Caesars Entertainment Cancels $100 Million Kind Heaven Project, Per Rumor

We’ll keep this quick and awkward: Kind Heaven has suffered the unkindest of cuts.

Our sources say Caesars Entertainment has informed key employees Kind Heaven, a $100 million attraction slated for the Linq casino, is officially canceled.

Kind Heaven

So many questions will now go unanswered.

It’s likely the demise of Kind Heaven, should our information be confirmed, is fallout from the announced merger between Caesars Entertainment and Eldorado Resorts.

The looming merger has called into question a number of pending projects, and Kind Heaven was considered a risky endeavor from day one.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kind Heaven, here’s the skinny: Kind Heaven was an Asian-themed walk-through attraction with music festival roots.

Oh, and there were supposed to be holographic fighting monkeys. No, really.

Kind Heaven Las Vegas

Think “Blade Runner,” but with more pickpockets. Long story.

The attraction was slated to open in the summer of 2019. So, now-ish. As far as we know, no demolition or construction of any kind has happened related to Kind Heaven.

Here’s more about the former Kind Heaven.

The project was touted as the brainchild of noted oddball Perry Farrell, founder of the Lollapalooza music festival.

As recently as Aug. 1, 2019, Farrell was still talking up Kind Heaven, apparently unaware the plug has reportedly been pulled on the project.

While it would’ve been fun to see Kind Heaven come to fruition, it seemed a trainwreck waiting to happen.

Kind Heaven Las Vegas

There are so many bummed out monks right about now.

Caesars Entertainment has a lot on its plate at the moment, including a consolidation likely to result in a fair amount of corporate employees being laid off as the merger moves forward, so risky investments of time or resources seem best avoided for now.

The holographic monkeys will just have to find other gigs.

On a related note, another casualty of the Eldorado merger is the demise of “Nitro Circus,” announced for Bally’s Las Vegas. The show is rumored to be seeking another venue, but don’t hold your breath.

Update (8/1/19): While it hasn’t been officially confirmed or reported elsewhere, we hear the Kind Heaven project has been scrapped. Kind Heaven isn’t happening in Las Vegas.

9 thoughts on “Caesars Entertainment Cancels $100 Million Kind Heaven Project, Per Rumor

  1. Perry Failure

    This thing had disaster written all over it.

    Blame it on the merger, but I never expected it to see the light of day long ago. Vegas needs new and different attractions, but there was no way a $100M project was going to drive enough traffic, and revenue from its captive audience, to turn a profit. Even with the monkeys.

    1. Jason Ghiselin

      Spot on! Too much space to air condition and clean every day when they’d probably only reach capacity, in terms of ticket sales, what…maybe…fifty nights a year.

      1. Boulder Steven

        I don’t have numbers, but the High Roller was supposed to be this huge tourist attraction that would draw zillions to the wheel every day. I’ve been on it more than once, thanks to the bar cars and deals on tickets. They’ve been handing out free tix and running all sorts of promotions to get people on that wheel all day long since it opened. I couldn’t fathom that a complex, “immersive” experience like Kind Heaven was going to dazzle enough people to generate significant foot traffic all day, every day.

        Perhaps it would have been more fascinating to tourists than I suspect, but it seemed like it was quite a reach when the giant wheel at the Linq, which you’d think would be an easy sell, has never lived up to the hype and expectation.

  2. Bobo Ayame

    “Oh yeah, Vegas is great now, there’s so much Chinese stuff, and I love Chinese stuff, that’s why I went to Vegas, because of the Chinese stuff, f*ck when it used to be like Vegas, that was so un-Chinese.’

  3. JMVegas

    Given the recent explosion in the number of Asian themed dining options now available, and for that matter the number of Asian tourists found within them or rushing towards them, the entire Strip is now, basically, one big Kind Heaven. Indeed portions of the Strip now effortlessly replicate the quaint Asian street scenes once envisioned for this venue — up to and including colorful beggars and chattering ‘entertainers.’ What was once the norm, i.e. a 24 hour coffee shop and the like, has become scarce, exotic, and far more suitable material if someone wants to dream up a venue offering a truly unusual and unexpected Vegas experience. Maybe they’ll open one in Macao.

  4. Kathleen carroll

    I was looking forward to this and I believe it would have been a huge success! We’re loosing a lot because of the El dorado merger and I am not happy about it. We’re loosing harrahs on Reno after 85 years we’re also loosing the Rio Las Vegas and who know what else. Also our comps will no longer be the same. El dorado properties are more difficult to obtain Diamond status and perks.


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