Bollard Installation Along Las Vegas Strip Decimates Las Vegas Walk of Stars

The Las Vegas Walk of Stars has always been an awkward rip-off of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it’s our awkward rip-off of the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The recent installation of safety bollards along Las Vegas Boulevard has resulted in the destruction of 49 stars honoring Las Vegas entertainers and other dignitaries.

Gloria Estefan

Emilio and Gloria Estefan received a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars in 2010. Their star was not affected by the recent brouhaha. It’s at the entrance to the Flamingo.

Bollards, of course, are steel posts intended to prevent morons and terrorists (which, we realize, is redundant) from driving onto sidewalks to run people over. Because asshattery.

Apparently, the stars were too fragile to relocate. Just 33 of the stars remain intact.

Of the 49 stars destroyed by the bollard installation, upwards of five belonged to actual celebrities.

Those celebrities included Wayne Newton, Liberace, Rich Little, John Stuart, Sammy Davis Jr. and Elvis Presley.

Wayne Newton’s star was the first to be added to the Las Vegas Walk of Stars back in 2004.

Visit the KTNV Web site for the full list of stars obliterated by the bollard installation.

Bollards Las Vegas Strip

No, “bollards” is not a British obscenity. Probably.

Why is the Las Vegas Walk of Stars awkward, you ask? Well, because pretty much anyone can get one if they pony up the required fee.

A donation of $20,000 is required for each star. Additional “pomp and circumstances” can add to that cost. We are not making this up.

Bob Alexander, president of the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, says each tribute costs $5,000. You do the math.

Some stars are fully earned and warranted, of course.

Our all-time favorite Elvis tribute artist, Pete “Big Elvis” Vallee, was the most recent recipient of a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, and if they try ripping his up, they’ll have to do so over this blog’s dead body. Yes, Vallee is a friend, but he’s also worked his ass off, so to speak, to become a Las Vegas icon.

Pete Vallee star

If you haven’t seen Pete Vallee’s free show at Harrah’s, you haven’t done Vegas.

The goofy charm of the Las Vegas Walk of Stars stretches four miles along the Las Vegas Strip between Sahara Ave. and Russell Blvd.

While the removal of the stars is bittersweet for some, we’ve been an advocate of installing bollards for quite a while and are happy there’s been progress creating a safer environment for pedestrians along The Strip.

15 thoughts on “Bollard Installation Along Las Vegas Strip Decimates Las Vegas Walk of Stars

  1. VegasSlushy

    Given stars are bought on Hollywood’s walk of fame, I’m not surprised somebody is replicating it in Vegas to make a buck. I walk the strip so seldom I completely forgot this is a thing.

    Regardless, both of these fame walks are silly. If you buy your way into the club, it’s a joke. If I win the lottery I’m buying a star for Scott Roeben, the 11th best Vegas podcaster in the world.

    While bollards are a necessary evil in 2018, I trust the fame walk’s slush fund can pony up the cash to replace the damaged pieces and fork over the dough to find new homes for the stars that have been displaced. If there is a God in heaven….

  2. Andrew

    The Las Vegas Walk of Stars® committee has adopted the following star dedication criteria. This criteria will serve as a guideline to honor deserving personalities by placing a Star onto the sidewalks of Las Vegas, Clark County.

    Place: Las Vegas Blvd. from Sahara Ave. to Russell Ave.

    Honorees must have worked or lived in the Greater County of Clark, for periods of considerable regularity. Honorees must have, by their presence in this area, contributed to the charm, worldwide prominence and name recognition of Las Vegas, Clark County.

    The following persons will be considered candidates:

    Show business persons who have distinguished themselves as actors, producers, directors, playwrights, cinematographers, musicians, either on State, Radio, Film, and/or Television, as well as persons who have otherwise become prominent in the field of Entertainment, and have greatly contributed to the worldwide prominence of Las Vegas.

    Literary: Authors, playwrights, screen writers. Persons who penned literary works of considerable distinction and have achieved national and international recognition in the field of entertainment. Special merits are given to literary works produced into films or television specials.

    Pioneers and Civic: A Meritorious Star may be awarded to local persons prominently and historically linked to the development of Las Vegas, Clark County, i.e., early settlers, civic personalities with significant historical achievement who have distinguished themselves in the service to the community.

