Casino Marketing Crash Course: Why Do So Many Casinos Have Go-Go Dealers?

We get asked all the time why casinos have go-go dealers. Here’s a little crash course in casino marketing.

Any questions?

Any questions?

If you’d like to do a little marketing research of your own, we highly suggest The D Las Vegas, downtown.

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  • Also because a pretty girl with big bazooms tends to help people not notice that the rules and side bets are even more atrocious than usual.

    • Andy Bruinewoud

      On roulette? Other than single- or double-zero, the rules are pretty standard.

      • That’s pretty much the one exception. The other one could be a single zero wheel and the party pit wheel would still be more crowded.

  • IndyJeffrey


    • vitalvegas

      Thank you!

  • Jonathan M Bell

    In my entirely unscientific study of casinos, table gaming density has a lot more to do with limits than what the dealers are wearing. Of course, no one puts comely young men in speedos at the tables, so what do I know?