when we asked if it might be a strip club, we didn’t get a “no.” We trust there will be some hurdles if that’s the plan, but downtown hasn’t seen a strip club since Glitter Gulch was demolished to make way for Circa Las Vegas.

Here’s a security breach of the space that’s still in the works.

Cat's Meow

Two words: Topless karaoke. Just saying.

But back to the karaoke!

Even minutes into Cat’s Meow being open, the energy was palpable. This probably has to do with the DJs in the booth and the emcee on the stage.

The emcee keeps the flow of the show going, livening up the performances of even the least talented karaoke participants.

Cat's Meow Las Vegas downtown

There’s a good chance this guy gets Red Bull intravenously.

As with any karaoke venue, you occasionally get singers you suspect must be ringers, but aren’t. They’re just the right kind of singer with the perfect song and liquid courage to spur them on.

From what we can tell, the staff at Cat’s Meow were auditioned for their singing chops, because they frequently jump onstage between songs by guests.

This keeps the overall karaoke quality high, and seeing one’s server onstage belting one out makes the whole experience more fun and interactive.

Cat’s Meow provides a curated song list. This helps the energy level, too, as it prevents unfortunate song choices that can be a buzzkill.

Here’s a look at the Cat’s Meow song menu: Part one and part two.

Note the ingenious $50 “cut the line VIP pass.” Pricey, but we get the feeling Cat’s Meow knows its customers and their priorities. When you’re on vacation, time is valuable, so it’s a relatively small price to pay to expedite one’s moment in the spotlight.

Costumes and music props add another level of silliness to the proceedings and help differentiate Cat’s Meow from the competition. Although, in Las Vegas, there’s not a lot of competition. For karaoke on The Strip, it’s Ellis Island. Downtown, it’s pretty much Cat’s Meow.

We’re not telling you about anywhere else as it might encourage you to sing in public.

karaoke Cat's Meow Las Vegas

Choose your warbling accoutrement.

As you might expect, the libations are plentiful at Cat’s Meow. The pours are a little strict, but we suspect bartenders were following the rules closely during the soft opening.

The official grand opening of Cat’s Meow is July 18, 2019.

Our lone criticism of Cat’s Meow is a service charge tacked into drinks. Nuisance charges are a hot button topic in Las Vegas at the moment, so we weren’t thrilled to see this one.

Cat's Meow karaoke club Vegas

Just a dozen more Captains and diet and we’d have been up on that stage!

To the credit of Cat’s Meow management, we heard back from them immediately about our concerns.

The company says the service charge is, in effect, a bonus for employees. Per Nevada law, service charges must be distributed to employees and can’t be retained by the employer, according to the club rep.

Management also says service charges aren’t subject to Nevada sales tax since they are distributed to employees, thus saving the venue money. Management of Cat’s Meow felt the service charge “would allow employees to share in the success of the business.”

We don’t get it, but we’re also not investing a bajillion dollars in a new business venture. We figure if it’s akin to a 10% auto-gratuity, we’ll adjust our tip accordingly. Management says they’ll be posting signage and training staff to explain the service charge to help avoid confusion.

On the bright side, a specialty cocktail menu is in the works. The Cat’s Meow in New Orleans is famous for its 3-for-1 drink specials, so expect that to be offered during the happy hour at Cat’s Meow Las Vegas.

Overall, Cat’s Meow looks and feels like a concept tailor made for the circus that is Fremont Street.

Cat's Meow Vegas

What happens in Vegas gets streamed live, so fair warning.

The party atmosphere at Cat’s Meow hits all the right notes, giving guests permission to check their inhibitions and unleash their inner Gaga.

Because, as we once said in our incredibly popular Twitter feed, “Las Vegas isn’t just a place to go, it’s a vacation from ourselves.”

Yes, we just quoted us.

If you hit Cat’s Meow karaoke club at Neonopolis, tell us what you think.

