Bobby Flay’s Next Restaurant to Land at Flamingo

While it hasn’t been officially announced, word is celebrity chef Bobby Flay will bring at new dining concept to Flamingo Las Vegas.

Flay’s rumored new restaurant will take up residence in the space currently occupied by Center Cut Steakhouse.

Bobby Flay

It’s time to plan your next Flaycation. All due modesty, Bobby Flay should use that line to advertise his new restaurant.

Center Cut Steakhouse opened in March 2012. Prior to that, it was The Burger Joint.

Center Cut Steakhouse

With all the amazing steakhouses in Vegas, Cut just didn’t make the, well, you know.

Center Cut is an adequate steakhouse, but Caesars Entertainment (owner of Flamingo) no doubt sees greater opportunity in a restaurant with a recognizable name associated with it.

Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill has done well at Caesars Palace for its impressive 14 years of existence.

Mesa Grill Las Vegas

Mesa Grill. The place with a logo that appears to have been vandalized.

Flay’s Bobby’s Burger Palace is a forgettable effort at The Shoppes at Crystals, and he also has a restaurant in the works for Palms, Shark. That venue will focus on seafood and opens March 2019.

Caesars Entertainment has had some stellar successes when it comes to celebrity chef collaborations.

Gordon Ramsay’s numerous Strip outposts, most recently Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace, are making everyone involved wealthy.

As is common with these celebrity restaurant deals, the chef gets five percent of gross sales up to $10 million in revenue, and more if the restaurant exceeds that threshold. Learn more.

Giada’s at Cromwell has been another smashing success for Caesars, and is a must-try in Las Vegas. There’s also a fast casual offering from Giada De Laurentiis at Caesars Palace, Pronto By Giada.


Any excuse to share a Giada photo will do.

Caesars has also partnered with Guy Fieri for restaurants at the Linq and Rio. Both Vegas Kitchen & Bar at Linq and El Burro Borracho at Rio are far better than you might suspect.

Guy Fieri dessert

Any excuse to share a photo of this Guy Fieri dessert will do.

The only constant in Las Vegas is change, and possibly regret, but mostly that first thing. So, we welcome a change-up in Flamingo fare.

Expect official word of a Bobby Flay joint at Flamingo soon, and remember you heard about it here first. As if we’d let you forget you heard about it here first.

17 thoughts on “Bobby Flay’s Next Restaurant to Land at Flamingo

  1. Jeremy

    I went to the Giada restaurant at the Horseshoe in Baltimore. Portions were tiny, and my lasagna looked like it could have been a microwave meal. My fiancee got the salmon and it came out in a tiny little square. Unless the Las Vegas location is significantly better then I am not sure why it is having any success unless none of them are repeat customers. Cost of meal $100, walking away hungry priceless. I recommend avoiding.

  2. Summerlin Steve

    Give a chef “celebrity” status, put his/her name on the restaurant, everybody goes apeshit to have a $100 meal at the precious restaurant. I get it, quality costs money, but if it takes a chef’s name to sell the restaurant, I’m not interested. If I know the chef’s name, then I’m doubly not interested.

    1. jackie

      Gordon Ramsey’s Burger is divine!! Pricey slightly but was SO GOOD! was so hesitant but after hearing from friends, I had to go

  3. LSE to LAS

    Giada’s at the Cromwell isn’t worth the price. I liked Center Cut. Decent steak dinner at a realistic-ish price.

  4. Kay

    OMG really pic of Giada’s boob hanging out esp this is about Bobby Flay new restaurant. Ok she have to be mention but be nice not to see so much of her esp on tv. I turn her off when she on. I havent gone to his restaurants yet only cuz im on a tight budget maybe ask on my birthday dinner.

  5. Deborah

    I love Bobby Flay and all of his Food Network Cronies. He can out cook just about any person on the planet. He gets a kick out of Food Warfare. Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you. He’s a tiger!

  6. MrSnarkyPants

    Giada’s at Cromwell is hard to get a reservation for, but very good.

    Center Cut at the Flaming-O never bothered to take down the TV sets from when it was the Burger Joint and is a bit overpriced for what it is. The bar has an adequate happy hour, but the service can be a little surly.

    I just hope they don’t take out the all night pizza stand that’s been adjacent to the restaurant ever since it was an Italian concept. They crank out decent pies and the late night people watching is always entertaining.

  7. Todd

    Ate at Mesa Grill Monday night it was fantastic, yes a little pricey but worth every penny. I knew what I was having before I even walked into the restaurant.

  8. John Ireland

    What is the word on Bobby Flay opening up in the Flamingo? It has been 2 years since this rumor started.


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