Caesars Entertainment Toys With Renaming Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

It appears Caesars Entertainment is considering a name change for The Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas.

The company sent out a survey testing what we assume is one of several names in contention, Caesars Republic.

The customer survey suggests Caesars Republic “commands attention” and says “the air is filled with magnetic energy.” The survey also claims, “At every turn, guests are enveloped by sumptuous, contemporary design, while fun, whimsical accents keep things interesting.”

Here’s a look at the survey sent out by Caesars Entertainment’s market research company, CMB (Chadwick Martin Bailey).

Caesars Republic

Let us not judge marketing copywriters, as we were one of those at Caesars Entertainment at one point.

While Cromwell has been doing well for Caesars Entertainment, it’s possible the company sees challenges with the Cromwell name.

Prior to the hotel becoming The Cromwell, it was Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon, and before that it was Barbary Coast.

For a moment, the plan was to call the hotel Gansevoort, until is was discovered one of Gansevoort’s investors had ties to Russian organized crime. The Nevada Gaming Commission tends to frown upon such things, so the name was nixed.

The Cromwell name was presumably inspired by the Cromwell current, “an eastward-flowing subsurface current that extends the length of the equator in the Pacific Ocean” discovered by Townsend Cromwell.

Nothing says “sexy Las Vegas resort” like an eastward-flowing subsurface current.

While the survey doesn’t mention The Cromwell by name, it features a number of images of The Cromwell’s distinctive pool, casino and rooms.

Cromwell Caesars Republic

Holy crap, we were just enveloped by whimsical accents.

Our astute Twitter follower Ryan O. floated the possibility Caesars Entertainment is actually looking to find a new name for Nobu, the boutique hotel inside Caesars Palace. The Cromwell photos may have been included in the survey as a diversionary tactic.

We’re betting Caesars Republic won’t end up being the new name of The Cromwell, as it doesn’t exactly sing.

It’s clear, though, Caesars Entertainment is trying to exploit its flagship brand, Caesars, but it remains to be seen how that might happen without causing confusion between The Cromwell and Caesars Palace, just across the street.

If you got the survey with other potential names for The Cromwell, please share! Thanks to reader Mike C. for sending the survey our way.

20 thoughts on “Caesars Entertainment Toys With Renaming Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

  1. Bill B

    Well I liked “Bill’s gambling hall & saloon” for obvious reasons.

    Joking aside, some of these newer names are terrible, SLS, The D, Aria, The Quad Cromwell. None of these names convey anything to anyone, they don’t not even have a boring corporate identity, like Wynn, MGM etc.
    It’s sad the old names seem to be replaced just for the sake of it.

    1. The Whistler

      I’ve come to like the D for a name even though the Fitzgerald’s was one of my favorites.

      MGM at the time had the glamour of Hollywood studios. Wynn, aside from sounding like win, seems like a good name because Steve Wynn has a certain panache.

      The Cromwell name just evokes an Old English feel to it.

      1. Alex

        Indeed. Every time I hear it, I think Oliver Cromwell. He was an English military/political leader in the 1600s.

        1. Bill B

          Yes, but he was instrumental in the beheading of King, Charles 1.
          He then declared himself “Lord Protector” & later disbanded Parliament & ruled as a dictator.
          Not really “Ye Olde English”

          1. The Whistler

            All true. But he was English and he lived 400 years ago so Old English is technically correct.

            My bigger problem with him is that he was a Puritan and unlikely to have been a big supporter of the party lifestyle.

            But he is the only reference in my head of Cromwell and it does evoke a certain class which the property certainly has. So the name works for me. I’m a downtown guy but I like the place.

    2. Kurt LaFrance

      “The D” is a local colloquial name for Detroit, which is a nod to the roots of the owners. It may not convey much to everyone, but it does to those of us with ties to Michigan.

  2. William Wingo

    Last time I was in the building it was still the Barbary Coast. But what’s in a name? Caesars Republic by any other name would still charge for parking.

    1. Dstud

      Don’t worry about that, the idiots that rebuilt it didn’t even plan for any customer parking…..they only have a small valet lot.

  3. Michael James

    I got a survey to fill out. However, I likely answered a preceding question “wrong” and got dumped off with a “Thanks for your participation”.

  4. Lewmoore

    Calling The Cromwell “Caesars Republic” would be idiotic, so we know that it IS a possibility for CET. They would have to add a bunch of Roman crap though which would kind of look silly in the existing elegant design. I hope it’s a rebrand of Nobu or something else on the CP property.

    1. Dstud

      Maybe that can call it Caesars chicken ranch, considering all the pimp and prostitutes they allow there on the weekends.

    2. Dstud

      Maybe they can call it Caesars chicken ranch, in response to all the pimps and prostitutes they all there on the weekends.

  5. Funkhouser_1

    My survey was Cromwell specific. Specifically probably because I have stayed there multiple visits. While not in the “target” marketing group, I did get specific questions about things such as gambling, value, feeling, dining, room price, etc. I did get specifically asked about Caesars Republic vs Cromwell. I would say this is 100% about a Cromwell rename. Which I think is a horrible idea IMHO, since they have just started building a brand identity. Yes it is an odd name in the portfolio but I am not sure how tacking on the Caesars name to this property is going to elevate a boutique style hotel. Maybe the Park MGM re-brand is making them nervous.

  6. Bouldersteve

    Does anyone stay at a hotel because of the name..not me. Its a great location so whatever they call it should work.

  7. Gal XE Questr

    I got the survey, too, although I never have stayed there. I’ve almost given up on the Strip; the closest I’ve come is Rio last year. But I enjoyed telling them I thought the name Caesars Republic sounds authoritarian, masculine and unfriendly. I resisted saying trumpian. When I spotted a slip(?) mentioning the Cromwell, I thought it was too bad they are changing it. Cromwell reminds me of the movie and velvet costumes and British accents. Could be worse.

  8. Kurt LaFrance

    In related news, I see they recently changed the name of their high-end suites from Anthology Suites to Caesars Suites.


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