Cat's Meow Las Vegas

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13 thoughts on “Cat’s Meow Karaoke Club Opens at Neonopolis and It Could Be a Thing

  1. Vegas Insight

    It ain’t for us…. the last thing we want to do is listen to random singers all night. Like you, we don’t enjoy mediocre singing. But this place looks like it’s going to be a fun joint, if you enjoy the sensation of blood pouring out of your years.

    It’s also nice to see a big investment in Neonopolis. While we couldn’t care less for karaoke, we have long wanted to see a mix of shops and venues that give us something to do downtown, because we can’t gamble 17 hours a day when choosing to stay downtown. An established brand investing in Neonopolis is a major win. And we might even venture in there some afternoon, if the cats are not yet screaming, assuming there is a happy hour special.

    As for the “auto tip” you give, we’d say $3.27 covers three overpriced drinks perfectly.

    So what’s the deal with the “international eatery?”

    1. Vegas Insight

      And by “what’s the deal,” I mean, “what’s wrong with it? I’ve never been tempted to dine at any Neonopolis restaurant, and when downtown, I would go to several other places before I’d consider anything at Neonopolis…I’m set in my ways. If you only get to Vegas once a year, you’ve gotta hit up the longtime favorites.

  2. Troy S

    So, the service charge is basically their tip. But the typical person that goes there will not be paying attention and will tip them as well. Not a bad gig.
    BTW- Tips should not be taxed. They are a gift from the patron. They are not taxable income.
    Finally, glad they are putting an escalator there. That elevator always smells like weed and urine.

  3. Tom

    Management points out that service charges must be paid to employees. By my math, we should a) pay $10 for a drink b) pay 10% of said over-priced drink to management’s employees to help management save on payroll c) don’t forget to generously tip your bartenders and servers d) do all of the above while listening to the most unbearable off-key wailing instead of a real live band.
    Thanks Management. Or should I say “No thanks, I’ll pass.”

    1. Karaoke Steve

      When karaoke is your entertainment of choice, in Vegas, NoLa or anywhere else, your life is devoid of meaning.

  4. EnuffBull

    Karaoke (noun, verb, or descriptive adjective used to insulting heights): originally pronounced “carry off key”

    Listening to your favorite songs destroyed by drunk, amateur, garage-band wannabes.

    Also listening to the most hated songs ever made sung by people with bad taste to pick those songs in the first place.

  5. Miranda

    I do enjoy karaoke. It helps me keep my vocals up between gigs (yes I’m a singer). But I did NOT like this place. First off, I don’t drink so no drunk karaoke from me. Usually if I go into an establishment to do karaoke, I will order food to ensure that I am providing some business rather than just sitting somewhere to do karaoke. This place does not have food. So I spent a little over an hour with a bag of popcorn and some water. there was about 30 minutes of some random girl twerking on stage while some guy was trying to get under her on stage. Basically it was like watching them have sex on stage with their clothes on and that is not something I care to see for 30 minutes. The song selection must have been chosen by someone he clearly does not understand what songs are popular for good for that matter because the song list left much to be desired. Then again, I don’t sing the same songs as everyone else and felt their list kind of left people like me out. The emcee was lively but did more singing than the actual people signed up to do singing (yes she had a list of singers). It was not busy at all.this venue is not for anyone whose musical tastes ventures beyond the top 40. I doubt I will be returning as it was definitely not my cup of tea. Might be good for the tourists though

  6. I love cats meow!!!

    People that leave bad comments are just not “fun” people! I can see them as being one of those miserable people who are always complaining and cannot make the best of situations! Boooring!
    My friends and I had a blast at Cats Meow! Songlist was awesome cause everyone knows the popular songs! Host on stage were awesome as well! Fun to watch and was pleasantly surprise by the talent of some of these customers! Rock on cats meow! Cannot wait to go back!

  7. I love Cats Meow

    Also forgot to mention, I’m so glad you party poopers are not returning because the last thing I want to have around next time I go to party there is unhappy miserable people complaining about everything so please just stay home! Especially hypocrite that says he would never go somewhere to neonopolis, but yet, he went to Cats! Hmmm maybe just a jealous competitor that is jealous of their success!


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