Caesars Entertainment Cleans Up Its Act on Keeping Change

Even before the national coin shortage, slot ticket redemption kiosks at casinos stopped giving change.

M Resort, Wynn Resort and Cosmopolitan ask customers to donate their change to various charities. If a customer declines, the redemption kiosk spits out a voucher to schlep to the cashier cage for change. Annoying, but great for charities.


Close cage (Wynn), no problem. Far cage (Linq), WTF.

Other big casino companies have halted giving change at their TITO (ticket-in, ticket-out) slip kiosks, too.

Station Casinos gives vouchers, as does MGM Resorts. No charity option, but at least you know where to pick up your change.

Casinos, by the way, don’t mind if you skip taking your ticket to the cage.

When a gambler fails to redeem their slot voucher, the casino keeps 25 percent of those unclaimed winnings. The other 75 percent goes to Nevada’s general fund. Players leave behind $10-12 million a year, so casinos get 25 percent of that (then pay 25 percent of that in taxes). Such “breakage” pretty much covers administrative costs.

Caesars Entertainment casino recently moved to the no change practice, but with a twist. When customers cashed out, they got a receipt. Unlike at other casinos, the receipt didn’t look like a slot ticket.

Also, the receipt said nothing about customers being able to get their change at the cage.

Here’s a receipt from a kiosk at Bally’s Las Vegas, submitted by eagle-eyed Twitter follower Jessica.

Bally's receipt

This receipt has more red flags than Tiananmen Square.

Jessica inserted a ticket for $41.10 and the machine paid $41.

When we heard about the situation at Bally’s, we thought it a little wonky and Tweeted about it.

Bally's receipt

Twitter is a powerful tool, and we’re just the tool to prove it.

The following day, we hit The Strip, checking out several Caesars Entertainment casinos and redeeming slot tickets to see what was what.

At Bally’s, Flamino and Linq, all the receipts had language at the bottom saying customers have the option to present the receipt at the cage for change from their “partially paid tickets.”

TITO ticket

Void dates vary.

We asked a cashier about the language on the tickets, and she said, “Yeah, that happened within the last hour.”

Why are we sharing this?

First, we wanted to give you a heads up most casino kiosks don’t give change anymore.

Second, we want to give props to Caesars Entertainment for jumping on this problem before it became a problem. Yes, keeping a customer’s money without letting them know how to get it back is a problem. Yes, even if it’s not a lot of money. Although the fix looks easy, we’re sure it takes some back-end technology hoop-jumping to execute a change that quickly across multiple casinos.

Third, we are sharing this situation so we can claim to be the most important and influential blog in Las Vegas and possibly the northern hemisphere, a champion of the people, a fighter of the good fight, your Sin City watchdog, your fiscal advocate, a crusader for all that’s fair and right in the world.

But mostly the heads up and props stuff.

If you see anything wonky out there, drop us a line or DM us on Twitter. We’ll get right on it, as long as it doesn’t require “effort” or “not being intoxicated.”

31 thoughts on “Caesars Entertainment Cleans Up Its Act on Keeping Change

  1. Pamela Thomsen

    Hello Scott,
    This article was so informative.
    Thanks so much,
    even though I won’t be in Vegas til November
    it allows me to prepare ahead of the trip
    of just what is going on in Vegas.
    Keep your news coming,
    Huge thanks to you and your staff.

    1. Kristine

      Hi Scott, here’s my question. I am what you would call a recreational gambler. I enjoy it, I play within my means and I have fun! My preference is progressive slots. Any traveling I do, I try to stay in a Hotel/CASINO. Every Casino that I’ve visited ALL offer, what casinos call “Players Card”. Casinos encourage their guest to sign up to earn points for FREE Gifts or a chance to WIN $$. All just to get you to spend your money, but what many may not realize these Players cards keep track of how much you gamble, your gambling preference, slots, tables, poker etc. My point is… If the Casinos are offering you the opportunity to have your small change donated why not offer their loose change to be added to their PLAYERS CARD?!! WHY NOT ! Players LOOSE CHANGE accumulates for their next visit or whatever!! Me personally would prefer that options and would consider it a nice gesture of the Casinos. Instead of walking away thinking they just got my money and now myoose change!! Even if you have a ticket that only spits outs your change, most people won’t take the time to to stand in line at a cage for 10 cents. The casinos know that not simply from the “shortage of loose change” but when they first went to Cash Out with tickets.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Mike Alexakis

    If I get a ticket for $43.40, I tip the cashier cage person the $3.40, my gambling money is my gambling money, I keep it walled off from my walking around money. Caesars got caught stealing,casinos have no right to keep the change, I get a kick out of tipping, it makes me feel good. I do pretty well playing poker, the key is leaving while you are ahead, I grossly over tip the dealers because it’s something I can do with the money, putting it in the closet is great for my ego, but helping out hard working people is great for my soul…

  3. Ken Houghton

    They’re just trying to get us acclimated to the future where they will take all the change and call it a convience fee. Then they won’t have to share with the State.

