Boneheaded Horse-Drawn Carriage Service Begins in Downtown Las Vegas

The horse-drawn carriage service called “Love Carriage” has commenced service in downtown Las Vegas. The carriage service began operating on Feb. 20, 2015, under the cover of darkness.

It’s not surprising the operators of Love Carriage, Margarita Reyes Ramos and her husband, Giovanni Serrano Padron, want to keep the service on the down-low, given that the last time such rides were offered (in 2007) four people were thrown from a carriage and injured. After the accident, carriage rides were banned. Because horses in traffic, that’s why. It’s not rocket science.

Horse-drawn carriage

What goes clip-clop-slap, clip-clop-slap? An Amish escort service handbiller. Or something.

The Las Vegas City Council approved horse-drawn carriage services in April 2014, after giving the issue, oh, six minutes of thoughtful consideration.

Why did the City Council approve something so obviously misguided? Presumably, “to promote economic development, bring new jobs downtown and perhaps keep tourists downtown longer.” We’re thinking it may also promote spinal injuries and traumatized animals, but we’re no Las Vegas City Councilperson. Read more.

Love Carriage horse-drawn carriage

Horses and cars are as compatible as Donny and Marie Osmond. Long story.

The launch of Love Carriage services took place near a municipal parking garage across from Downtown Grand. A makeshift red carpet was laid out, and a group of about 20 people were on-hand for the arrival of the carriage.

Yes, we got some video. Please note the first official horse freak-out (30 seconds in), before even a single passenger has ridden.

What could possibly go wrong?

So, a couple of bright spots. At least there was some consideration given to the welfare of the horses involved in the Love Carriage experience. The service won’t be allowed to operate on days which are 90 degrees or hotter. Also of note: The horses must wear horse diapers. Seriously.

Another bright spot is this service may not be in operation too long. When the business was licensed, it was for a one-year term. Again, that was in April 2014. Hopefully, the license won’t be renewed.

The Love Carriage can be found in a “staging area” at the corner of Fourth Street and Ogden. Carriage rides are prohibited on Fremont Street, Las Vegas Boulevard and on Maryland Parkway and Casino Center Boulevard south of Carson Avenue. Wherever those might actually be.

Here’s the pricing and hours of operation.

Horse-drawn carriage

Let’s not and say we didn’t.

Given the low-profile launch of the Love Carriage service, it’s clear the owners want to avoid public scrutiny for a business that never should’ve been approved in the first place.

Let’s hope nobody, human or otherwise, is hurt before this horse-drawn carriage service quickly goes the way of the equally-repugnant Las Vegas Zoo.

10 thoughts on “Boneheaded Horse-Drawn Carriage Service Begins in Downtown Las Vegas

  1. UTAH Bill

    Salt Lake City banned the same horse-drawn carriage rides last year. Though complaints about the treatment of the animals persisted, it took the death of a horse to prod officials to action. Hopefully, Las Vegas officials won’t wait that long.

  2. ElectricGypsy

    I’m not a fan of this, and I’d never pay for one. This confused me:

    “…given that the last time such rides were offered (in 2007) four people were thrown from a carriage and injured. After the accident, carriage rides were banned for decades.”

    Eight years equals multiple decades?

  3. ragsnags

    The fact is it is super rare for people to get seriously injured in a horse drawn carriage accident and accidents themselves are rare as well. i.e. pedestrians, and bicyclists are killed yearly in Manhattan yet not a single human being has died from taking a carriage ride in the millions of those that have been given. Just took the ride from the stables to Central Park myself about 3 weeks ago. Lovely experience.The people that are against horse carriage rides are either animal rights or like minded.Those of us versed in animal welfare can spot their hysterics a mile away.

  4. Matthew Deaton

    This video is amazing as a carriage company owner along with my wife who is the horses professional and handles all aspects of our business this video is what makes her so upset. She started her company for the reasons you speak of so she can control the treatment of her horses and also the drivers and safety of passengers. She has driven for over ten years with a perfect safety record. Everything in this business depends upon who your dealing with and the knowledge they have. If your stupid or the people driving or owning the company is ignorant then someone will get hurt. With horses it’s not if your hurt it’s when so you have to be on point all the time. She is this way to the T. Please do not pass judgment on the good guys because of these idiots.

  5. Coni Jean Thompson

    A well trained horse should be fine on roads in traffic. Amish horses work fine on road but danger comes when vehicles do not excercise caution near a horse and dont watch out for warning signs. I support use of a bag that catches manure though as im sick of manure getting all over my car where I live from horses.


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