Caesars Entertainment to Charge Locals for Self-Parking

In a move surprising virtually no one, Caesars Entertainment says it will begin to charge Nevada residents for self-parking on Nov. 2, 2017.

The company will charge locals for self-parking at seven of its Las Vegas resorts.

Caesars paid parking locals

All those years spent learning Photoshop are finally paying off.

Nevada residents have gotten a free pass since Caesars rolled out paid parking to non-residents in April 2017.

The resorts where locals will now experience the adrenaline rush of paying to self-park include: Bally’s, Caesars Palace, Cromwell, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Linq and Paris.

Self-parking will continue to be free at Rio and Planet Hollywood, mainly because nobody’s all that thrilled to visit the Rio and parking at Planet Hollywood is operated by Miracle Mile Shops, not Caesars.

Guests who park at the seven Caesars Entertainment resorts listed above for fewer than 60 minutes will continue to park free. Nothing says “Stay, relax and gamble awhile!” like giving people a one-hour deadline before they want to bolt.

Las Vegas Monopoly

We love paid parking announcements because it’s another excuse to share this photo and provide this link.

While there was a hue and cry when paid parking was first announced by MGM Resorts back in January 2016, at this point, there’s likely to be some hue but not much cry because locals make up only a small portion of guests at the major Strip casinos.

In a statement, a Caesars Entertainment public affairs spokesperson said, “Blah blah blah, blah blah improved parking experience blah blah blah blah.”

Paid parking has been a windfall for Las Vegas casinos seeking to bolster their bottom lines. None of the casinos with paid parking is anxious to say exactly how much they make from the new policies, but we estimate these “found” profits run in the bajillions.

There’s a way to get around paid parking at Caesars Entertainment resorts, but it has a caveat. Customers who get the company’s Total Rewards Visa Card are upgraded to Platinum tier status and receive free self and valet parking. The caveat: Cardholders must spend $5,000 or more on the card in each calendar year to maintain their Platinum status.

Free parking is also available to those who get the M Life Rewards Mastercard from MGM Resorts. We did. It’s free and we quite enjoy not paying for parking when that money could be better spent on cocktails, thank you. The M Life Mastercard has no spending minimum.

Caesars parking structure lights

One of the enhancements presumably paid for by parking fees are these space indicator lights. We’ve tried to hate them, but they’re pretty handy in a crowded parking structure.

While we understand the business reasons behind instituting paid parking, it doesn’t make the fees any less irksome when we visit our favorite Las Vegas casinos.

There is some consolation, although not much, in knowing parking at Las Vegas resorts tends to be much less expensive than parking in other comparable cities.

Yes, there are still Las Vegas casinos on The Strip where parking is free, although the list is dwindling.

Las Vegas Strip casinos with free parking:

  • Tropicana
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Treasure Island
  • Venetian and Palazzo
  • Casino Royale
  • Circus Circus
  • SLS Las Vegas
  • Stratosphere

Several Strip-ish casinos have free parking: Westgate, Hooters, Hard Rock, Tuscany, Silver Sevens, Ellis Island and others.

Parking at Palace Station, Gold Coast, Rio, Palms, Orleans, South Point and M Resort remains free.

Get all the details about paid parking on the Caesars Entertainment Web site.

25 thoughts on “Caesars Entertainment to Charge Locals for Self-Parking

  1. Mr Wiggles

    Signing up with the Total Rewards Visa at Caesars will get you bumped up to Platinum Level, thus Free Parking, but the cardholder must spend $5,000 a year on the card to maintain that level. Otherwise, it’s back to paid parking. The MLife Card (MGM) has no such restrictions.

  2. Mike L

    These jackasses are going to force their competitors to start charging to park as well. It’s only a matter of time until the remaining free garages start to get so packed that they have no choice but to charge. There’s no way that someone would knowingly pay to park at Bally’s when parking at PH remains free.

    1. Matt

      That may be true but I think like this. Once you have me on your property I’m your customer to lose. Provide me a reason not to go to Bally’s besides free parking.

      1. Mike L

        Typically I would agree, but if you’re heading to another property and merely using the free parking it doesn’t really apply. It’s like if a restaurant went valet only, but was next to a Walmart. Most people would just park in the free Walmart lot and walk to the restaurant. Then, when everyone starts to do that, Walmart will have to enforce it by either charging restaurant patrons to pay or towing them.

  3. William Wingo

    I haven’t been to any Caesars property in many years, so I don’t see this as having a big personal impact. Maybe I’ll see you at one of the off-strip properties, or in Laughlin.
    Best wishes to all–including CET–for the holiday season.

    1. Photoncounter

      Parking is free at the Rio. Plenty of space too. Hardly anyone goes there for many, many reasons (#1 – mold, #2 – it’s a dump, #3 – place sucks, #4 – it smells like an ashtray, #5 – more hookers than gamblers, #……..)

      1. Mike L

        #5… completely. I can’t sit down at a machine there after 9PM without an almost constant stream of hookers wanting to “party”. It’s sad Caesar’s has let that place get so bad.

        1. Manybar Goatfish

          You mean the constant stream of “wanting to party” ladies that hit on me are hookers? That blows my ego all to hell!

  4. Troy Swezey

    “parking at Las Vegas resorts tends to be much less expensive than parking in other comparable cities.”
    I don’t give much of a hoot about other cities as I don’t park there.
    This is why I now spend the majority of my time at Hard Rock and SLS

  5. marlene

    I’m a local who shops & dines frequently at Forum Shops. Parking fees for locals should remain 1st 24 hrs free. Obviously, locals don’t matter

  6. marlene

    Stop comparing VEGAS to other cities, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. What made us unique was the free parking you moron execs! Drink & food prices have soared, this is really a bad move

    1. Scott Roeben

      They’re making a killing off of paid parking, so there’s no reason to lower the fees or remove them. Vegas is doing great, even with paid parking, and it’s the magic of the casinos that makes Vegas unique, not whether one pays for parking or not! All due respect.

    2. Mike L

      I agree. When I go to other cities, I don’t leave a couple of grand behind in the hotel lobby. They are just being greedy here. At least downtown I can still get some actual comps for my gambling and park for free when I’m staying at the hotel.

  7. marlene

    I frequently shop at the Forum Shops also dine there. I am a local. I kept patronizing Caesars because the 1st 24 hrs were gratis for locals. Now 1 hour? With Christmas coming? Really bad PR move. I also enjoyed going and bringing out of town visitors to the Bacchanal Buffet. I will not pay for parking. I haven’t stepped into an MGM property since they instituted parking fees. I have survived just fine. Vegas is a unique city that can’t be compared to anywhere else. To charge for parking is just pure greed. I thank all the casinos who still have free parking in Vegas, they will get my business, not any of the others. If all the people who previously complained about the parking fees when they first were applied, had 100% boycotted MGM, there wouldn’t have been any further charging, because all the casinos would have been empty. People fail to realize the power is in their hands and in numbers. Back up your talk or deal with the consequences, parking fees, they are outrageous and in my opinion unacceptable & unnecessary. That is what made this town great, delivering great customer service, not gouging patrons.


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