    Humanitarians: A Meritorious Star may be awarded to persons who have greatly distinguished themselves in the service to their fellow man by enduring and selfless contributions to charitable causes and by their altruistic deeds achieved exulted recognition within the community.

    Sports: Athletes and coaches who have excelled in their respective field of sports and have greatly contributed to the worldwide prominence of Greater Las Vegas.

    Military: Congressional Medal awardees, only.

    The Las Vegas International Film Festival’s Annual Special Honoree.

    The inscriptions on the stars are relevant to the honoree’s field of achievement:
    Show business: Stage/Radio/Film/Television
    Literary: Author, Playwright, Composer
    Pioneers/Civic: Mayor, civic personality, community leader, etc.
    Humanitarians: See above
    Sports: Athletes, coaches, etc.
    Military: Congressional Medal awardees only.

    Every effort will be made to link a Pioneer’s star with a historically related location as well as all other stars to be placed at a mutually agreeable location. However, all decisions to the eligibility of a candidate, the placement of a star, and the inscription on the star, rest with the committee and are final.

    A donation of $20,000 is required for each star. Check should be made payable to Las Vegas Walk of Stars, (Tax ID #71-0946230), reported as such to the IRS, and is not refundable. A $10,000 deposit is due at confirmation date, the remaining balance of $10,000, is due 30 days prior to star dedication day. This cost includes all expenses related to the shipping, manufacturing and imbedding of the Star, various proclamations, a Walk of Stars Plaque, the sound needed for the dedication ceremony, flowers for lady honorees, publicity, press releases, radio/TV interviews, liability insurance and applicable fees.

    Any expenses exceeding the above mentioned items, such as “special pomp and circumstances,” i.e., bands, celebrity MC, chairs, street closures, special security, cocktail reception, etc., shall be borne by the sponsoring entity. Las Vegas Walk of Stars committee, will, however, assist in arranging and handling of these special particulars, if so requested. Sponsoring entity shall be the stars themselves, family, friends or corporate sponsors such as hotels. Any “special pomp and circumstance” plans are subject to Committee approval.

    It is required by law, that the ‘Star’ sponsoring entity sign a “Waiver of Contributor” form prior to a star dedication.

    Las Vegas Walk of Stars, a d/b/a of the Motion Picture Hall of Fame Foundation, a non-profit public benefit corporation an equal opportunity organization, is non-discriminating in its evaluation and confirmation of star candidates. Race, creed, religion or ethnic heritage of a candidate are absolute non-factors. Candidates are solely selected on achievements, within their endeavors and contributions to the community.

    All business aspects of Las Vegas Walk of Stars®, are administered by the Board of Directors, and in matters relating to Las Vegas Walk of Stars® , are final.

    Please speak with your local area representative for dedication pricing information:

    Las Vegas, Nevada: Robert Alexander – (702) 655-STAR (7827)
    Las Vegas, Nevada: Pablo Castro Zavala – (702) 813-8345

    To submit a nomination for review, please print and sign:
    Dedication Criteria
    Waiver of Donor

    and return to:

    P.O. Box 15129,
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  3. JeffinOKC

    I suggest we start the Fremont Star Commission. For $200 each we get the spray paint guy who works under the FSE canopy to paint a Star for Scott Roeben and other deserving downtown luminaries. Figure $200 oughta get us something really classy with a Urepoxithane coating on top for long life and durability.

  4. Bill B

    Yet another example of how we are forced to adapt & change our lifestyles simply due to individuals & groups who feel terror attacks are acceptable in the furtherance of their warped goals.

    1. John Ursu

      You’ve never seen how some people normally drive have you? The only terror is that they received a license in the first place.

      1. Manybar Goatfish

        No kidding. Unfortunately, you don’t need any kind of license to procreate. That is the greater terror than responsible driving, to those who track that kind of thing.

  5. William Wingo

    That would make a good Benny Hill sketch:
    Benny: They put these steel posts in the sidewalk to keep vehicles from leaving the street…
    Straight man: Bollards.
    Benny: It’s TRUE, I tell you!

  6. GB12

    The casinos should of all pitched in to pay for these bollards years ago .
    It’s not like they couldn’t afford it .
    BTW I love Big Elvis !


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