Caesars Palace Security Breaches Reveal Hell’s Kitchen Progress, Fountain Mystery

Up for a couple of security breaches at Caesars Palace? We’ve got this.

The transformation of the former Serendipity 3 into Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is well under way at Caesars Palace.

Hell's Kitchen restaurant

At the moment, it’s less Hell’s Kitchen and more “Who in the hell is going to clean this up?”

Caesars Entertainment is clearly sparing no expense on the new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, as demolition work has stripped the building down to its steel beams.

Hell's Kitchen restaurant

We didn’t even have time to say “Dibs on the Tiffany lamp!”

The extensive demolition provides the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant designers, Jeffrey Beers International, a virtual “tabula rasa” where they can re-invent the venue unencumbered by the restraints of the previous space. Yes, we’re drunk.

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen is expected to open by Dec. 1, 2017, and will be the celebrity chef’s fifth restaurant in Las Vegas.

Hell's Kitchen restaurant

Work your magic, Las Vegas construction elves.

While we’re excited to see further progress at Hell’s Kitchen, we were even more excited to get a peek behind the construction wall around the iconic Caesars Palace fountains nearby.

A peek over the wall shows an outcropping of pillar-shaped additions to the fountains, and we honestly have no idea what they are.

Caesars Palace fountains

Not gonna lie, we’re hyperventilating right now.

It appears the famous statue in the fountains is still standing, but the Winged Victory of Samothrace replica is now in the company of more than a dozen mysterious metal poles jutting up from the bone-dry fountain.

Caesars Palace fountains

We love a good mystery, but we’d like having this mystery solved even more.

The metallic protrusions, wrapped in packing material, rest upon a framework that sits at what will be water level when (or perhaps if) the fountains are filled again.

Is it temporary? Is it permanent? Is it related to Hell’s Kitchen restaurant? Are we looking at the next iteration of the Caesars Palace fountain experience, one of the best Las Vegas photo ops, ever? Will there be lights? Lasers? Fire? Are these questions getting annoying yet?

Caesars Palace fountains

Oh, like we weren’t going to dig up a “before” photo. Do you know this blog at all?

Remember, you saw it here first, whatever the hell it might actually be. We’d love to hear your guesses!

Update (9/11/17): Our friends at Eater Vegas say it’s a “temporary Samsung Galaxy Studio” being built over the fountain, where customers will be able to pick up orders and try the company’s products. When the “exhibit” closes, the fountains will return to their original state, and we’ll all need a Silkwood shower because, seriously, is nothing sacred?

10 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Security Breaches Reveal Hell’s Kitchen Progress, Fountain Mystery

  1. Funkhouser

    I think the fountain changes are pretty self explanatory (In a general sense). These are definitely going to be part of some type of fire feature added to promote HK from strip view. The flames are part of his new ‘brand’ see all the photo ops taking place over at PHo GR Burger ‘Wall of Flames”. Not to mention all the PR photos for HK include the Gordo posing in front of some flaming HK logo. Expect CP to rev up the PR machine to create a striptastic flaming GR tie in for the CP fountains that will make people want to break out the selfie sticks and then go to Hell.

  2. Luis the Misanthrope

    I’m going to guess the next version of Hell’s Kitchen is going to be Roman themed and the pillars are torches of fire for the TV show, so probably not permanent.

  3. Marco Pollo

    A little birdie told me they’re building a virtual reality ride that recreates the experience of Evel Knievel jumping over the fountains.

  4. Photoncounter

    Maybe a mini Walgreen’s or CVS for the Tums you’ll need after a visit to Hell’s Kitchen? Surely there aren’t enough on the Strip for the Sheeple!

  5. JFM3

    I wonder if they are adding a third story or something on top of the current structure. I count four posts both on the metalwork being staged in the fountains and of the existing structure. This appears to be able to “fit” on top (maybe replace, but I think on top). I look forward to seeing how this turns out. Dec 1 is coming up fast, expect quick progress and an answer to this mystery soon.

  6. Manybar Goatfish

    Looks like the structural framework for a barn, which makes perfect sense when you think about the numbers of “silly cows” and “f#cking donkeys” that will be kicked to the curb every time Gordon Ramsay makes an appearance in the kitchen. Seriously, you can’t have livestock running loose on The Strip. Now, Piss Off!


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