Caesars Entertainment Brings Back Paid Parking, But It’s Not What You Think

It was fun while it lasted, but Caesars Entertainment is bringing back paid parking at its six Las Vegas resorts.

Parking has been free since casinos reopened June 4, 2020.

Paid parking will resume at Caesars Entertainment casinos starting Oct. 30, 2020, but the move isn’t what it might seem at first glance.

Why? The company says it’s donating all parking fee profits to charity. There’s a reason.

Caesars Palace paid parking

We’re all about to get rear-ended again.

First things first, some details.

The six Vegas resorts affected are: Caesars Palace, Paris, Bally’s, Flamingo, Linq and Harrah’s.

Parking remains free at Planet Hollywood. For now. Our inside source says paid parking at Miracle Mile Shops, Planet Hollywood and Elara will be rolled out in 2021. The contact has already been awarded. Note: The parking complex isn’t owned by Caesars Entertainment.

Self-parking will still be free for Nevada residents, registered hotel guests and Caesars Rewards loyalty members rated Platinum and above. Guests get a one-hour grace period before fees kick in. Nothing says “stay and play” like a one-hour countdown clock.

That said, the twist is the paid parking policy change isn’t just a money grab. That was so 2017.

Caesars Entertainment will donate all parking fee profits to several charitable organizations through the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Paid parking

Free parking was brief but satisfying, just like our love life.

What does that really mean? We’re pretty sure Caesars is trying to address some security concerns, and doing it in a relatively painless way.

Given an uptick in boneheads and their associated misdeeds recently, casinos are taking steps to mitigate the WTF.

For example, Wynn recently began using metal detectors and now checks bags upon entry, Cosmopolitan started wanding guests on weekends and The D has been checking IDs for some time now.

Other casinos have bumped up their table minimums to discourage less desirable customers.

Parking charges work the same way. While it’s unlikely Caesars will say it publicly, paid parking wards off less valuable customers, making room for the guests they desperately need right now.

In the past, paid parking also served other purposes, like deterring employees of neighboring casinos from filling up spots intended for hotel guests and casino customers. That, of course, was a problem when demand was high.

Now, not so much.

As Caesars brings back its paid parking, it’s likely to force MGM Resorts to do the same. You can’t really have free parking when those around you don’t.

Paid parking

These green thingies aren’t going to pay for themselves.

A good example is Plaza, downtown. Parking was free at Plaza until their garage started filling up with folks just passing through. That’s because most, if not all, of the parking nearby required fees. Plaza began to charge a nominal $5 fee to address the issue.

It’s hard to get too mad at Caesars Entertainment for this move given the circumstances. They have to balance the desire to draw customers (free parking) with the quality of the experience once those guests actually show up (don’t get us started).

Get details about the paid parking policy changes at the Caesars Entertainment site.


4 thoughts on “Caesars Entertainment Brings Back Paid Parking, But It’s Not What You Think

  1. Adam

    Payed parking for non hotel guests never really bothered me but when they started charging hotel guests for parking that made me angry. I’m already paying you to stay at your hotel and eating at your restraints. Now you want me to pay to store my car as well?

  2. Peter

    All it takes to reach Caesars Rewards Platinum level without even spending a penny gambling is to get their Community Bank no annual fee VISA card.

    Get 2% cash back in the form of Reward Credits for airlines, gas and grocery purchases and 5% for money spent at Caesars properties. And besides free parking you get priority seating at their buffets and most restaurants, discount room rates and more.

    New members receive 10,000 Reward Credits, that’s $100 after spending $750 within the first 3 months. Easy to spend $250 a month paying bills and buying food and gas.

    I’m not in any way associated with Caesars, but I’m always surprised when I see 100 people waiting to get into the buffet and we can just walk straight to the front of the line showing our Rewards card.

  3. Mike Alexakis

    I agree with Adam, charging non-hotel guests for parking is in bounds, its when they started charging actual hotel guests to park and not included that in the horse crap resort fee that set me off… But anyone “thinking” that charging a parking fee will somehow get rid of violent criminals and gang members on machismo binders is really dumb, it will not make a whit of difference. Las Vegas is seeing a spike in crime because its open in my opinion, this notion that raising prices is going to clean it up is nuts. The only remedy to this is a huge law enforcement increase, a visible one on the Strip, and big jail time for violent offenders. Nevada has no state income tax, it needs tourists to continue that, the casino resorts need to partner with law enforcement and make examples of these violent creeps, immediately. A friend of mine is an ex-gang member, he told me that when Las Vegas has big gun shows the Los Angeles gangs come and get their handguns with no background checks, they are felons who cant buy them in California. Sometimes those rival gangs see each other on the street or even on the highway and it gets very ugly. A bunch of these big fights are rival gangs going at it, Las Vegas Metro needs to be out there preventing mayhem. Freaking parking fees and somewhat cheaper rooms at Strip hotels mean nothing to a gang member, they only understand power, the word needs to filter out that Nevada is not California, if you are a violent piece of filth you will do big time. Its a little like the OJ Simpson saga. OJ was stupid enough to think you can have gun play at a Las Vegas resort. he had to fester in a cell because he did not respect that Nevada does not play around…


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