Caesars Entertainment’s Post-Merger Executive Shuffle is Eye-Opening

We got our hands on another internal Caesars Entertainment document and the information is revealing.

The document is a message from Anthony Carano, President and Chief Operating Officer of the new Caesars Entertainment. Caesars Entertainment just merged with Eldorado Resorts, and the company has wasted no time in shaking up its management ranks.

The document shows the company’s new Senior V.P. and General Manager organizational structure, and it contains some sweeping changes. Effective immediately.

Caesars merger

There will be a quiz.

Here’s page two of this illuminating document.

Caesars reorg

We were kidding. Quizzes are so 2004.

The first observation is: Holy crap, the new Caesars Entertainment has some serious work to do on gender diversity.

Our quick tally shows 35 top executives who are male and just five who are female.

That’s a massive gap, especially because the old Caesars Entertainment has constantly touted its track record for diversity and inclusion.

Caesars Entertainment logo

Vital Vegas: Photoshopping what everyone else is thinking since 2013.

Another item of note: Note the grouping of Planet Hollywood with Rio Las Vegas. The Rio was recently sold and will be managed by Caesars Entertainment, and this move indicates that could also be the plan for Planet Hollywood.

There’s been a lot of chatter about the potential sale of Planet Hollywood, but tribal in nature (the Seminoles have kicked the tires, reportedly), but also involving a company that would be new to Las Vegas, Twin River Worldwide Holdings.

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood hasn’t reopened yet. Let’s just say demand has some things in common with our love life. Soft.

Lastly, these executives can consider themselves lucky, as there are several waves of layoffs in the works, and that was the plan prior to COVID-19. The layoffs have been called “synergies” by the top exec at Eldorado Resorts, and the goal is to save $500 million in these merger efficiencies.

This list confirms Caesars Entertainment has a deep pool of experienced gaming executives with massive institutional knowledge.

The combined talents of Eldorado and Caesars will give the new company its best chance of success during a challenging and unprecedented time.

33 thoughts on “Caesars Entertainment’s Post-Merger Executive Shuffle is Eye-Opening

  1. Linda

    Aaaggghh. I can’t keep up with all of this ??. I live in Windsor ON and our Caesar’s has been shut down since March 13. And currently there is no reopening plans.

    I’m an MGM player and still waiting for my Mirage to reopen. Although I don’t know why it matters as I can’t cross the border to get to the airport ???
    I’m in a Vegas drought. ??

        1. Mike Alexakis

          It seems like a terrible time to try and sell the Mirage, and I imagine MGM wants to sell it and remain in charge of management… Same with Planet Hollywood, who wants to buy something when its questionable when it could even begin to show a profit. If the vaccines prove to be slow, costly, and side effects prone, Las Vegas will suffer greatly. Not to even mention the disgusting anti-vaccine crowd that will certainly be yelling and screaming…

          1. RICH

            Caesars should sell something in Indiana,besides Horseshoe Hammond, no New Ccasinos in Chicago will hurt Horseshoe Hammond because of there locations,and the crime in Chicago

  2. Michael Grabois

    Regarding the Vegas properties under Selesner, which of the SVPs are from Eldorado and which are left over from Caesar’s? Overall, did the Caesar’s people get retained or pushed aside?

    1. George Karl

      Absolutely no communication on reopening of the Cromwell. Execs promise “communication” during their video messages, but sidestep the Cromwell every time. No reopen date. I feel bad for the hardworking employees of the Cromwell who have no idea what/when is happening to them. Pisses me off.

  3. John

    “The first observation is: Holy crap, the new Caesars Entertainment has some serious work to do on gender diversity.”

    Let’s see, we need a black guy, Asian guy, millennial, lesbian woman, non-lesbian woman, Indian…

    Yeah, see that’s what happened back in the 90’s. Corporations started hiring token race/gender individuals and ignoring others who might be better qualified for certain positions. Which was Ok of you were talking about people whose roles within the company weren’t so critical. Now, it’s basically become a crime to hire a Caucasian if ANYONE else applies, regardless of their experience or education.

    That’s why companies are failing to make any sense, struggling to justify their existence and why America doesn’t produce anything of value anymore. We’re so busy trying to satisfy the whims of minorities, making garbage that nobody needs or wants and then sending it to China to have it built. Because God forbid that a man of color got a job in a factory that offered things like healthcare and retirement and even money for an education. Or a Caucasian man of any worth was allowed to speak at a board meeting and tell his transgender-millenial-afro-asian coworker that he disagreed with their idea for a “new” product that’s similar or no better than a thousand other products just like it already crowding store shelves.

    The reason Ceasars elected the individuals they did has more to do with who, from each company, is better qualified to fill those roles. No doubt, some of it was favoritism and office politics. That’s a problem in every company.

    In any case, I guaran-damn-tee that, if some black female millenial executive had proven that she could quadruple the profits of the newly merged companies within a year, it would’ve been a unanimous decision to promote her. Because money talks and your now primitive ideologies walk.

    1. JP

      “Primitive Ideologies”, the 50’s called and said they want you to come back since your way of thinking still is valid back then. Diversity leads to diverse ways of thinking, Caesars is historically a follower because they have no outside-the-box thinking. I’m sure an all white male staff is a great answer to that problem lol.

