Cafe Americano at Paris Sticks It to Guests With “RRF” Fee

We’ve long reported about the various WTF fees in Las Vegas restaurants and other venues.

The tradition of nickel-and-diming continues with a dubious fee at Cafe Americano restaurant at Paris Las Vegas.

Cafe Americano fee

On the bright side, “Dubious Fees” would make a great band name.

This time, it’s an “RRF” charge.

No explanation. Just shut up and pay it, already.

Here’s this crappy new charge in action.

RRF charge

Same suck, different name.

Although the restaurant doesn’t explain it on the bill, on its menu or Web site, “RRF” stands for “Restaurant Regulation Fee.”

The purpose is to presumably offset losses related to the pandemic.

Our take: It’s a shameless money grab and it sucks.

It’s worth noting such fees are voluntary. Guests can and should ask for the charge to be removed. Better yet, they should take their business elsewhere.

The fact is most tourists fail to even notice the charge, or aren’t willing to take time out of their vacation to protest the charge.

Restaurants rely on people not noticing, which is part of what makes the practice so shady.

For some reason, we thought Las Vegas businesses might lay off the idiotic charges for a bit following the challenges posed by the pandemic. Instead, it seems some establishments are using COVID-19 as cover for gouging.

The perception of Las Vegas as a value destination was fading even prior to the pandemic, and we railed often about how short-sighted business decisions were going to hurt Las Vegas in the long run.

We even created a fake ad on behalf of Las Vegas, a wishlist of things Vegas needs to do in order to lure customers back.

make Vegas a value

Still waiting.

Let’s just say not everyone has signed on.

Instead, we get new ways to screwing their customers, as if $28 Double Cheese Bacon Burgers weren’t generating enough profit already.

The only way such irksome charges go away is if we fight the good fight. Speak to a manager. Tell them you aren’t paying it. Let management know you’re going to post this fee in social media so others know to avoid the place.

It goes without saying customers shouldn’t punish their sever for these annoying fees. They don’t make the rules, so tip generously, as always.

Thanks to @LVVinny for giving us the heads up about this crappy new charge at Cafe Americano at Paris.

Yes, restaurants and other businesses have had a rough go of it for the past year. We all want to help. This isn’t the way. Restaurants need to dump nuisance charges once and for all, or Las Vegas will continue to lose visitors as it has for the last several years, exacerbated by increased  competition across the country.

Cafe Americano isn’t the only restaurant at Paris with questionable fees. Read more about the CNF charge at Hexx and Beer Park.

We’ll keep beating this drum until they listen. In the meantime, caveat emptor. Better yet, try another Latin phrase: “Te futueo et caballum tuum, Cafe Americano.” Seriously.

29 thoughts on “Cafe Americano at Paris Sticks It to Guests With “RRF” Fee

  1. MrBuzzkill

    The fee is listed right after the taxes. That implies it is a government charge. This was obviously the desired effect, but it raises another issue.

    The City and State both tax added fees like resort fees in Las Vegas at 8.265 percent. The correct tax including the fee would be $7.13 not $6.95 as shown on the receipt. So, Americano is either not paying the city and state their due charges, or they are not informing the customer of the correct taxes.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Nice. I wanted to drop in a joke along those lines, but couldn’t think of the equivalent in France, although in Paris everyone seemed to have their hand out.

  2. Mike Alexakis

    Caesar’s has lost it’s way, they gouge you on the food price then gouge you with bogus fees. On the casino floor they cheap out on the cocktails, keep your eyes open when you check out of the hotel. This place charges $8 for toast, I doubt they feel guilty fleecing visitors. Imagine the meetings they had on pricing, they probably high five each other and do the jig. Thanks to the people who posted this, l will plan my meals in Las Vegas carefully to avoid getting bent over…

  3. Boulder Steve

    Unless you have a high tier status and get comps your a fool to stay or gamble at a Caesar’s property

    1. JP

      Caesar’s is a ripoff all around. I was Diamond Plus with them last year, I was getting free rooms and since I was Diamond did not pay resort fees, however I received nothing in the way of free play or resort credits. I moved to MGM properties this year because of all the Caesar’s nickel and diming. I am Gold status after my March trip (and my MLife Credit card usage) and have offers for free stays with no resort fees along with up to $450 in free play and up to $450 in resort credits depending on the location I stay at. The move was a no brainer decision.

