Caesars Palace Development to Include New Hotel Tower

For months, Caesars Entertainment officials have said the company will develop seven acres in front of Caesars Palace, now we’ve got the scoop on what that development will be.

According to our source, the space in front of Caesars Palace won’t be what may have suspected, retail. The upcoming project is a much bigger move.

We’re hearing Caesars Palace is set to build a new hotel tower.

The new hotel tower is currently waiting for board approval, but we anticipate that approval, and an official announcement of the project, will come soon.

Caesars Palace fountains

Caesars Palace currently has 3,976 rooms. Yes, we counted.

It seems the new Caesars Palace hotel tower will sit in the space where the “Absinthe” tent is located, but it’s unknown what that means for the popular show.

Absinthe tent Caesars Palace

This is the area where the new tower will go. The “Absinthe” tent is much fancier now.

While the success of “Absinthe” has generated substantial revenue for Caesars, it would pale in comparison to the potential profit which would come from increased room inventory and convention space.

Absinthe tent

There’s no timeline for when the new tower is being built, but it’s a good idea to see “Absinthe” while you still can.

The new Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, formerly Serendipity 3, will sit at the foot of the new tower. Hell’s Kitchen is expected to open in December 2017.

Caesars Entertainment has played its development plans close to the vest, saying the land is ideal for “additional convention space to retail.” A new hotel tower could feature both.

While the cost of the hotel tower project isn’t known, the resort’s 26-story, 949-room Augustus tower cost $289 million.

Caesars Entertainment is flush with cash at the moment, about $2 billion, having recently emerged from bankruptcy, because ‘Merica.

The arrival of another hotel tower in front of Caesars Palace would change the profile of the resort dramatically. And we thought it was a big deal that a retail store was constructed on the casino’s fountains.

Caesars Palace fountains

Not all changes in Las Vegas are happy changes, but many are.

Ultimately, Caesars Entertainment is looking to bolster its bottom line by making the most of under-utilized space.

We love shiny new things in Las Vegas, so we’re already on board and can’t wait to see what’s in store for this iconic Las Vegas resort.

28 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Development to Include New Hotel Tower

  1. Jonny Danger

    Doesn’t matter. CET already fucked up the entire property by building those gaudy forum shops while encroaching every sq inch to sidewalks.

    1. Steven Brown

      The Forum Shops practically print money for Simon Property Group and is extremely profitable for them. It’s consistently among the most profitable malls in not only the US but in the world.

      1. Jonesy55

        Yes I have heard the same that per sq foot the Forum Shops are their most profitable in the world. Quite frankly, I don’t see it. I’ve been through many times Day and evening and there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of traffic.

        1. razmaspaz

          Profitable for Simon and profitable for Coach are 2 completely different metrics. I would imagine that for most of the retailers a presence at Forum Shops is a loss, but for the landlord, its a cash cow.

        2. wysiwyg100

          I’ve wondered the same about the Shops at Crystals in Aria, also owned by Simon. Every time I’ve been there it was just a handful of low-rent tourists (like me) wandering around. They must make their money from weekend visitors.

    1. mike__ch

      The past couple Caesars buildings were placed where they are because of killer views of the fountains. The problem now is that the property will be severely lopsided if this rumor is real.

  2. Jon Martin

    Why build there and not a little further north when the land north of the fountains is basically wasted? Can someone explain to me why some of the most valuable real estate on earth (the strip frontage across the road from Linq and Flamingo) is used as two small and quite ugly parking lots?

  3. mike__ch

    The only way I could see them doing that is if they built a circular building. It would allow the rooms to have a lot square feet while also “cheating” somewhat by being larger by the window than they are by the hall.

    That said, wouldn’t look forward to this because Caesars has been plopping buildings almost randomly around it’s property since it was sold to Harrah’s. They should build on the other side of the fountains in front of the Coliseum, or else abort the current Ramsay restaurant and reconsider that footprint without trying to work an existing building into it.

    1. JasonGhiselin

      Not to mention it’s kind of a crap move to open a “celebrity” restaurant then start a massive construction project pretty much on top of it.

  4. Photoncounter

    With Resorts World supposedly starting up, the Fountainbleau getting bought, the Raiders Stadium ground breaking, Wynn building his lake – so, there will be just about as much construction in Las Vegas since, well, 2008! Good times ahead! What could possibly go wrong?



    Crazy. CP is already such an overbuilt maze, adding another tower seems to just be adding to the confusion of the property.

    I think if it were my money I would renovate/simplify the casino floor and walkways (in stages, of course, can’t shut the moneymaker down all at once) to something like the Cosmo model. Everything just makes sense in that place and you always know where you are and how to get around. It’s a much smaller footprint of course but you get the gist.

  6. ZzjitterzZ

    While I realize it would be a nightmare while it was going on, I wish Caesars would tear down the Julius, Forum, and NOBU towers and build a fourth tower to mirror the Palace, Augustus, and Octavius, along with a new casino extending closer to the Blvd. Caesars is such a hodgepodge right now it needs radical surgery to fix it.

  7. Mike L

    I’m curious as to which suckers would agree to lend Caesar’s the money to do this after their recent “reorganization” that screwed so many of their creditors.

  8. Annster

    Hmm. How about finishing up renovations / upgrades on ALL rooms at Flamingo, Harrah’s, Ballys and Rio? Yes, a tower here and there gets spiffed but then there always seems to be another huge category that everyone complains is dumpy.


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