Cannabition Weed Museum Closes at Neonopolis

Cannabition, promoted as a “cannabis immersive experience, history and art museum,” has closed suddenly at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas.

The Cannabition weed museum was billed as home of the world’s largest bong, “Bongzilla.” All 24 feet of her.

The exterior of Cannabition was adorned by massive murals, which will now feel completely random and awkward.

weed museum mural

The cannabis museum opened Sep. 20, 2018. In other words, the paint was barely dry.

While Cannabition has acknowledged the attraction is closed, they haven’t officially announced what’s next.

That’s our thing, thank you very much.

We hear Cannabition will relocate to Planet 13, a massive “cannabis superstore and entertainment complex, also in Las Vegas.

The closure of the cannabis museum was no doubt a blow to Neonopolis. The shopping complex has seen some signs of life in recent months with the opening of Cat’s Meow karaoke lounge and Don’t Tell Mama piano bar (after a move from Fremont East).

A new restaurant, Taste of Africa, is presumably in the works.

Longtime Neonopolis tenants include Nerd Bar, Toy Shack, Axehole, Denny’s, Heart Attack Grill and Banger Brewing and Fremont Arcade.

We never saw many people in or around Cannabition, and rumor has it the venue was more of a placeholder pinned on the hopes of marijuana lounges being legalized in Las Vegas. While Cannabition featured marijuana, none could be consumed on the premises.

White Castle Harold Kumar mural

Gone, too, is one of the best photo ops, ever.

For the record, we tried to make it through this entire blog post without a weed pun.

Sorry, we couldn’t do it.

We’ll take the hit.

Update (9/6/19): Our scoop has been confirmed. The Cannabition Cannabis Museum will be part of Planet 13. Read more.

11 thoughts on “Cannabition Weed Museum Closes at Neonopolis

  1. Shaun

    My wife and I actually went through back in May. We were probably the two “squarest” people ever to go through having never smoked pot or had edibles (and we live in Canada where this stuff is legal). We actually found it educational and as far as museum quality goes it was really good. But definitely geared towards stoners and absolutely it was supposed to be a place to consume when it became legal.

    Our tour was scheduled during a time when we figured it would have been busy but it was not, so this comes as no surprise – I’m guessing the rent is pretty high there. If the murals get to stay then at least my wife and I will know the symbolism of them, since that was part of the tour.

  2. LA WB

    I’m wondering how marijuana sales will do in the next four or five years. I’m all for legalization of marijuana, not a user myself but if people want to use, let them. What used to be a counter culture act, smoking weed, is now commercial. At this point after legalization, people are flocking to it, but with it being legal, will it lose its allure? Plus, look at how government is using it. There are ridiculously high taxes on it, and as with everything else, politicians are looking at those taxes to fund various programs that sound good but never seem to get the money (current school funding fiasco). People are resorting to street corner dealers again for their product due to prices.

  3. Boulder Steve

    When I visited 6 months ago I knew it was on borrowed time. It was on a Saturday but very few people and not worth the admission price although the big bong was cool. Would have been better if you could have taken a hit


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