Cafe Bellagio Closes to Make Way for Sadelle’s

Cafe Bellagio has closed after 20 years at Bellagio Las Vegas.

The beloved restaurant closed at 9:00 p.m. on Aug. 19, 2018, and will be replaced by Sadelle’s, a restaurant and bakery touted as “a New York brunch institution located in the heart of SoHo.” That’s in New York City. You really need to get out more.

Cafe Bellagio

If you thought we wouldn’t go to Bellagio to take two photos because we have a life, you would be wrong.

Cafe Bellagio has been around since Bellagio opened in Oct. 1998.

Staffers at the restaurant say they’ve been overwhelmed with an outpouring of appreciation from longtime customers. Some, they say, have cried and written letters to MGM Resorts brass to ask that the restaurant be spared, but to no avail.

Business has slowed at Cafe Bellagio in recent years. We know this because, in Las Vegas, successful restaurants don’t close. It’s not rocket science.

A good number of Cafe Bellagio employees will take positions at another Bellagio restaurant, Harvest by Roy Ellamar. Harvest recently started serving breakfast and will do so until Sadelle’s opens in Dec. 2018.

Other displaced Cafe Bellagio employees will have to apply for positions at Sadelle’s.

Sadelle’s comes from Major Food Group, the folks behind Carbone restaurant at Aria.

Cafe Bellagio

So long, old girl. Yes, “girl.” Because referring to a restaurant as an “old guy” is awkward.

Of Sadelle’s, the Bellagio Web site says, “Serving the best bagels in New York City, Sadelle’s offers quintessential classics like sliced-to-order salmon and sturgeon, chopped salads, and other New York classics in an updated, fun-yet-refined fashion.”

The site also states, “Sadelle’s was voted 23 Best Restaurants for Brunch in New York City by Harper’s Bazaar, 2017 Best Brunch Spots in NYC by Cosmopolitan, and our sticky buns were named as one of the Best Dishes in 2015 by The New York Times, among other accolades.”

While Cafe Bellagio was popular for many years, some Vegas regulars report the appeal and quality of the restaurant declined recently, so something new was in order.

It’s bittersweet to see a treasured Vegas classic go away, but given the venue’s view of the Bellagio Conservatory, we’re confident Sadelle’s will beget legions of loyal new fans.

Bellagio Conservatory

We may have taken a third photo. It happens.

That’s right, we said “beget.” It’s Bellagio, so one has to up one’s fancy game.

11 thoughts on “Cafe Bellagio Closes to Make Way for Sadelle’s

  1. JCVegas

    What? Is it possible? A new on-site food venue that doesn’t offer ramen, Pho, poke or dumplings on it’s menu? Kudos to management for such a brave, bold and downright risky decision.

  2. Andrea

    “While Cafe Bellagio was popular for many years, some Vegas regulars report the appeal and quality of the restaurant declined recently, so something new was in order.”

    I would say replace the word ” some” with “most of ” . Eating in any Strip restautant has become a despicable experience. Increased,absurd prices and down the toilet quality. Sometimes it even feels like you’re eating at a different restaurant even if you’re sitting at your usual favorite. Don’t even get me started about serivce..

  3. Candy F Wright

    We’d loved BC since it opened. Breakfast stayed pretty dependable, but dinner had steadily declined in offerings and quality. Always wondered why popular items were deleted from the menu from time to time, e.g. the Tandori sandwich; breakfast frittata; even pico de gallo which I would mix with the seemingly useless avocado slice. One of the servers taught me this…made good guacamole. We could usually ask for an MIA item and staff accommodated us…somehow. But not the Pico. Only one real complaint in all these years: they never figured out how to serve toast hot. We learned to request English muffins instead, always hot, we guessed because few others ordered them and they didn’t come from a big pan of toast made 30 minutes ago. When they ditched Keno, that was a clue that the Cafe was doomed. We never thought service suffered one bit. But then, we’d always ask for our favorite servers. Like a family reunion every time.

  4. The Vegas Tourist

    More renting of the space, less ownership by MGM, like Valet and almost every other service there, its easier being a landlord than it is to be creative and attentive to what your customers want.

  5. Michael Chakeres

    Why do I feel like crying? Seems like it’s par for the course these days as all of the things I love are biting the dust.
    Oh well, such is life. Everything must change. I guess. But the great philosophical question is whether it’s changing for the best?
    I LOVED the Cafe Bellagio! It was my thing. I’d stagger in late in the morning in Zombie mode after playing the slots all night. The hostess (TINA) would greet me with a hug and seat myself and my family at our usual round table overlooking the Atrium. Douée Egbert coffee, crab cakes Benedict, or lobster omelette would make the pain of having been tortured by the slot Gods the previous night fade quickly. After a few cups of the world’s best Java, I would slowly rejoin the human race. With my batteries recharged I was ready one more day to find that elusive Royal Flush at the end of the rainbow. God. I loved the experience. And I
    am truly going to miss it. Adieu Café Bellagio. Je t’aime.

    1. William Wingo

      I can sympathize. Almost everything I loved about the old Las Vegas has already bitten the dust, and I suspect the rest haven’t got long: sacrifices to the all-encompassing “Bottom Line.”

  6. Silky Slim

    Hadn’t been there in 3 years. Moved to Vegas in 2005…and it was my go-to place for a late-night bite and people watching after the club.Not much of a “club kid” these days.But I always ordered the turkey burger with onion rings. Lost maybe 12lbs. as a result of no longer having the place as a habitual landing spot.


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