  4. project design

    All steak houses are not created equal (tiny bit off subject), both at the Cut (Venetian) and Bizarre (Sahara), both excellent places for meat…the servers hover over you and “slip expensive versions” of what you like (usually a potato dish)….especially at moments Scott would drink to (like after 10 drinks)…..I like my drinks…..they like my drinks, and yes, I should have said something (always very unpleasant)……paid @ both places……and skipped the tip @ Bizarre ($375.00 for 2 ,meat is divine, but very salty)…..RRF fee<~~~not servers fault, pardon for bloviating…..very few steak houses on Fremont (I found none,GN/Binions/Andiamo's<~~~meh)….it was a hobby for 6 months in 2018, Ruth Chris(Harrahs) Del Monico's (Venetian) Old Homestead (Caesars) Golden Steer are all crap (for the money, WAY over-rated)……….all of them are over priced….The Steak House (Circus Circus), very worth it, afore mentioned ones good (but predatory) STK(Cosmo) = excellent (but loud music)!

    1. Jackson

      Yikes. That’s quite a spectacular example of the stream of consciousness writing style.

      Not sure it’s an effective way to communicate on a blog, however.

  5. William Wingo

    I saw the same receipt on a YouTube blog earlier today. A quick calculation reveals that the RRF is 4.0% of the bill not including taxes; 3.7% of the total including taxes.
    Someone on the other blog remarked that anyone paying $28 for the double-cheese-bacon-burger deserves to be hit with additional fees. But perhaps the cattle providing the beef and cheese, and the hogs providing the bacon, are raised in idyllic surroundings like Kobe Beef, with a live orchestra playing Beethoven and Mozart in the background. If not, let’s at least hope the burger comes with a coupon good for a discount on an angioplasty.
    So as we might expect, Paris Las Vegas socks it to the American tourist just like the real Paris. Think of all the travel expenses you’re saving.
    Once, years ago, I walked through Paris Las Vegas and came out with every cent I went in with. Once was enolugh. IIRC, they were advertising on their marquee: “Single Deck Blackjack with a Whopping [sic] Six-to-Five Payout.” They did have some nice-looking French pastries in the Boulangerie, but the prices were out of the question.
    But it’s good to know that the French will always be there when they need us.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Yeah, Jacob’s video was great following seeing the receipt on my Twitter feed. He does a great job and got that up really quick.

  6. Ferry van Beek

    I feel it’s time for us as customers to deduct the PIIL fee which is 10% of the total amount. PIIL stands for Pandemic Influenced Income Loss. Maybe that’ll teach them!

  7. Pamela Thomsen

    Hello scott and team,
    Again , thank you for all the updates .
    I stayed at Paris in April and did purchase at Cafe. I wondered what that charge wasRRF on my receipt.
    That really is a low blow to patrons choosing to stand in that long line for a very long time. Horrible service, but like many i was hungry and also stood in that stupid line. so . once I got back to my room with the purchase I saw that (RRF) and wondered until I opened your message.
    Now, my question is is there a list that has businesses that charge this amount?
    Or Should one just out and out ask if they charge RRF?
    My guess is that not even half the employees would know what the question is.
    They just work there. clueless that that charge goes directly to the company and not the workers.

  8. BST

    I guess as long as there are people willing to go along and pay these type of fees or not even pay attention to what they are paying Vegas is always going to charge them.
    The funny thing to me is you’d think after the pandemic they’d want to keep every customer/tourist they can coming and stop the nickel and diming .At least for the rest of 2021 .

    and yes keep beating the drum !

  9. Pamela Thomsen

    yes I agree people are not paying attention. I rarely go into a venue such as Cafe, I had traveled all day , just registered and was headed to my room. I will however in the future keep a close eye on the bill before paying. And that said , means it could reflect in the tip if a server is involved. I usually tip between 30-40%.
    This has opened my eyes to the fact that the higher ups are regulating this FEE which also raises the end amount of your dining so there fore we are paying even higher amounts of tips. Unless we are better educated, which I really love all the insight I get from fital Las vegas. Thanks for your words and we will keep on trying to recover our most favorite entertainment city in the US.

  10. Pamela Thomsen

    Hello Vital Vegas team,

    So good to hear from so many viewers.
    I think we all share the common interest to get
    our Wonderful city back to its great venues…
    food, Entertainment, Ambience that we all love this city for so many reasons.
    It has been a give and a get relationship with
    all that come to vaca, work, trade shows and a myriad
    of other plans for this destination. Thanks again to you all

  11. Andrew

    A dear friend of mine just returned from a short Vegas vacation. He said clientele is getto all the way,with smell of pot polluting the air even when you’re driving on the Strip. This, steep prices,fees and crime surge will make me steet clear from the city for a long time. It breaks my hearth because my son is 5 years old and he still has to meet his little cousins who were born in Vegas the same year he was born. There is no way I’m going to expose my family to that kind of crap.

