Block 16 Urban Food Hall Comes to Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is ready to unveil its new Block 16 Urban Food Hall on Aug. 31, 2018, but we couldn’t wait.

It’s not the first time we’ve been premature, trust us.

The Cosmo was kind enough to pull down its construction curtains early so we could get our first look at this new batch of six distinctive restaurants.

Block 16 Food Hall

Some security breaches are easier than others.

Each of the six restaurants at the new Cosmo food court is an import, as far as we can tell, and each has a unique story we don’t have the energy to research. Thanks, YouTube!

First up is District, described as a “cult favorite” from New Orleans. District has doughnuts, sliders and brews. Hard to go wrong there.

Block 16 Food Hall

District says they use “real food made with integrity.” We prefer massive amounts of sugar, but whatever.

District will also serve biscuit sandwiches and “kolache,” a sweet pastry “filled with a selection of sweet and savory ingredients.” A little vague, but we’re in.

Here’s an endearing video about District, which, sadly, only had 74 views when we wrote this story. Come on, show some love and watch the damned thing.

Next up is Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. This restaurant comes from Nashville. It’s all about the fried chicken as far as we can tell.

Block 16 Food Hall

Sorry we caught you without your sign, Hattie B’s. Welcome to Vegas!

Here’s the video for Hattie B’s. Please watch it. The video has 75 views, and somebody went to a lot of time and trouble to produce this thing. Make it worth their while.

Then, there’s Lardo.

The Cosmo Web site says Lardo has a “ruthlessly bold and flavorful approach,” which is dumb, but the food looks so good, we’re willing to overlook it.

Block 16 Food court

Don’t make eye contact. Don’t make eye contact. You made eye contact!

We sort of can’t wait to hang out with the Lardo guy because he seems like he’s been places.

Here’s the video. It has 65 views. Don’t embarrass us. Watch it.

There’s also Pok Pok Wing. Don’t roll your eyes until you know the whole story!

See, “pok pok” is the sound of a mortar hitting a pestle. Or possibly a pestle hitting a mortar. We can never keep those straight.

Block 16 Urban Food Hall

You’d be surprised how few Las Vegas restaurants use pestles.

Here’s the video for Pok Pok Wing, with 79 views.

Pok Pok Wing, which we’re pretty sure should be pluralized, is based in Portland and, man alive, we’re hungry.

You can’t tell much from a short video, but all these folks seem passionate about what they do which bodes well for Block 16.

Here’s a first look at Tekka Bar: Handroll & Sake.

Block 16 Urban Food Hall

Tekka has the best location of the bunch. No pressure, Tekka.

We couldn’t find a video for Tekka Bar, but assume it’s in the works.

We already like Tekka Bar because the name is taken from “tekka ba,” which translates as “old gambling place.”

Tekka Bar is poised to print money because it not only has handrolls, which we trust is a form of sushi, but also sake.

Last, there’s Ghost Donkey Mezcal & Tequila Bar. We’re a little concerned about Ghost Donkey because it was nowhere to be found at Block 16.

We also couldn’t find a video for Ghost Donkey.

We trust Ghost Donkey is just playing coy and wants to make a grand entrance.

The emphasis at Ghost Donkey appears to be beverages, but the words “Truffle Nachos” kind of jumped out at us.

Block 16 Urban Food Hall

Pace yourself.

We have never been all that excited by a food court before, but Block 16 Urban Food Hall seems like anything but a typical food court.

The universally hard chairs at all the Block 16 restaurants telegraph its grab-and-go sensibility, perfect for those seeking party fuel before a Vegas foray or a cure for their drunchies as the evening wears on.

A key element of the success of Block 16 will be the price points. It won’t be cheap, but here’s hoping the prices are reasonable while delivering a value.

The new Block 16 Urban Food Hall is located on the second floor of the Cosmo, just across from Holsteins and next to the Marquee nightclub.