    2. Mike Alexakis

      So “since the 90’s” corporations have all failed because they hired women and minorities? I think corporations are and have been killing it for decades, if you invested five ham sandwiches in the “90’s” in the stock market, you would have the cash to buy Jim Murren’s mansion and remodel it. With 12% unemployment right now the stock market is going up like crazy, yet you want to claim we are in ruins because some women and minorities hold a tiny amount of high management positions… And you state Caesars, a company with 19 billion dollars in debt, kept on the people “better qualified to fill those roles”… Those males you tout are going to chop, slice, and dice Caesars, already they are screwing over workers seniority, making employee’s re-apply to work for third parties in the sports books, you probably will blame women and minorities for that…

    3. BenF

      John seems a little hysterical and over the top…maybe someone’s unhappy with the way his career turned out??

  4. greg

    the fact you bring up gender as an issue at this point is silly. get real, they are restructuring with what they have… judge them on how the operate going forward.

    1. Ninja55

      Eldorado had very few women in their previous line up. They only kept a couple of Caesars people in this merger for their SVP/VP positions. They could of kept plenty of the women that Caesars had on board. Six women out of 42 positions? You really think this is going to change? Most people I know are betting they’ll be in bankruptcy within a couple of years anyway. The debit is too heavy to manage and the virus has killed convention business for a long time to come.

  5. Mike Alexakis

    Selling Planet Hollywood to a suitor who will hire Caesars to manage it might prove to be difficult in a pandemic, its certainly not fee simple ownership when you sign away the rights to make day to day operational decisions… Who the heck wants their management entities to be saddled with epic debt, is the utility of owning a strip resort casino with name and brand value worth essentially partnering with Caesars? If I wanted an in, I would build a new one rather than try to partner with an existing company…

  6. Dominick Scavone

    My wife and I are working at Caesars Indiana now for 20 years each. And I have to say the new Caesars logo looks so stupid like a drunk 4 year old drew it.

    1. Jason Ghiselin

      The Reno properties* are collectively called The ROW and it seems one Stew Massie runs them all…along with overseeing Lake Tahoe and a couple other odd ball properties.

      *Harrah’s not included. It had been sold and was already scheduled to close pre-COVID. From their website: “HARRAH’S RENO PERMANENTLY CEASED GAMING OPERATION ON MARCH 17, 2020.” You can cash in chips at The ROW through October 27. I am hoping for a liquidation auction…I can drive there in 2+/- hours and would love to roam the non-public parts of that property, which you often can at auctions.

  7. John Mc Laughlin

    Atlantic City guess who is the largest stock holder of this new combine CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT ?
    Big trouble on the horizon for both Atlantic City in general & ESPECIALLY the members of UNITEHERE Local 54. Remember what happened in 2014 @ Trump Plaza, & then again in 2016 @ Trump Taj Mahal ?
    Who made those decisions ? clue initials are C I

  8. Vegas Gal

    Bigger is supposed to be better….volume discounts mean lower prices for the consumer, etc., but it sure doesn’t seem that way in the casino industry. As somebody with no understanding of big business, it seems like Boyd has done better than Caesars and MGM in recent years, and Boyd is far from infallible.

    For me, Vegas still offers great value for the vacation dollar, but Caesars has been less interested in offering that value over the years. When they take over the Boyd properties, I’m in trouble. Otherwise, go ahead, merge with everyone else in the world. I’m not a casino gal, I’m a Vegas gal.

  9. Mark Estes

    Several years ago, I personally knew of two young women at their Reno properties, who were in lower management, working their way up. One quit after 6 years; the other after 8 years. After all the training investment the company spent on them, both quit to stay home and raise of their children.
    Two sides to every casino chip.

    1. Mike Alexakis

      How long do you figure people average at a job? Six and eight years is a long time, your implication that women will up and leave on poor picked on corporations is just silly, all employers bake turnover into every job they offer. Very few women leave the workforce to raise children, their home situations have to be near perfect to be able to achieve that, most women take some time off for childbirth and go back to work because they have to. Corporations spit out workers of both sexes whenever they feel like it, I root for the human beings and their happiness every time, this notion that people owe a debt for their “training” to a freaking corporation is laughable…

      1. Mark

        “…every time”, huh?
        I root for “freaking corporations”, too. It’s a balance. I suspect you are not in the hospitality business.
        I had a female casino host for more than 20 years. We had many insightful conversations about exactly this.

        1. Mike Alexakis

          Yes, every time… Corporations are soulless. Human beings have instincts and emotions. Women very often have to choose between having a child or climbing the corporate ladder, if a woman has to take months off to have a child, her assignments and responsibilities get spread out to others, her opportunity for advancement is curtailed or modified. All living things have instincts to reproduce, women have to make choices men do not, The hospitality business as far as I know from the outside is no different, women are at a disadvantage. Women also get paid less for the same work unfortunately, we as a society need to fix that… Good luck to you, I hope your casino hosts do right by you…

  10. Jason Ghiselin

    With all this talk about diversity it warms my heart that a man named Lumpy can still hold a SVP roll in one of the world’s largest gaming companies!

  11. Scottielovesthepipe

    New company will be filing bankruptcy by late 2022, guaranteed. The debt load is going to bury them.


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