    1. Michael Alexakis

      I certainly understand you may not like “pot smoke”, I can’t stand tobacco smoke myself, and technically pot smoking is not currently legal in public areas, but pot is legally sold now in Nevada, it’s a huge tax revenue cash cow in a state that has no income tax, pot tourism is a big thing, the Planet 13 dispensary is a place of shock and awe to thousands of visitors, and they are currently calling out offering jobs with benefits. Pot is here to stay, its been monetized by the government. Nevada allows people to openly in public drink alcohol, which leads to violence and death in extreme instances, unfortunately, pot smoking inevitably leads people to go buy meals at price gouging places like this Cafe that charges $8 for toast. I am sorry to hear you don’t want to come to Las Vegas Andrew, I enjoy reading your posts, and I respect your decisions and views. I have always been a little bothered myself with the drinking on the streets, I feel it can end up dangerous when peoples tempers get out of control,, but I still long to visit Las Vegas everyday I am walking on this planet. If the Las Vegas Metro Police spend too many resources trying to chase pot smokers around, the current problems with criminals and gangs will get worse in my opinion, its always a choice law enforcement has to make since resources are stretched thin…

          1. Andrew

            Never tried those,I would be curious. But rolling a joint with my old buddy of my teen years (he has 3 kids now),man..priceless. I’m sure you agree. Good luck for your lungs !

    2. BST

      Yes and walking is even worse , the smell just permeates the air .
      Michael says technically its not legal in public areas , but you’d never know it .
      There also seemed to be a lot of trash such as bottles etc around the sidewalks now and I never used to see that , its sad.

  12. Pamela Thomsen

    Hello Michael,
    I pretty much agree with you. I do however do not believe Las vegas is a place to bring any children under the age of 21. This is a city filled will so many choices that any one without life experience with these types of elements is not mentally equipped to deal with the “environment” of the future. Which is many different aspects of navigating in this town and staying safe. So just add alcohol with stupid and we have a problem in our wonderful exciting city to be appreciated by those who care about quality not quantity of all Las Vegas offers to its visitors. I have been traveling to vegas for 20 years, I absolutely love this city. Also, I am a solo traveler and know how to get the most out of Vegas in each day I stay. Lets keep on fighting for our city to get back to its beautifully filled exciting attractions.
    Have a great day, Pamela

    1. Michael Alexakis

      My two boys loved us taking them to Las Vegas Pamela, when they were around 12ish, we always stayed at Mandalay Bay, they swan in the spectacular pools by day, then we would do dinner then Cirque shows they loved, we saw every single one they offered, then my wife would take them to the room at night and let me gamble and cavort around. My favorite days were the days my wife got to herself, I took the boys to Red Rock Resort, they watched a movie, when the movie was done they called me from my poker room spot, I would give them each a twenty dollar bill to play at the arcade which gave me another hour, we then had lunch together then bowled a few games. Absolutely priceless memories. But now it does seem a little different, at least at night, certainly edgier. Now they are grown up and enjoy Las Vegas, but nothing like their father the freakshow who thinks about Las Vegas every waking moment…

  13. Pamela Thomsen

    Hello Michael,
    I am so happy that you commented on my thoughts about children in Vegas. You and your wife are an exception to what I have been hearing, seeing and just plain abuse to all in the group. Mother father going at it. Mother raging mad at either the man or her children and all this is done so loud and filthy language.
    What ever happened to not laundering your problems in public. The trip I took in April was my first in over 13 months. I had just gotten to Vegas March 15th 2020. I was unaware of the virus. Id been traveling all day and found out about it from 2 men from the uk at the bar. 4 of their blooks got held up in quarentine in UK> I asked for what and they said this virus. So I went to my room and watched news for 2 hours, called for a return trip and headed home within leaving not 30 hours before. I go 5-6 times a year. Have built a community of friends and they kept in touch with me to let me know all the stuff happening. I could not have imagined what I saw, heard and smelled. The crowds were no less then thugs. I kept to myself and more time in my room then any other trip in the last 20 years. so all this said: you and your family are to be praised for keeping the great ties between parents and children. I am happy to have heard from you. Hope is in the air. Thank you. Pamela


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