It’s worth noting “Block 16” is a nod to the early days of Las Vegas. Block 16 was located in what is now downtown, on 1st Street between Ogden and Stewart. Block 16 was the only place that could legally sell liquor in Las Vegas, but also became known for its rampant prostitution. For whatever reason, that tidbit has been left out of Cosmo’s marketing for its new food hall.

Here’s an oddity to look for while you’re making your way to the new Cosmopolitan food court, just because it’s bad luck to write a story with only seven photos.

Cosmopolitan Tyrannosaurus rex skull

We got up close to this T-rex skull and we think it could be real. Then again, we are a blog, not a paleontologist.

Block 16 is set to add some welcome variety to the dining mix at Cosmopolitan and we can’t wait to give this eclectic sextet of dining and drinking venues a go.

And not just because we’re 12 and were looking for an excuse to use the word “sextet.”

15 thoughts on “Block 16 Urban Food Hall Comes to Cosmopolitan

  1. Bogan

    Where is the seating? That is already an issue with Cosmo’s current fast service offerings Secret Pizza, Egg Slut, and Milk Bar. Are you supposed to use Chandelier Level 2 or take you food down to the casino?

  2. Billy Vital

    Is food hall the concept everybody now has to have in their casino?

    Is a food hall nothing more than a fancy food court with a less depressing name?

    Cosmo has no Sbarro or Subway in their food hall, so perhaps that’s the distinction. Food court=fast food chains. Food hall=no fast food chains?

    The Harrah’s food hall was alright, all things considered. I don’t get to the Cosmo much, and likely won’t be there looking for food, but the lineup for this new food hall is not without its charm. But yeah, where do you eat your food?

    1. William Wingo

      FWIW, Orleans has both Sbarro and Subway…and plenty of seating. It’s right next to the poker room, and very convenient when you’re on break from a tournament.

  3. Andrew

    I like it, I think it’ll catch up really well, I like this Farmer Market like seating aswell. I don’t think one should worry too much about finding a place where you can eat your food, those stools will provide enough seating time for you to eat your stuff and get the hell out of there quickly for the next customer.

  4. William Wingo

    I wonder what the inspiration for the name “Block 16” is. Could it be a reference to the downtown Las Vegas “red-light-district” of the Hoover Dam era?

  5. Crapstacular

    I’m glad the T-Rex skull resurfaced! I ran across it somewhere in the hotel the first time I stayed there way back in 2012. When I came back a few years later, the pedestal where it had sat was empty save a bit of metallic silver and glue. I was sure a drunken visitor had stuffed it in his suitcase then wondered where it came from when he got home.
    I attempted to put a link to a photo of its original display in the Website field of the comments form.

  6. T-Money P

    We had donuts and coffee at Block 16 on Monday. The Creme Brûlée cinnamon roll and a Vietnamese Coffee donut. Both were fantastic. Also sampled an egg/biscuit sandwich which was equally great. Tuesday evening we returned to Hattie B’s for some chicken. It was ok, not great. The hot chicken was pretty spicy and the standard chicken was tasty but nothing really special. The prices were really cheap for Vegas IMO. Two meals at Hattie B’s with drinks were about $30 total. There was more than enough food e.g. the portions were quite large. The District Donuts were a little more expensive but not outrageous by any means – especially for Vegas. There was plenty of seating in the back and at the bars and hi-tops around in the center. When it gets busier, that may be an issue but there were plenty of open tables and chairs. Granted, it was day three of being open. We’ll definitely go back for donuts and maybe try some of the other offerings on a future trip. It definitely had an upscale food hall vibe with real “craft” food instead of “fast-food”/lowest common denominator, wrapped in paper crap that is typical of casino food courts. We gave it four thumbs up. Your mileage may vary.

  7. jackie

    Sbarro, no thanks! I’m here for this esp Hattie B. I was there in Aug 15-20 and saw nothing of this. Mind you I ate at Holsteins.


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