  4. Daniel Chapman

    The coin shortage is made up bullshit..I took $300 of rolled coins to the bank and they were completely rude about it. Try taking coins to us bank and see for yourself

    1. Rosie Ruiz

      My bank is waiving its fee for non-customers to turn in their coin. They must be in on the ruse.

      I don’t gamble with CE, but I’m glad they’re not being allowed to get away with their scam.

    2. Damien

      No BS….it’s a real thing. I too take my “rolled coins” to my Wells Fargo branch….they couldn’t be nicer.Perhaps you need to change banks.

  5. Jordann

    Interesting concept on their end. If I’m at caesar’s and have $19.50 in my pocket, but want to play at a table with a $20 minimum, does caesar’s chip in the extra 50 cents for me so I can play?

  6. Karen Molck

    Thanks for the heads up and for all you do to “fight that good fight” keep it up. Love your blog! I’m a very avid customer to many of Caesars Entertainment properties so knowing that we’ve got people out there watching out for us makes me feel better for sure.

  7. Jennifer

    How is it a “good fight” if you have to walk all the way to the cashiers desk and stand in line to get your .25? I would rather donate it to a cause than to the CET charity.

  8. Robert

    This is nothing more then the casinos generating more income ….i live in Phoenix and several casinos here have been doing this for years …. There are spare change tickets laying all over and according to the casino they belong to the casino …lmao

  9. Randy Watts

    It isn’t only in Vegas that this has been occurring, also in Palm Springs at Agua Caliente Casinos. There are 3 of them here. They keep the change if you don’t donate it. No receipt or option to get from the cage. Should be illegal imo.

  10. Vernon Vollertsen

    When we visited the Atlantis Casino in Nassau we saw that they had jars around the casinos to collect the tickets that were less than a dollar. If I put in a $41.10 voucher in a change machine I should get $41 back in bills and a voucher for the $.10. At the Atlantis Casino they collected the proceeds from the vouchers and donated them to Local charities.

    1. William Wingo

      Same at Golden Nugget Laughlin–or at least last time I was there. They had a donation box right by the ticket redemption machines.

  11. Barbara Rosenthal

    It’s all a bunch of BS, I have had no problems with transactions paying cash & getting change back. The casinos are never satisfied, they are the only places claiming a coin shortage. It’s a joke. Keep lining their pockets. Wise up people.

    1. Jackson

      So, you only get your news from casinos? Out here in the real world, every news organization has reported the coin shortage:

  12. Mike

    Chipotle got sued for this.

    The issue I have is no signage ahead of time. Saw this at Harrah’s philly and the cashier gave me attitude.

    Isn’t all this solved if we kept our funds on our players cards?

  13. Alicia

    Bottom line ITS STEALING OUR MONEY 😡most people already loose enough in your casinos now you keep our change too complete bullshit it’s not right

  14. LB

    This is how the crooks in Superman 3 and Office Space stole their money. Rounding off tiny cents into their bank account.

  15. Martha

    Ok I have “Wonky” can you elaborate on resort fees. If small chunk chains is an issue. What about the casinos ripping us off with these fees? Especially if people don’t even use the services these apparently cover. They keep the fees, that seems like robbery to me! They shouldn’t charge if we don’t use those services.

  16. Smith

    Slightly off topic, but I noticed on TITO from a slot machine, that the expiration date is now 180 days from the date the ticket is issued. Usually it is 30 days or 60 days. This happened at the Venetian Casino.

  17. Alison

    This happened to me in Mandalay Bay and NY NY yesterday. I was prompted by the machine to give the change as a donation, and when I clicked “no,” it gave me a ticket that only stated my change amount (it paid me the dollar amount already). I assume that the ticket was to be taken to the cage for change. I donated the money.

    Just sharing because those are M Life casinos.

  18. JP

    I was in Vegas this past weekend and each time after I cashed out I left my ticket on top of the machine with the extra change still on it. I saw people walking around and collecting all of the ones people were leaving there. I’d rather some random person was collecting them than the thieving casinos got the money. I think in future trips I will go right to the cage and cash it there. I’ve always looked at it as a waste of the cashier’s time to cash tickets when it was easy enough to use a machine but now that CET wants to steal the change each time that changes that thought.

  19. The Other Scott

    JP’s comment leads me to a serious question… I believe its Nevada state law that the TITO voucher belongs to the player. If a player leaves a TITO voucher lying around, and you take and use it… that’s discouraged and illegal. I’m guessing its not the same for the cashed-out coin voucher, then?

    Said differently… going around collecting dropped/forgotten TITO vouchers gets you in trouble with hotel security. I’ve seen them chase down guys who were doing that. Are these “change receipts” considered the same? I’m guessing not.


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