Downtown’s Carson Kitchen Closes Temporarily During Expansion

A popular downtown restaurant, Carson Kitchen, has closed during an expansion into a neighboring space.

Carson Kitchen closed

Fun fact: Carson Kitchen, surprisingly, isn’t on Carson Ave. It’s on 6th Street, but it’s in the former John E. Carson Hotel. Yes, we define “fun” very broadly.

The restaurant opened in June 2014. The place was an instant hit and continues to draw foodies with its sophisticated but accessible fare.

Carson Kitchen is expanding into the space formerly occupied by Black Spade Tattoo.

Here’s a look at the guts of Carson Kitchen as construction kicks into full gear.

Carson Kitchen expansion

They should keep the bucket and tell people it’s art.

The expansion will feature a bar, a decision this blog is fully behind. Especially if Carson Kitchen starts carrying Captain Morgan spiced rum. Ahem.

Carson Kitchen will re-open on Oct. 9, 2017. We would call this an “exclusive” were it not for the fact there’s a big-ass sign on the restaurant that says so.

Carson Kitchen closed

We are clearly the best investigative journalist, ever.

Carson Kitchen was the brainchild of celebrity chef Kerry Simon. Simon passed away in Sep. 2015 of multiple-system atrophy.

Simon was known as the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Chef,” and his passion for cooking lives on at Carson Kitchen.

One thought on “Downtown’s Carson Kitchen Closes Temporarily During Expansion

  1. Tommy Ursano

    This is the very best restaurant that I have ever been to in Las Vegas. Love this place! Space is definitely a limiting factor when you go here so the expansion is much needed.


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