Casino Royale’s White Castle is Really Happy to See You

When the first White Castle in Las Vegas opened at Casino Royale, it caused quite a stir. And by “stir,” of course, we mean “riot.”

Fans of the restaurant’s tasty, square sliders-slash-laxatives lined up for hours and the Casino Royale outpost easily crushed the company’s single-day sales record for an opening day. In just 12 hours.

Since then, buzz about White Castle has died down a bit. We have, however, seen ads for the restaurant in local print publications, and one such ad caught our eye.

White Castle Las Vegas

Wait for it.

Yes, it’s true, this Las Vegas blog tends to see phallic objects where others may not, but seriously?

All we can say is, White Castle, if that’s happening for 24 hours, it might be time to contact a physician.

4 thoughts on “Casino Royale’s White Castle is Really Happy to See You

  1. Misslaydj

    I live in Brooklyn NY and we have a WC and folks feels the same way they do about it in Vegas. I had it in July cause I was staying at the Casino Royale but I try not to have food I can have home in Vegas. It’s my vaca rule. I love it and it thankfully they r not murder burgers to me. Does my tummy just fine haha

      1. Steve

        I guess being from Ohio, where the headquarters is and where there use to be one on every street corner, I don’t see what the amazement is. I remember back just 5-10 years ago, you could get a crave case (24 sliders) for $10 bucks. Oh the days.

  2. boulder steve

    No more White Castle in Los Angeles unless you count those disgusting frozen burgers in the market. Glad the I will be able to get some fresh burgers next week when i am in town.


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